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    "BLACK SUNRISE " by Terry Sindar copyright 1997, 1998
    Very far away within a world composed of the most forbidden of dreams and surreal of fantasy, there exists a grassy, barrow mound, with granite and agate boulders imbedded within it's base. It lays far far below the soil accessible only to those who are chosen to see the winding, stone stairways which can be found in the unmentionable (for now) mausoleums in the most holy enchanted necropolis beneath the shadows of the razor-sharp mountain peaks.
    The mysterious barrow could be seen within the foggy moors beneath the rainbow sun (for the stairway led to yet another aspect of Shaharasai the realm of dreams). The majical mound pulsated continuously with the radiant essence of unspeakable erotic passion, fervent rapture, and sweet agony.
    Upon the pinnacle of the mound, to some who dare to approach, there often appears an altar composed of jade, agate, and opal. Surrounding this weird shrine were wildflowers fresh and colorific, with petals glistening beneath the disturbing glare of the fiery-red, emerald-green, and iridescent-purple daystar, or after dusk shimmering beneath the twin, violet moons sewn upon the scarlet blanket which was the evening sky. Surrounding the enchanted hill existed a stream of golden, wicked lava, tempting any and all fanatical and perhaps demented creatures towards the certain danger which like a sentinel of gloom and bloodshed warded those unworthy who dared approach the place sacred temple of multicolored death and insane beauty.
    Although there is certainly not a thing about this structure which is obviously part natural, and part creature made, it never fails to haunt the onlookers imagination with surrealistic visions. While gazing at the haunted barrow crowned with it's sacrificial shrine, images often creep slowly yet fiercely into one's mind. These scenarios are often erotic, or at times nonsensical and chaotic, portraying magnificent, sacred, yet terribly unholy dreams.
    If one were to just for a moment let their imagination wander a bit while observing the barrow shrine, which transforms into a sanctified, defiled cathedral. if only for just a moment, fanciful visions most certainly at least seem to occur. Before the chaos altar, malevolent and beauteous demons from the hedonistic realms of dark paradise frolic with celestial angels from rainbow Elysium.
    Make no mistake dear readers for my description although contradictory, are certainly precise, considering that I must for this stories sake, utilize a written rather than thoughtform language. Perhaps in time after reading enough of the stories concerning the Realm of Shaharasai the deities shall choose to speak to you not in words but in visions.
    Of course many believe that such fanciful thoughts and ideas are brought forth from only insane, delusional minds. In their own minds they have it set that much cannot exist in their own fixed stagnant reality. Yet I tell you that there are many worlds which may manifest within the unexplored regions of our hearts if we learn to just let go and explore.
    So now in order to go further, we must severe the chains which bind our imaginations, so the winds of enchantment may carry us away to a shadowy dream-world where the substance of our emotions and thoughtforms fabricate the rainbows and shadows of the realm known as Shaharasai.
    First let us observe the truth behind the ominous rumors whispered by the sensuous mouth of darkness concerning the subject of pain and ecstacy. We will do this by journeying into the collective heart of sweet and lovely hopelessness where dwells the sorceress Zaryessa whom was known in some realms as mother darkness. This beguilling faery giantess was daughter of the Goddess Srishana (guardian of thee dark, woodland paths, whose rainbow lanterns leads seekers to either dreamgates or deathgates). Within the barrow shrine before mentioned, is where she did,indeed dwell, though she wandered throughout the darkwoods each evening, sometimes moving through dreamgates into adjacent realms.
    Beyond a brass and silver doorway, a long corridor led to an interior of dreams where dwelled (and most likely still dwells) Zaryessa the darkwood giantess, known to many sentient creatures as the enchantress of thee haunted barrow. She lived not alone within her cozy lair, but with her precious and lovely "pets". One evening (actually it was always evening within the barrow, but we shall get to that later), she was engaged in a somewhat macabre, arcane ceremony within her solitary chapel.
    The interior of the chapel was shrouded in the essence of darkness as was the rest of the inner barrow. As always the haunting melodies of decadence could be heard throughout the roundish chambers. Deep violet candles flickered hotly, softly illuminating the features of the crimson and purple cloaked sorceress.Zaryessa, naked beneath her silken cloak, appeared quite tall (even for an albino giantess), extremely pale, and morbidly angelic with eyes as blue as the burning embers of a azure, faery- bonfire.
    Upon one foot the ghost-like enchantress stood, entranced in the midst of her arcane and secret ritual. Her head was thrown back, spilling unkept, yellow hair down past her waist like a flowing waterfall of liquid gold. In a type of song, she uttered in a husky, polysyllabic words written in black ink upon the weathered parchment which lay before her upon the onyx altar.
    The incantation was sung in the forbidden language of the sad dead children whom once inhabited wicked cities in times long past. The rite was performed vigilantly each evening when the second violet moon waxed, to draw forth the black, dream energies needed for her magic. The wild magic ritual was not for the senses of Zaryessa's alone, for in a dimly lit alcove within the chapel, upon a hobno-wood shelf was a beautifully crafted, small wicker cage. Within was contained her diminutive and beloved pets.
    The enchantress wove magnificent spells utilizing incantations found in grimoires, discovered after dreams of ancient suns forever lost. Through these enchantments, the sorceress was able to capture the spirits of a few misplaced souls whose lamentations were heard upon the astral plane as their weary bodies slumbered.
    Zaryessa took pity upon these creative children of darkness trapped in worlds of light, for they longed for love, appreciation of their artistic talents, and mostly for the warm embrace of blessed darkness. She after snatching their spirits from the dreamlands, magically transformed them into miniature representations of the true beauty within their inner selves.
    Like the Srishana's giantess daughter, they were albinos and heliophobes, unable to endure the golden sun. In their former realms, they hid themselves from the sunlight, emerging from their slumber at twilight so that they may create in various ways, the artistic expressions locked within the attics and cellars of their souls. These creations, the dark angels brought forth through music, paintings, literature, and sculpture the pain, beauty, and ecstasy of all they had ever experienced in their countless lifetimes.
    The four beautiful creatures had been transformed into "Gwelfani" which were one of the lovely faery folk (with slender builds, angelic features, very large, luminous eyes, living wild and free within the dream ream of Shaharasai). In comparison to the fair, golden-haired Zaryessa, they were certainly diminutive, easily able to fit within the hollow of just one the lady's lovely, immense hands.
    They dwelled in chosen captivity, for although slaves to Zaryessa, they experienced freedom like never before sharing one another's space within their luxurious wicker cage (which was within, actually an immense mansion which suited each of their personal tastes). Within this surreal mansion Zaryessa provided for them not only a home but also a genuine purpose for their lives. Finally they had gained a place where their creativity was not only tolerated but also cherished.
    The Goddesses daughter took pity on the pale, sun fearing creatures for being somewhat vampiric in nature neither could she endure the outer rainbow sunlight, but instead traveled only in the evening or upon the dark astral pathways.
    Yet Zaryessa and her four diminutive and heliophobic captives, by the witch's magical conjurations were able to exist within the barrow in a world a exquisite, surreal darkness.
    As you can now most certainly guess, the Rainbow Sun of the outer world of Shaharasai never shown through the stained glass windows within the barrow, for such misery could never be endured by these nocturnal beings. Yet instead, they had their own radiance. Each and every morning, from a translucent, crystal chest within Zaryessa's chapel arose a black sun. This radiant orb shone forth the shards of decadence and mystery. So certainly at least in a dreamlike way, nonsensical to most whom do not fathom the hidden secrets of the dark folk, Zaryessa and the tiny Gwelfani experienced what many would consider to be sunlight.
    All seemed right for them for being true creatures of the night, for they were rejected and often times feared in their former worlds, as are many of the different ones dwelling in the mundane realms. Rejected they are for merely daring to be different, and feared for their obvious connection to the realms of enchantment. It is true that most true artists are just visiting other realms to learn lessons concerning despair and stagnation which may not exist in their home worlds. Pain however exists in all worlds in one aspect or another. Yet, pleasure exists in many of the more chaotic dreamrealms in a way undescribable in mere words.
    Imagine if you will such narcotics as opium, mialsha flowers, tropicanian mushrooms, sexual bliss, or any stimuli or substance which induces the state many define as ecstasy. Now amplify this one hundred times and imagine existing in a this state perpetually. Those in Shaharasai awake in this state and fall to slumber still feeling complete rapture. In the realm of Shaharasai narcotics such as mialsha or wines and meads were extra pleasures, and often added a kind of tranceful state useful for visions or creative insight, yet were not at all addictive or necessary.
    It is unfortunate that this is not the case in many of the more lawful, stagnant realms, where they are instead used as an only means for escape. But let me not ramble further on these matters and bring us back to the scenario which this story presently concerns.
    These were the four dark and creative angels whom dwelled within the wicker, dream mansion. The turquoise, silken clad, golden-haired, maiden named Sky, was a painter who upon the canvass presented what she imagined the natural world and architecture of her former world could be like if the folks inhabiting the worlds had imagination without limitation. Fern, the ebony-eyed poet with raven tresses like liquid night, was shy and melancholy and his literature certainly reflected the loneliness and bleeding, emotional wounds inflicted upon him by his former world experience.
    Rain, the maiden dancer, was a whirlwind of energy. Her supple body was able to gracefully glide like a burning ember hovering above a raging bonfire, as her auburn hair whipped about like the flames forbidden pleasure. Then there was Wind. The white haired youth with eyes as blue as the Sea of Omens, was able to capture in his musical compositions the essence of both spiritual ecstasy and twisted agony.
    Zaryessa most generously bestowed to her precious captives not only a magnificent mansion (disguised as I mentioned as a wicker cage for display convenience), but also the tools of trade necessary for them to completely indulge themselves within their creative works. The wild energy of imagination which they sculpted into the forms of literature, musical compositions, paintings and performances were appreciated by not only the lovely giantess Zaryessa, but her many horrifying and other times beauteous friends and consorts.
    More than a few deities chose to on occasion visit the enchanted barrow of the "Black Sun Giantess", as she was often referred to by her own peers. There were of course also times whenZaryessa traveled with her sweet pets, wandering along subterranean pathways laden with precious gems and bordered by the souls of spring flowers long deceased. They ventured to splendid, glass palaces, forgotten cemeteries, obsidian towers, and to fantastic cities. These existed throughout the chaotic dream realms and netherworlds within and surrounding Shaharasai.
    The fruits of their harnessed creative energy was highly cherished by the immortal ones, as if it were to them ambrosia for it contained beauty mingled with monstrous types of pain unknown in Shaharasai such as depression, sickness, boredom, and hopelessness.
    Surely, the love which Zaryessa had for the diminutive captives is such that cannot be imagined with any authenticity by the mortals of mundane worlds. Yet it is also true, that she lovingly inflicted blissful agony upon the beautiful and damned heliophobic Gwelfani quite often during her vigils of enchantment.
    On one such stormy evening, while aqua-blue lightning sliced across the scarlet evening outer sky, inside the four Gwelfani enjoyed the warmth of the black setting sun. It was on this evening that an arcane ritual took place. The sensitive, sweet creatures lay within the wicker, dream mansion sharing with one another their love and dreams, as well as the warmth of their bodies. Embracing in fiery, erotic passion they explored the shimmering depths of one another's soul fires.
    Sky, Rain, Fern, and Wind wrapped themselves into one flaming, black lotus blossom becoming an explosive soul existing in the shadowy air of Zaryessa the Back Sun Giantess. This was just the kind of powerful essence needed to fuel her spell-weaving, and while gazing into the mansion, observing their passion, she smiled. It was a smile which displayed love, yet promised cruelty. The golden-haired, albino mistress strutted nearer to the wicker cage. As her purple, gossamer robe slid to the ground, Zaryessa's voluptuous figure seemed to become fluorescent for the dying rays of the back sunset eerily illuminated the chamber. With a simple hand gesture the giantess caused the candles set upon the sills of several stained glass windows to ignite.
    Gazing towards the opposite side of the room she looked on her guest whom was an auburn-haired, leather clad vixen, who struggled somewhat playfully against her shackles which bound her against the amber, crystal wall. The two giantesses winked and purred at one another as Zaryessa reached into the wicker cage. With a surprised yelp, the fragile body of Fern was plucked from his own erotic ritual. She grasped the shy and melancholy Gwelfani within her milky-white hand, closing her sender fingers with scarlet painted nails around his torso.
    The diminutive lad looked with reverence at his dark mistress and fell into her hypnotic spell, as his consciousness became absorbed into the luminous pools which were Zaryessa's eyes. Within his heart Fern truly cherished the sacred love of his dominant mistress and willingly offered himself to her lust and cruelty, acquiescing to her holy domination.
    Zaryessa smiled at her leather-clad, lover Sonyarra (who was still bound and shacked), and the beautiful female growled lovingly back with a glint of mischief in her eyes. After moving the diminutive lad before her sensuous mouth, she licked her lips while breathing hotly upon him, her tepid breath blowing back his silky, dark tresses.
    She then whispered in a husky voice "It hurts me somewhat to inflict this cruelty upon you my dear one, for you are as gentle as a lamb and as beautiful as death in the springtime." She then sighed and continued, masturbating with her free hand while gazing at Sonyarra who writhed in ecstasy against her shackles, "Tonight I must use you to fuel my majik, for the Black Sun must continue to rise for our survival."
    Zaryessa then removed from the pulsating altar (which seemed to materialize in front of them from out of the shadows) a rune carved stiletto from out of a violet, jeweled scabbard. Moving Fern who was grasped tightly in her left hand betwixt Sonyarra's thighs, she with her other hand which held the blade began thrusting upwards into the womanhood of the bound vixen. In and out she slid the knife as if it were a sacred dildo, while Sonyarra screamed out in pleasure and agony.
    The blood gushed down like a waterfall, splattering Fern in the holy gore. Zaryessa then positioned her head betwixt the auburn-haired giantess' thighs so that the crimson life-blood pouring from the shacked maidens womanhood gushed into her own mouth. Simultaneously she plunged the dagger back into Sonyarra's gore drenched slit, and placed the tiny body of fern into her mouth swishing him about so that he became bathed in hot liquid composed of saliva and blood.
    After a few moments, Zaryessa began increased tempo until Sonyarra finally climaxed quite explosively. Her shriek was horrifying beyond the description of human or Gwelfani words. Surely the dead of many worlds slumbering peacefully in their tombs were awakened by it's violent, orgasmic audation.
    Sonyarra then, with great contention broke free of the shackles which had bound her to the sparking walls, and transformed herself into a giant, scarlet spider. The sight was as grotesque as it was breathtaking for the prismatic mucous and gore bubbled and oozed from Sonyarra's body while the change occurred. Fern closed his eyes not wishing to behold the sight any longer for already the holy blood brought him to a state of heightened awareness.
    As the she-spider glided upwards to the ceiling, she hissed down, "Surely this was an evening of exquisite anguish and rapture dear Zaryessa.." You must remember to visit me and my sisters (whom were the other two daughters of Sharalisa) within "Castle Enchantika". Perhaps we can then trade places my sweet lover."
    Zaryessa nodded. "Yes soon my precious cousin, and as you well know I look forward to our next encounter. So you are off to the castle then?" she queried
    "Actually I shall be incarnating for a while in a strange town known as Y'tinasni which my dear sisters have spoken of. Then perhaps I shall return to these darkwoods in one form or another to create
    The beauteous spider then broke the rules of modern literature (as many of these chaos deities often do) for she actually spoke to the writer of this tale you are now reading (for you must surely know that he is somewhat mad, as are all who dwell temporarily in worlds which are not at al similar to their own true realms), "Thou art surely most adjective heavy, and a bit obsessed with these strange Oedipal/sado-masochistic, erotic fantasies, my sweet lord of words. I'll be seeing you soon enough dear one. Know that thou may look forward to expereiencing all these and many other obscure pleasures. Certainly within Castle Enchantika' you'll find that much rapturous, erotic, surprises await."
    The spider then shifted again into the exquisite figure of Sonrarra..
    The auburn-haired maiden gazed softly directly out of the literature. "Surely it seems like lifetimes that you have been away my love", she whispered with tearful eyes. "Indeed I, and many others look forward to embracing once again your astral flesh, to learn your own newfound secrets, and to heal your many wounds."
    She sighed and spoke again. "Some advive my dear writer of strange things. "Speak not too much of these types of erotic scenarios. They are foreign to most, and will be undesrtood not by those whom are not from this aspect of Shaharasai." Sonyarra's gaze then became deeper and loving. "Be well love, and look for me at thee holy deathgate "
    Then in an explosive cloud of ochre mist Sonyarra vanished.
    After Sonyara's speech and departure Zaryessa winked amorously at the writer, and then returened to the scenerio.
    The barrow giantess wrapped her long, dexterous fingers tighter around Fern's torso, squeezing his fragile frame until he gasped from the intense pressure. In her quaking, right hand she gripped tightly the pommel of the ritual athame. First she sliced a gash across her own left breast splattering the altar with her own blood, while simultaneously spitting out a stream of crimson liquid which mingled with her own.
    Then without warning sorceress slashed across the chest of her little Gwelfani prisoner. Squeezing his body with al her might she wrung a puddle of blood from his tiny body, creating a diabolical and heavenly elixir upon the altar which now shimmered. Meanwhile upon it's surface appeared a seven pointed star surrounded by a girdle of lotus and rose blossoms. This to all who are familiar with Shaharasain majik was the "Star of Lera-Quandi" representing the seven most holy deities being: Rhianowyn, Lutshak, Sharalisa, Gashia, Valientar, Srishana, and Hartaniar. Although within the many aspects of Shaharasai most recognized and prayed to these deities, they did not themselves command worship for they valued spiritual freedom.
    There were those such as the androgenous, Sworshani monks whom worshipped the Rainbow Sun seeing it's prismatic light of love, compassion, and strength as inner aspects of all creatures. Then of course there were the nomadic shartans riding throughout the realm upon crimson lizards and in the pouches of indigo kagaroohs, whose prayers were given daily to the great Spirit of al creation as well as to their personal totem spirits.
    Yet me not ramble on further concerning religion and spirituality for now at least. The scenario within the barrow became at that moment most fascinating and momentous indeed. The violet moonlight now even more luminous filtered through the stained glass windows eerily illuminating the voluptuous figure of the long-legged, naked giantess. Wearing a cruel, sardonic look upon her porcelain face, Zaryessa sat down upon the surface of the altar so that the seven rayed star shimmered between her spread thighs.
    After placing the trembling body of Fern between her legs so that he became drenched in the bloody elixir, she then clamped them together tightly smashing the lad's fragile frame between her fleshy thighs. Fern gasped as the air was driven from elastic body by the crushing strength of Zaryessa's thighs, while the sorceress began to recite the mystical incantation.
    "Elusive sentinels of the subterranean labyrinths, dwellers upon the thresholds of imagination, angels of death, I call to thee. Permeate thee watchtowers of thee seven rayed star of Lera-Quandai. Come forth! Show yourselves, for I am your dark mistress who weeps in the shadows, concealing myself and my dear ones from the fair, rainbow sunlight. I offer to you the blood of three as well as pain, a sacrifice in exchange for the sacred essence of unspeakable darkness so that the Back Sun within my barrow may continue to rise!"
    As Zaryessa recited the call to the creatures of dark imagination, she squeezed together her pale thighs rhythmically, smiling wickedly as Fern cried out in anguish, his resilient body nearly flattened by the intense pressure. She then whispered and hissed the ancient words which called upon the energy of death itself, in a language which had once been spoken by Gods and Goddesses of lost worlds, long forgotten. "shrgiokk, lr stukiak, nrr, mialga hssssnian!"
    As she continued chanting the necromantic incantation still squeezing together her legs tightly nearing orgasm, from the corners of the chapel black shadow-wights fluttered about the chamber flapping their crimson wings. Hungrily they devoured the energy of pain and bloodshed
    Zaryessa inhaled the intoxicating waves of astral drifting in from the opened deathgates.
    At the conclusion of the rite, the wights flew swiftly upon the necromantic winds back to the abysmal realms of pure darkness, leaving behind the majik necessary to refuel the Black Sun.Zaryessa whispered "So mote it be," while lifting herself off the altar and grabbing the blood-soaked, semi-conscious body of fern from between her thighs.
    While gazing down at the compressed body of Fern, the gentle Gwelfani writer, salty teardrops fell down from her eyes washing over his body like a healing, spring rain. Zaryessa the wickedness leaving her eyes as compassion took it's place, held the dark angel like a diminutive child between her breasts. While caressing his aching, resilient body back into shape with her long fingers she sang to him sweetly, like a mother to her beloved child.
    After a long night of compassion beneath Zaryessa's silken sheets where she cradled Fern as she slept, they awoke at dawn's black sunrise which was now majikally rejuvenated. Placing his body back into the wicker mansion she backed away to begin her day's activities within the haunted barrow.
    Although Sky, Wind and Rain understood the sacrifice for they had all been used in similar ways during the arcane rituals performed by Zaryessa, still they looked upon Fern's fatigued and trembling body, with pity. Rain wept as she cradled Fern's head in her lap as Wind plays a somber melody upon his Violaratta. All the while Sky looked out at Zaryessa with poison in her eyes. The golden-haired, green-eyed, painter was somewhat more temperamental than any others, and resented the way in which dark mistress used them in her majik rites.
    As she blasphemed against Zaryessa, the others pleaded for her to shush. "You know that all our energy is necessary to maintain the power of the Back Sun," said Wind in a low whisper.
    "Yes", agreed Rain, "would you rather we were left in the other worlds. Remember what it was like before she rescued our spirits?"
    "But Sky only screamed louder while "More like she stole our souls for her own purposes!" Vehemently she continued, "Is that not correct you diabolical witch?" She then began smashing her easels and scattering her art paraphernalia around the wicker dream mansion.
    Zaryessa pressed together her lips in a wry grin, greatly amused by Sky's display of anger.
    "Oh my, what an audacious display of disrespect and ingratitude. I believe that you have chosen your fate little one as I have expected. The time for change is now at hand, and to you a lesson must now be taught in humility and submission."
    The lovely giantess reached into the wicker mansion, grabbing the golden-haired painter. Zaryessa laughed malevolently as the little Gwelfani struggled pathetically within her tight grip. The giantess sat down upon her push, velvety throne, pinning Sky beneath her left thigh.
    The divine dark mistress after setting Sky down upon the spiral-patterned carpet stood erect, appearing statuesque and deadly, like an enraged cobra about to strike. With amusement she watched as the tiny maiden attempted to scamper for safety, yet all there was to be found was a small, wooden stool where the giantess had left her scarlet flat soled shoes. Wiggling her little body inside, she crawled to the toe of the shoe. She then rolled onto on her back just as the warm sole pushed into the shoe, scrunching the golden-maned Gwelfani into a ball with her toes. The beautiful foot of the lovely giantess then began gripping Sky's body until she was completely under it, The tiny maiden was then somewhat like a living insole, feeling to the giantess like a trembling, squishy cushion. Zaryessa sang in a low voice as she danced around the carpeted room. She hardly heard the moans of mingled pain and rapture beneath her, as the fragile doll was compressed within her scarlet shoe.
    After twirling around the room for a while, the dark enchantress removed her foot and allowed the little faery, now glistening with holy perspiration to hoist herself out of the shoe. Sky then lay gasping upon the carpet. Zaryessa lifting up her pale leg laughed, as she stepped down upon the diminutive damsel with the sole of her bare foot. Sky gasped and cried out, thinking that she must now surely burst like a balloon beneath the tremendous weight. The giantess now applied more pressure than before, crushing Sky into the ground beneath her enormous foot, while wiggling her toes over her sweet, elfin face.
    "You must learn my dear to respect your elders and appreciate the gifts and love which I have bestowed upon you."
    Zaryessa then laid down upon the carpeted floor lifting up her long legs, while gripping Sky between her feet. The faery giantess rolled the delicate body of the little damsel between her moist soles, as if they were two fleshy, rolling pins, compressing Sky even more as she squished her between them like soft dough. The screams of agony and ecstasy was heard as they, as they orgasmed explosively from the pleasures of the sado-masochistic erotica. taking place. Zaryessa then separated her feet, dropping Sky between her quivering, naked thighs.
    Lifting her lovely, round derrier, she squatted above the tiny maiden, and then slowly sat down upon her. Zaryessa licked her full lips, while throwing back her yellow hair , grinding down her fleshy cheeks back and forth and in circular movements. The beguilling enchantress screamed once again as rapturous oragasm moved like waves throughout her body. Lifting up her legs, her full weight came down and a loud crack was heard, as Sky's body between Zareyessa's voloptuous cheeks was squashed completely, becoming as flat as a pancake. The pleasure that Sky experienced is certainly not descriable in any written language.
    Rolling over on the floor Zaryessa trembeled for a few moemnst before regaining her composure, she then reached down and lifted the soft body of Sky, maneuvering it with her thumb into her opened palm.
    "Are you now ready to receive punishment for your insolence my dear, as well as your reward for creativity?" queried the giantess in a husly voice.
    Sky nodded submissively and smiled, for she also intuitively knew that the time for her own change was at hand.
    The barrow Goddess then held Sky so that she dangled directly in front of her own cavernous mouth. Withn Zaryessa's right hand was held a scroll of weathered parchment. Utilizing the long crimson-painted nail of her index finger , she slashed Sky's back creating a bloody gash, As the blood ran down from Sky's wound it splattered upon the parchment which Zaryessa immediately laid down upon a round, hobno-wood table.
    "Now you must depart from my barrow for your time here is finished", sang the giantess. You shall be reborn so that your majik and creativity shall be known throughout the blessed dreamrealm of Shaharasai."
    Then without another word she popped Sky into her mouth and swallowed her in one gulp. Licking her lips Zaryessa purred, "How delicious. I must say my sweet painter, like ambrosia you surely are" Then with a bit of sadness in her voice she sang. "We shall meet again my dear child for life and the possibilities within Shaharasai are without limit".
    The three remaining Gwelfani wept while viewing the scenario yet did not despair, for they too knew that destiny had been served.
    With a thin quill Zaryessa inscribed using one sigil, a name upon the parchment using the sacred blood of Sky. The rune spoke into her heart the name Var'qel. Then with tears in her eyes she whispered, "So mote it be".

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