darin part 2

Posted by smal enuf on August 03, 2001 at 22:44:30:

Darin raced out of the arcade if he hurried he could still catch her. Every evening darin watched the gorgous collage cheerleader walk by his house on her way to her home he never missed a date, well, a date to him. But today would be differnt today she might acually look at him [she wouldn't have much choce]. When Darin got home he went to his garage, opened the door, and waited.He only had to wait about 15 minutes and here she come, walking with her head in any direction but his, waited for the right moment and "zap". For about two steps she didn't notice anything then she stopped dead in her tracks, looked around and sceamed. Darin wasted no time walking out to the sidewalk looking both ways and scooping her up in his left hand and walking back into the house. As soon as he he closed the door he opened his hand t veiw his prize she was still sceaming and kicking, he thought that was cute her tiny little legs and arms thrashing around lick a three year old throwing a tantrum. He reached down with his right index finger to see if she was real [he still couldn,t believe this was real] and toutched her lightly on her stomic suddenly she noticed him than she really screamed, Darin had had all the screaming he could handle for now so he walked to the kitchen and found an old mayonase jar and droped her inside then found an ice pick and put tree holes in the top so she could breathe and put the top on the jar. Looking inside he said "when you calm down I'll take you out to play, OK?"