I'm new, but heres a story, hope you like

Posted by smal enuf on July 31, 2001 at 06:58:45:

Hi everyone, I've been a fan for a long time and I think i've finally gotten the courage to get on this board. sence i've been enjoying all of your storys i thought it was time to contribute hope you like it!

Darin worked for the U.S. patend office, He didn't know anything about the things people were trying to patend he was a pencil pusher. all he knew were numbers not items. One day he stepped outside the back door for some fresh air, he wasen't outside ten minutes when a man came out the door fuming and grumbing "I can't believe the damn thing didn't work" with that he tossed something in the gabage can and walked off. Darin was curious as to what it was, so when the man was out of sight he went to the garbage can and looked in, all he saw was a small black box about the size of a small cell phone. Laughing he thought "what could that do" so he reached in and picked it up, turning it this way and that all he saw was what looked like a very tiny camera lens on one end and a silver button on one side, as a joke he pointed at the picnic table they had outside and pushed the button the table instantly vanished, he was so scared he just stood there with his mouth wide open Darin just knew he was going to have to pay for the table. Then curiosity took over and he walked over to where the table had been, he looked down and couldn't believe his eyes the table was now three inchs high. Just than someone started out the door he quickly put the box in his pocket and without realizing it, stepped on the table, he knew right away because he felt it crush beneth he foot. Darin headed for the door as the other person was coming out, he thought quick and said "hey where'd the table go" the person comimg out looked around and said "I don't know, it was here yesterday" He raced back inside it was almost time to go home, so he finised what he was working on, grabbed his jacket and headed out the door. On his way home he stopped at an arcade that he went to almost every day, see Darin didn't have any friends no girlfriend, he was a geek, he wore coke bottle glasses was 6'2 skinny as a rail. as he went in the arcade and to his favorite game he was thinking about the box he found and why somebody would invent a thing like that. as he started playing his game he looked to his right and saw two boys that were there almost everyday he knew that both boys were runaways because they were always bumming money from him, He suddenly thought "I wonder if it would work on people" and without thinking he reached in his pocket and pulled it out while playing the game with one hand he pointed it at the two boys and pushed the button. Darin instantly thought "that was stupid" the boys vanished. He didn't know what to do at first he just stood there looking at his game, when he realized he couldn't just leave the boys there he turned to pick them up and froze, an older boy about 12 or 13 had spotted them and already had both boys in his hand. he held one firmly in his left hand and was holding the other by one foot with his thumb and forefinger laughing and shaking him then he put both boys in his front pants pocket and walked out. Darin couldn't believe what he just saw but he also couldn't believe the erection he had, He realized he had just turned two 9 year old boys into toys for a teenage boy. He knew exactly what he wanted to use the box for now.