story "Cumville"

Posted by Talisman on April 02, 2001 at 06:46:14:

Hey everybody, sorry it took so long to find this site. I thought I would do my part and contribute this new story. Flex here's your requested story of the continuing adventures of Clem, enjoy all.

Clem had given it's name originally. After ajoining the tribes together, he made his way to the mainland to attract some tourests. He imagined the payoff if this thing hit it off.
Back home, he placed his ad, and was slow at attracting clients. Some did act on it, and his first trip back to the island, only brought two men with him.

He guided them through the jungle, and after a night camping, they would have arrived. The two clients questioned him constantly of the fantasy trip. Clem was always eager to discuss. He managed to tantalize the two men's appetite for when they arrive.

The journey was over and they had arrived finally. A little dirty for wear, but still in good spirits to what was to unfold soon.
Jason, the older client, saw the little structure in the distance, he pointed it out to the younger Ed.
Clem introduced the little village to the two tourests. "Gentlemen, I present you, Cumville." he announces. Tiny screams could be heard throughout the tiny structure. Jason and Ed leaned over the high gates and peered in. They were still not prepared for the sight.
Teeny tiny dark women scurrying about in every which way. The two men gazed at how they towered over the gate as well as the community down below. Huts abound as far as the eye could see. In each one, emptied of it's inhabitants as they too scurrying away.
All the fuss and worry, amounted to nothing as the natives had no where to go. Clem had hired outside natives from rival tribes to guard this compound. There were scattered mounds of tiny people sprawled throughout the outside of the fortress. Jason and Ed didn't notice until it was too late as their sandaled feet now were enscewed with trampled bodies.
The two looked pumped and ready, and looked to Clem for instructions, which Clem offered none. "Go in and have fun till your cock hurts." He motioned.
The two men climbed the gates and hoped in. upon impact, they left huge craters where their bare feet landed. Once inside, Jason and Ed walked as if on eggshells at first, trying not to step on any of the inhabitants. Jason was the first to reach down and pluck up a tiny woman. He held her in her fingers and fondled her near his face. he couldn't get over how much this was real. The tiny woman was proportioned just like if she was normal size on some other world,except this one where he was awsomely gigantic.
He looked over at Ed and wanted to show off his first find. Suddenly he snapped the tiny woman, and when he held out his hand, the woman was now mangled and smeard on his palm. "You don't know you're own strength man!" Ed joked. Jason looked and casually wiped his hand free of the messy woman. She was discarded to the ground behind Jason as he stepped on.
Both giants reached a group of huts they saw a large group of females running to hide inside. Jason and Ed stood around the four huts and offered each other the first pick. Finally Ed bent down and spread his legs around the huts. he picked off the flimsy roofs. This revealed the haven of tiny squirming females caught surprise. He looked in and marveled at the pickings.
He pulled off his shorts and flicked them away. His erection had since took off, and his cock was already emmiting pre-cum.
He reached inside and picked up a few in his fingers. he directed them into his crotch, as he displayed them on various parts of his shaft and sack. he spread them on like some kinky brand of spread, before feeling himself off, with the use of the tiny quivering bodies.
his cock enlarged more as he was turned on like never before. he started to explain his balls felt like boulders he was so horny.
Ed latherd a couple of tiny women onto his head, which looked big enough to house them fully. he smeared them around his head, and tried to stuff one beneath his foreskin. The others he caressed on his shaft, while soaking his sweaty sack in the others he picked the hut clean of.
Feeling some trying to escape, he forced his fingers deep into his sack, and accidently forced three tiny women up his anus. The shock was sudden, but as the little captives wiggled and squirmed, while in panic, crawled up higher since losing their bareings, he soon liked the feeling. "Oh yeah, show these little sluts to the gay guys back home and they'll forget about those gerbals." He laughed in between moans.
Ed had since gotten too horny to be a spectator, and had since joined his friend on the ground. He too popped off a couple of roofs and was already two fingers deep in dark wiggling women all around his cock. Both men kept marveling on this excellent find, and waved back at thier guide Clem. Clem was all smiles and new this would be good for business, word of mouth. Both men looked as happy as giant pigs in slop. The slop did however come, as the jungle released a heavy downpour. Both men didn't seem to be hampered by the water, as well as the mounting mud below them. They seemed to thrive in it. By now each giant had since climaxed a few times in the last couple of hours, and the mounting bodies amidst cum and mud and water was evident. The men soon rose up and walked away with what ever survivors remained to line up some more in the many huts still to come.
Jason pulled out a bottle of rum from his bag, and both men rejoiced their good fortune. As the bottle expired, both men became more and more beligerant and crazy from the fantasy. Jason took to resembling some grazed king kong, his naked body now, disheveled in dirt, hiding his glistening bronze tan. Ed too seemed to mimic Jason as he stomped huts flat, with or without inhabitants. The two never regained any sense of the tiny lives, and treated it like a sex hunt.
The bodies amounted more and more. Some lay squashed beneath the two giants feet, others lay caked to mud and cum on the giant's crotches. In what turned out to be a long 10 hour day, the equilivant of a small town lay wasted either under or on the bodies of the two men.
The rain had since stopped, and Clem called time out. He lead the men to a water fall, where they showered in glee. Jason found a survivor hidden in his sack, as he washed. He displayed it for Ed and Clem to see, before mashing her on his still erect cock. Clem looked on in good nature and merely said, that's your feebee of the day.

Clem was back home and business had since taken off. He had hired a assistant in a form of his sister. He saw upon arrival that his schedule called for the next 6 months booked solid. As he scanned the list, he saw couples as well as both men and women groups going.
he booked the flights for the first couples.
He met with the two couples, to discuss the trip.
The Harrolds, a couple in thier mid forties. Glenn and Gloria were both a handsome couple. Glenn stood 6"0 and was heavy set. Gloria stood 5"7 and was thick in the middle too. The other couple was younger. Pat and Rachel were both in their twenties. Young with hard bodies each.
Clem afterwards rubbed his hands with anticiaption for the upcoming trip. his fantasy seemed to further itself away from his taking part and now being a live spectator, which seemed for the moment to be more rewarding.

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