story " Cumtrails part 5 "

Posted by talisman on September 06, 2002 at 20:29:50:

Hung over her shoulder, she towed the bag till she reached an abandoned house on the west side of town. Once in, she passed through the assorted character of other bag people, taking up residence in the derelect house. She ran into two friends who seemed intent on roughing her up for her new treasures. As the two bigger females held her against the wall, they inquired to her bag. She didn't want to relenquish it, but the afro haired woman, tore it from her clutches. As the Afro woman, opened the bag and peered inside, the other women was pounding away into the captured one, leaving her in a mess on the floor, before booting her as she left her.
Together the two larger females fixated on the contients. They filed and scanned through the many wiggling bodies within the bag, pulling out people at random to look at their throes, before dropping them and picking up the next and next, in doing so, as they giggled like school children, torturing bugs.
A few bag men and women approached the two, but were freightened back, as the Afro woman, growled her displeasure. The two carted the bag upstairs to a private room.

Vicki would pass out and regain consciousness, as she and the rest of the stragglers were the intense treatment, she watched many being plucked and instantly devoured between the two lesbian bag women, as they stuffed one or two at a time, into their loins before smothering each other with intercourse embrace. Bodies were crushed like nothing, as each time, another was wiped away, to make room for the next. The two giant lesbians, took then to inserting stragglers into each of their vaginals, coursing them in deep to give the other climaxatic convulsions.
Vicki found a way to avoid being plucked, even luckily awaking to find herself beneath other bodies already used.
The large women rose up after many hours of sexual bliss. Bodies of the tiny stragglers caking off bloated bellies, and sweat soaked buttocks and legs alike, to tumble to the floor, where they would be increasingly crushed under the lumbering feet of the giant women.
Outside, a steady rumble began to rise, buildings and discarded units outside began to shake under the deep rumble beneath the cracked roads.
In the distance, a cloud rose, like some great run of ancient beasts.
People came out of derelect homes alike, confused to the mild earthquake.
The town appeared vacant and discarded from the sky vantage point, soon huge shadows began to descend, putting the whole town in a thick dark blanket.
At the ground, near the outskirts, heavy deep holes were formed in all directions, as they ventured out, the wholes were aplenty, spaning miles in all directions.
High above, the cast out ones returned. The people effected more to the point of growing beyond any capabiliites were now swarming onto the tiny town.
Bigger than they had started, each giant and giantess now stood 90 feet tall. thick, towering sundrenched legs strieked up high to the heavens, giving way to elongated hips, powerful bellys and vast torso's. Each giant's eyes' had formed into one more powerful, assuming the stance of cyclopean race.
The inhabitants never had a chance, as it seemed to rain terror. As the giant race walked through, the many on ground level, were crushed instantly like ants. The town itself became completely flattened, with the only trace being huge holed footprints.

Away huge globs of dust and cloud was slowly dissipating, as the swarm moved westward.

The same scenario was in store for many of the townships in the their paths, as more and more towns disappeared, to be replaced by huge holes in the earth.

A great city now stood in the way, on the shore, armies of citizens armed, were heading to meet the onslaught. In the other direction a mass exodus was worming it's way out of the city. The fight would last a whole of 3 minutes, as the cyclopean swarm traversed over the armies like ants, the city itself was soon utterly destroyed and left in mounds of flattened rubble.