Story " Cum trails part 4"

Posted by Talisman on August 29, 2002 at 03:08:14:

Vicki went bagabond from there, suddenly finding herself searching, scavenging for food and shelter. She would hide amoungst the trash in the alleys waiting for the giant bag men and women's leftovers. She wondered what she ever did to deserve this, as she only found solace when she slept.

Some months find Vicki more street savy, having survived many run ins with assorted bugs and giants alike. One night she came upon a large crate, big enough she felt to house a massive warehouse. Once inside she found likesized souls, who were hiding from the weather. All appeared well until the whole world came alive.
Outside, a giant bagman and women were sorting through garbage, when they came upon the small crate. The man opened the top, and uncovered the tiny mob inside.
Frantic, everyone inside started to swarm to all the openings, all the while both giants were reaching in and grabbing all the bodies they could manage.
Vicki sprint out of the opening, when a man near her shouted to her. "Welcome to the lower part of the food chain." Vicki was comfortably far, as she turned to the horrific scene. Both giants were gorging on the tiny morsels of people, stuffing one at a time into their open maws, while they squatted down, picking at the ones trampled during escape. As Vicki turned to run, a net dropped, she screamed, by her screams were drowned by all the other screams amidst the many already caught.
An obese giant man, chuckled as he pulled up his catch. examining the net, he figured he caught maybe thirty of the tiny stragglers. He mocked as he poked at the squirming net. The obese giant walked over to the couple, as he lay his net at his feet. The three shared a moment smoking vile ciggarettes. The giant woman seemed intent on eating every bit of the tiny catch still in the crate.
Vicki was in a panic, as many of the others were, knowing full well, they would soon be a meal. Many of the ones near the sides climbed over others to try ot reach the top of the netting, only to tumble and fall back on the very ones they trudged over.
As they tried over and over again, suddenly the giant's hand reached in, grabbing some who reached high enough. Vicki screamed in unison with the others as they watched four being taken up and out of the net, their tiny bodies struggling against the massive grip of filthy flesh. Like watching an accident on the side of the road, they couldn't help but watch as the gaint shoved two in his mouth like popcorn, closing his mouth to chomp. Slivers of blood and guts would stream from his corner lips, as his mouth opened and closed, chewing the bodies down. The other two in his fist had since passed out, and were mercilessly tossed into his still chewing mouth.
Vicki dug and dug as many others to stay at the bottom of the net. She stayed in motion, as she watched many being snatched, some from as near by as next to her.
When an hour passed, the obese giant had seemed intent with his meal so far, and sat back on the mattress wth the other couple, snorting a ciggerette. A bottle of irish whiskey was being passed around. All drank, but the obese man passed out soon after breaking the label. The giant couple sneaked close, the man checking to ensure he was out. The woman reached for the net, and greedily brought it up to her face. The man joined next to her, their dirty face glowing in the spectacle created from inside as the many left, were scurring about over each other like rats.
The man pulled the net away, and found the next mattress away in the background. His mate followed suit, and as the man undressed, she stood in front and undid her tops.
The man sat back, as he reached into the bag, choosing as it seemed, unti he found four tiny women. Now in his grasp, he brought them forth to his lap, and laid them, and assembled them on either side of his growing cock. His mate smiled, her teeth glowing yellow, as she nudged close, slipping out of her stinky pants, and shoes.
the tiny women screamed up at the giant, but there would be no mercy had here, as he merely chuckled crazily at the sight of these tiny morsels jumping and avoiding his prodding fingertips. The giant women finally reached her mates, knees, and climbed abourd. She jumped the rest of the way. The tiny women turned as they felt a wind hit them, it was too late to do anything but shriek, as the giant bag women was on them. The couple hugged, and slobbered over each other, all the while the bag man was bouncing his mate on his cock. They both groaned, and let out snarls of a beastly manner, as they seemed to enjoy each other.
Once in a while, the couple would stop for a moment, as the man would pull his mate off, and picking into the net randomly this time, and dusting the bodies onto his crotch, before letting his mate smother them with her loins.
The obese giant awoke, as he slowly rose up, he noticed the couple being amorous. He then looked at his side and noticed his net was missing. He rose up roaring and shaking his fist. The woman stripped herself off her mate, revealing a mash of bodies, some still alive, coated in waste, dirt and cum, as they lay strewn on the giant man's cock or lodged in his pubs. As the giant women stepped back, a few mangled bodies caked off her wet clit and bush, tumbling to the ground at her feet.
A fight ensued, as the obese giant had an avantage over the naked man. They rolled on the mattress, as the obese giant pounded the naked man into submission. Al the while, the woman was half dressed, and walking quickly away with the net.

Part 4