story "cumtrails part 3"

Posted by talisman on August 28, 2002 at 20:20:46:

Vicki awoke some hours later to the sound of thunderous crashing and banging. She crept from her safe place to cast an eye.
From her vantage point, she could see the towering giant woman tossing papers and other household objects around in some search. The idiot sons were also in the process of wreckage, as they tossed furniture and other like object around in some crazy search.
In a closet, the giant woman, came across a shoe box, and after lifting off the lid, stopped in her tracks.
"Aha!" She shouted, as she leaned in further and pulled out a clenched fist.
Vicki could not see very clearly who was in her grasp, but she could tell it was three or more stragglers, similar to herself. Their tiny screams and struggles were lost against the massive bodyscape of the woman, as she stood with one hand on her hip, while the other held the tiny morsels in her giant grip. "Looting, and hiding in my shit, I thought I crushed you little maggots!" She spat.
On the floor near her feet, the giant woman stopped to take notice, as two other straggler were quietly trying to make their way from between her massive feet, after being tossed from the lid.
The giant lifted her foot, and brought it down mecilessly, obliterating them beneath her heavy nylon clad foot. She lifted her foot to inspect further, but finding their presence now lost amidst her nylon clad sole. She turned her attention back to her captives. "Time to exterminate you little shits!" She said as she lumbered to a makshift door.
Vicki crept along the base boards, trying to keep a weiry eye for those giant men. Along the door frame, Vicki laid low, and looked in in horror.
The giant woman was leaning over, cluthing some of the tiny captive in one fist, while stuffing them one by one into her spread ass. After she emptied her fist, she leaned back and with both hands, rolled and massaged her cheeks together, forming and mashing the occupants tightly. As she became satisfied, she pulled her nylons back up, and turned to sprinkle her hands with water from her leaky sink. As she leaned forward, her buttocks erupted with an array of gaseos flatulance, each burst lifting the crotch of her nylons back.
Vicki turned, her stomach turning, she knew she had to leave now, before becoming what those poor stragglers would soon be, as The giant women suddenly changed course, and slipt out of her nylons to squat on her toilet.

Vicki had made it out of the house, taking the inner walls to route her escape. Once outside she drenched herself in the sunlight, and breeze, the air seemed to taste funny, but it was still better than the stagnet air in that house of horrors.
She looked up at the sky, where those cum trails seem to keep a constant vigil, for since the crash landing, the skies have never been with out them, even at night.

part 3