story " Cumtrails."

Posted by talisman on August 27, 2002 at 20:13:04:

The giant men mercilessly assaulted the diminitive woman, lambasting her beneath their cocks.
So amusing them found it, when the tiny woman would look ridiculously miniature against the backdrop of their huge mushroomed heads. On their knees, each man took turns wrestling the tiny woman from the other, and pummeling her on their meat. Even when the woman went limp, which was often, they would constantly keep at her, as if trying to achieve the most before she actually perishes, and desinergrates.
With both massive heads in acumulations, they pressed her between like some kinky sandwich, mashing her, and coating her in mixed precum.
The floor beneath them was slimy with their filth, as the men slipped, and tracked around on the floor. Beneath them were already a few other women, past the used stage, some forever fused in discarded under pants, so digustingly lost in varied skid marks, and other offerings of cum and urine blotches. Condoms littered the floor as well,some obliterated and squashed flat. You could faintly make out the quashed bodies amidst caked cum. Others, most of them having specimens of one or more tiny women, lost in the cum filled sacks of rubber. As high above, the garagantium men, frolick and play, like some outlandish fight of titans over territory and prey.

Vicki found the will in herself to get up and slowly make her way. Keeping and eye on the giant mother, as she continued to sit and smoke and read, the paper covering her gigantic head. Vicki paid homage to Thom, and blew his remains a kiss before turning and running.
Once out of the room, she looked around the vast house, the ceiling vaulting so high, and each room expansive by thousands of yards. She wondered out loud how she would ever escape.
she made her way into what appeared to be the kitchen. Mounds of food lay on the counters high above, and on the table. She found a low hanging table cloth, and began to scale it. Once on top, she noshed aplenty, tasting the variety of morsels she could fit into her mouth. Having felt she nourished herself adaquetly, she descended down the same way as she scaled, and found a private spot to think.
She crawled into the crack in the wall board, and nestled herself. Thoughts ran through her mind, racing back and forth in time, to where she was soem time ago, enjoying her life with Thom, to when this whole mess began after that space orbitor crashed landed on earth. The after effects leaving most of the populace diminitive in size, but left scores of others relatively the same size as before, in some cases larger. She could not fathom on what criteria this virus worked by, as it randomly shrunk many while leaving others at bay. Even still, even though she only encountered the larger ones once, why did they grow even larger than their normalaties.
The ones left to rule over the shrunken ones, seems to have lost their ability on reality, and have taken on a conqueror rules attitude. Many systems were abandoned, except the precious food and energy sources, kept in tack by some in order to keep some things status quo. Other than that, the many who live amoungst the normal sized inhabitants now took it upon themselves to use the smaller versions as either slaves or pets or misc.
The irony of this all was that lurking in the high grounds, lurked some who grew to huge proportions. These people sought the protection and privacy of the higher grounds, upon finding the changes uncomfortable, but there have been reported cases of even them reaching out in their search for food, and recently, pleasure.

part 2