Story " Cum trails"

Posted by Talisman on August 25, 2002 at 22:58:26:

Vicki dreamed of her travels to the beach front. The waves licking her toes, the fresh air tossing her hair back. She smiled as she watched the sea gulls frolicking, as the children in the water and surf.
A sudden realization hit her, as she suddenly felt pressure on her body.
She awoke, and only realized to much as to where she actually was. The smells of cum, body ordor, and waste loomed in the thick air. She called out for Thom, but quickly remembered of his where abouts.
Just a few yards away from her, the gigantic brooding body of the woman sat up on a bean chair. Her gluttenous breasts hung, her pointy nipples dropping with the heaving flesh. Her vast belly drudged forward, as her control top hose, were losing their battle of the bulge. Her thick legs towered high above, the odd run streaking up and down. There she saw again Thom's body.
Drawn and deranged, his body lay strewn admist debris, caked cum, and other ingrediants unknown, to the giant bitch's nylon clad foot. As she sat there, smoking a ciggarette, reading a tabloid.
Vicki sat up, the ground beneath her, a wad upon wad of thick seamen. Around her, discarded condoms, underwear, panties, and other debris littered.
She could feel her body forever coated in the disgrace. In the foreground, the idiot sons of the giant bitch, were having their way by now with another unfortunate.
"Now! now boys, keep it down, mama is trying to read."
The boys, both in their thirties, chuckled between gafaaws. "Okay mah!" They chanted back, as they continued to blanket a tiny woman with spurting cum from each of their oversized cocks.

Part 1