Story "Cronnies Part 3"

Posted by Talisman on August 25, 2002 at 22:46:39:

Greg's voice muffled quickly, as the massive foot came down and flattened him. Beneath his lungs thurst for air, as the moist, aromatic fragrance of the giant woman took over his air space. He could feel his body flatten slowly, his eyes bulging.
High above, the elder woman, chuckled to the whimsical cheers of her peers, as she held her foot down, feeling the death throes of the tiny man. Tamara, crawled from beneath another foot, as it released her, she looked around for Greg, and quickly came to know what the other giants were attending to. She could hear his muffled groans. She crawled toward the giant foot, and tried in vain to lift it. She angerly kicked at the massive nylon clad flesh, and to the amusement of the giants above, could only muster roarous laughter.
"Such a pretty thing! but pretty things like flowers get stepped on!" the eldest of the elders says as she stands and steps over ontop of Tamara.
Tamara feels the giant shadow cast on her, and turns to look up.
The roar of laughter sounded off, just as Tamara shrieked, her tiny vocals could hardly register, as the thunderous stompings, and laughter drowned her out. The woman stepped clumsily down, obliterating Tamara's presence instantly.
The woman smeared and ground the tiny body beneath her massive foot, hardly having to administer any effort, she was able to crush the tiny woman into her nylon.
Seating herself down, the other women offered her a cup of tea and crumpet, to a roar of cheers.
About this time, greg also was released, as the elder woman raised her foot. Greg sat there a while, getting his focus and breath back. He took look around, peering up at the giant assemble, as they seemed contient with their snack now. He continued to look around for Tamara, unable to figure out where she could be, he began to look onto the bodies of the giant women. Then he saw his worst fears.
As the eldest woman shuffled her feet, he caught in plain view his girlfriend. her body smeared and twisted beyond belief, her body endented into the nylon of the giant woman's foot. Her body impossible beyond retrieval. He agonized for a while, until the woman shuffled her feet again, this time pressing them into place on the floor.
A while passed, and Greg was still consoaling himself seated, when he felt the floor shake. He turned his sights upwards to see the giant elders rising and leaving. He knew he was in a dangerous place, but now had lost the will to survive, not that Tamara was gone.
The women rose up and marched toward the doorway. Each women pounded the floor with heavy steps, all making their way over top of the diminitive man.
Greg blacked out quickly, as the first giant crushed him, the others repeated to crush and mash him as each walked over and ontop of him like he was a discarded candy wrapper.
As the eldest left last, Tamara's remains could still be seen on each lumberous step, from beneath the woman's sole.
The caretaker walked in to clear the trays and snacks. "Tisk, tisk! Those old gals sure go through these party favors." He commented to himself as he picked at the remains of Greg's body endented in a rising footfall. He finished gathering the rest of the trays and looked around on the floor. "God only knows what happened to the other one." He continued as he whistled back to work.

The end!!!!!