story "cronnies part 2"

Posted by talisman on August 20, 2002 at 20:24:07:

The giant elder women indulged, in both food drink and the attractions below. Greg long since released from the inpending doom of one of the larger giant women, laid in the midst of prodding and stomping feet, as he gathered his breath once more. Looking to his side, he could see Tamara's tiny figure, being twirled and manipulated beyond belief, as one of the giant elders, had her twisted and clenched between nylon clad toes. Her body whisked and clenched firmly, as the giant elder swung her foot up and sideways, swooning "Wheeeeee!" After which she would release the tiny victim, only to be clenched by another foot of the elder next in line. Again her body was twisted and clenched away in the massive foot.
The massive elders giggled as they munched loudly on their snacks. Greg cupped his ears as the laughter grew louder as the stomping also grew thunderous. He kept a wavering eye on his mate, as her body became submerged at times within the concealment of flesh and nylon.
Now the elders had their entire attention on the tiny woman, and were greedily taking turns squeezing and clenching her puny body within their feet. They would slide her about beneath, smothering her as if she would get away. Each elder greedily took the tiny form from the floor and administered their own form of pleasure torture.
It looked like a monster gathering now, as all elders looked on and laughed and partook in the little possesion, in a vicous circle, they stomped down on the petrified little woman, missing her by mere inches most times, Tamara could only subcomb to the torture as the next foot descended on her, mercilessly flattening her down, lifting only to observe her limp body attached like a discarded leaf to the offending foot.
Greg stood up and was quickly thrust into action as one of the elders high above him clenched him between her toes. "Found the other one!" She exclaimed excitedily. Greg was soon thrown into the giant human ring, as he stood up slowly terrified at the rising decibels, and trampling around him. He screamed as an erant foot descended on him, taking him beneath whole.

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