story "Cronnies"

Posted by talisman on August 19, 2002 at 22:40:42:

They rushed in, their sandal slippers slapping and banging away innocently, but well below the creation, to Tamara and Greg, it was like the thunderous booms of sheer monsters. Tamara cupped her ears, as Greg looked on from the box. He watched as the old cronnies filed in and found places on the couches in the parlor. Each giant woman, nestled themselves within the confines of each cushion. Their nylon clad legs rustling against each other as the group settle down.
A tray was brought in by a single man. standing some 6"2 and robust, he wore a white smock surrounding his shorts and sandals. He carefully settled the tray down in front of the women, and stepped back to allow them to dig in for the tea and crumpets, and biscuits.
Greg stepped back as the gnawing and sipping grew increasingly louder as the giant women noshed on the snack. As he scanned down the line of each woman, all in their fifties some even older. gaunt and thick women. their heights ranged from 5"4 to 5"10, although to Greg and Tamara, they were 80 feet and taller.
A sudden snap was heard from over head, as the ceiling to the box was opened. Greg was the first to be snatched up, as the giant man reached with his other hand for Tamara tiny figure. Within his fists, the giant stood up erect and walked toward the tea party. "Madams!your second treat is also here." He smiled as he dropped the tiny couple on the floor. He then shoved a q-tip into both Greg's and Tamara's hands. Keeping his smile, he whispered. "Get to work runts." Greg stepped lively and started to soothe and rub along the nearest giant foot. He used long swaths and rubbed along the giant foot like the wall of some buidling. Way above, the giant old woman, sipped her tea with a peering eye below, raising her foot in unison with the tiny man's attempts. Greg struggled and was often knocked down, each time the giant woman dropped her nylon clad foot ontop of him, obliterating his image from Tamara, who was keeping a keen eye on him. dropping her q-tip she ran to intervene, but her movements were quickly quashed as another giant woman dragged an erant foot, knocking and smothering the tiny woman underfoot.

part 1