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New story "The Cottage"
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Hi All, sorry its been so long since I've posted anything, been busy, anyways heres my latest story.

The Cottage by Bob X

My name is Dave. My friend Barry and I were walking along the trail that leads from his cottage to mine. It was a warm summer day in July, and my family always goes to the cottage for the last 2 weeks in July. I’ve known Barry for 7 years now, as his family goes up to their cottage the same time I do, although I only see him just for those 2 weeks in the summer as we both live in separate cities. We are both 15 years old, and we both share the same interests.

While walking to my cottage, Barry shouted out loud, “HEY! Look at that!” I quickly looked to where he was pointing, and I was astonished to see what appeared to be 3 tiny people about the height of 5 inches tall! One male, and two females, all of which were completely naked! When they turned around and looked up at Barry and myself, they all go scared and ran towards what appeared to be a gopher hole in the ground.

We both instinctively ran after them (like a dog chasing a cat). They were pretty fast for their size, but we could easily catch up to them seeing as how one of our strides equaled about 15 of theirs. Barry quickly overtook them and blocked the entrance to the hole. I was in between them and Barry, and we now had them trapped.

We both bent down to get a better look at them. Both girls were extremely gorgeous, one was a blonde, the other brunette. They had nice firm breasts, smooth tanned bodies and pretty faces. The mail was muscular, and I guess he was decent looking as well. (not that I go around judging guys looks or anything.) all of them appeared to be between the ages of 19-22 or so, and they looked extremely frightened, as they took turns looking up at me and Barry who towered above them.

“What are they Dave?” asked Barry. “They look like small people.” I replied. “I can see that! But how did they get that small?” He asked. “I don’t know, I ve never seen anything like this before.” “What are your names?” I asked to them in a curious voice. The 3 of them looked at each other and then looked around in random directions. “Do you guys speak english?” Barry asked. Again, no response.

“I don’t think they understand us” I said to Barry. “Yeah, I think you are right, what should we do?” We both sat there speechless for a couple of seconds, staring down at the gorgeous (naked) girls. “Man those chicks are HOT!” He said, as we continued to ogle over them. “Do you think I should pick one of them up?” He asked. “Yeah go for it!” I replied. He slowly descended his hand down towards one of the girls, they all sprang to attention and started to run to the side, in between the two of us. I outstretched my leg and laid it against the ground, blocking their escape.

They turned around to face his slowly approaching hand as they all cowered down to their knees with their hands in front of their faces. He slowly brought his hand down onto one of the girls, as I watched in interest. He placed his thumb and index finger on her hips, and gently nudged her to stand up. She protested, and began slapping his fingers with her hands. She kept making grunting sounds like “mrrrrgh mmmrrrrrrghh” But spoke no language. (at least not one that I could understand) Then he began lifting her up into the air.

“Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm” she cried out, as he brought his other hand flat under her for support. She was still vigorously slapping away at his fingers as he held her in front of his face. “I guess she doesn’t like being held” He said, “Doesn’t look like it” I replied. Then I turned and looked at the other girl on the ground. I wanted to pick her up so badly, to feel her naked skin against my fingers. Just then, as if she sensed what I was thinking, she made a dash towards the hole in the ground. I quickly (and easily) brought my hand down in front of her, and then slowly encircled my fingers around her body.

She also made the same kind of grunting sounds as she pushed with all her might against my fingers, struggling to escape. Despite all her efforts, and all her strength, my fingers didn’t budge a bit. Barry starting laughing” Haaa haaaa, it looks like you got her just where you want her bud!” I then applied a little pressure to her mid section, enough to lift her, but not enough to hurt her, as I slowly began to lift her up.

She was amazingly soft, and delicate, and I couldn’t believe how light she was. Her legs dangled in mid-air, as I held her. My baby finger rested against her soft bare ass, and I could feel her firm breasts against my palm. “Man this is GREAT, look how light and helpless they are!” I said in excitement. “Hehe, yeah, I know, and look how they keep struggling to get free.”

We both smiled and giggled as we examined our catch for a little while. I could feel the bulge starting to form in my pants as I ran my fingers along her smooth body and played with her boobs. We were so occupied with girls, that the male could have escaped with out us even noticing, but he just stayed where he was curled up in a ball. “Hey man, we should bring them back to my cottage before someone comes along” I said. “Good Idea, hey, what should we do with the guy?” Barry asked. I looked down at him and thought for a minute. “Might as well bring him too I guess” I said as I shrugged my shoulders and put him in my gymbag which was full of baseball cards and seashells and various other items.

It was probably really hot and uncomfortable inside the gymbag, but the thought of carrying a naked man in my hand wasn’t too appealing, besides I want both hands free so I could feel and toy with my new pet as I walked home. I had a raging hardon as I continued to rub my fingers all over her body, I’m sure Barry had one too.

Soon we arrived at my cottage. I am really fortunate in the sense that my room is actually more like a guest-house, and is separate from the cottage that my parents stay in. My parents never bother me, or even go near my mini-cottage, mostly because there is thick bushes that you have to go threw to get to the door, and large branches almost head-level that you have to bend down to go underneath. (Not optimal for adults, but cool for me).

As soon as me and Barry walked in, we put our pets (including the male) on the kitchen table. The 3 of them didn’t appear to be scared at all, and they wondered around the square table looking at their new surroundings. The paced back and forth in separate directions looking over the edge and then moving to a different part of the table. They didn’t appear to be concerned that me and Barry were sitting right there in front of them, and they made no attempt what so ever to conceal their nakedness. It was as if they didn’t know (or care) that they were naked, and there were still no signs that they had any kind of a language. They kept on walking around the table in random directions and would often look over the edge of a spot that they had just been to just moments before, behaving more like hamsters than humans, and I was beginning to wonder if they had any intelligence whatsoever.

Barry and I made comments about their behavior, and since they couldn’t understand what we where saying, we made vulgar comments about the girls bodies, and said things that we would never dream of saying in front of a girl. “Man look at those tits! These chicks are amazing!” he said. “Yeah, I’d bang either one of them if they were my size.” I replied. Barry looked down at the brunette with a sinister look on his face and then spoke out again. “Come here girl, I want to get a better look at you.” He said as he reached down his hand towards her. She started to run in fear, but before she could get too far his hand landed in front of her and she bumped into it and fell on her ass. “You cant escape me bitch, you are going to do whatever I want you to do, and right now I want to see your cunt!”

I had never seen Barry act this way before. He was looking down at her, almost licking his lips, knowing that she was completely under his control. As she laid on her back, he reached down with his other hand and grabbed her ankles. He began slowly spreading her legs as she grunted in squirmed within his grip. She fought hard to keep her legs closed but to no avail, soon he had her completely spread for his enjoyment. “Yeah, that’s it, so me your snatch bitch.” He said as he giggled over his control over her. I watched on as he continued to molest her at his leisure. There was a couple of times where I thought he had gone too far, and I was thinking about stopping him, but there was something about watching her squirm and struggle that I found erotic. I looked over at the other girl (the blonde) and I knew I could do the same thing to her if I wanted to, but for now I was just content to watch Barry.

He moved his fingers to her breast and began gently squeezing and rubbing them. She wasn’t really squirming anymore, she just had her head to the side waiting for him to finish. She didn’t seem to really mind, as long as he didn’t lift her up, they seem to really hate that. After seeing him have all that fun I could resist any longer and I reached for the blonde in front of me and began touching her all over. At first she protested to my actions, but she settled down after she realized that I wasn’t going to lift her up. Barry and I spent the better half of the afternoon toying with our pets. We would swap girls every so often, and sometimes just to be mean, we would lift them up and watch them scream and squirm within our grasp. We usually laughed and joked about their discomfort, but we never did anything to hurt them.

We both decided to take a short rest from playing with them, and we thought of names for them. We blurted out several different names, although most of them were derogatory, We finally settled on Trish for the blonde, and Lisa for the brunette, the guys name was Stan (don’t ask me how we came up with that).

After a couple of minutes the 3 of them started to lay down on the table, all in different sections of the table. They weren’t sleeping or anything, just resting. They didn’t look at us, or even seem to notice us, as if they forgot we were even there. They didn’t even look at each other, they just kept staring into space, as if they were day dreaming. Then all of a sudden something really took us by surprise.

Stan got up, and walked right past Lisa, and over to Trish. She didn’t seem to even notice him at first, until he was right in front of her, then she became coherent of his presence. He got down on top of her and started to fuck her! Barry and I couldn’t believe our eyes! He just walked over to her out of the blue and stuck his cock in her.

She laid back with her eyes closed and appeared to enjoy his pumping motions. Me and Barry started shouting obscenities at them. “WooooooHoooooo, do her good man!” “fuck her hard!” “Give it to the bitch” as we whistled and cheered them on. Then after a couple of minutes he stopped. He just stopped right in the middle of it, and walked back to were he was before and laid down again. He didn’t even cum, and both of us couldn’t believe how these “little people” behaved. It was like nothing I had ever seen before, but at the moment I didn’t care, I had such a huge erection, all I could think of was that I wanted Barry to get the hell out of there so I could wack-off.

“What the f uck was that?” yelled Barry, “They didn’t even finish!” “Yeah I know, very strange.” I replied. Then Barry reached down for the blonde, and all of the sudden, she sprang to life, as his fingers approached her. She protested yet again by grunting and pounding her hands against his fingers. Barry dragged her over to the man. “Finish him off bitch!” he said as he gently dropped her on him. Neither of them moved, or even cared that they were on each other. “Why the hell are they so stupid?” he said. “Maybe he just needs some motivation? I wonder if she gives head?” I replied. “Lets find out” said Barry as he took her face between his thumb and finger and forced it to the little man’s still erect cock. At first she resisted as the cock just rubbed against her closed mouth and face, but soon Barry was able to open her mouth and make her give the guy head as he moved her face up and down his shaft with his fingers on either side of her checks.

“That’s better, now finish him off this time bitch.” Stan looked like he was enjoying himself as his facial expressions were that of ecstasy. Barry took his hand away from her and she continued sucking on her own. After a few minutes, his face began to contort, and we knew the finale was near. We both cheered him on, “Give her your juice” “Cum in her mouth” “Swallow his seed” “Suck it all out” were amoung the things that we shouted. Soon the man fired a load of sperm into her mouth, followed by 3 or 4 more solid blasts. She let the cum drip out of her mouth onto the table, as Stan turned his back away from her and rested. Trish wiped her mouth and walked to her original spot on the table and laid down as if nothing had happened.

“Wow, what a great show!” “Yeah, that’s a 1000 times better than watching a porno!” we both joked. Then Barry had a question for me. “Listen man, I got to go home for supper I’m gonna take Lisa with me and I ll come back over later and we can switch if you want ok?” “Fine” I said almost instantly. I just wanted him to leave so I could be alone with Trish. “I ll see ya later man” With that, he walked out the door, time for the real fun to begin.

end of chapter 1
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