New Weekly story program" Gates to the big fade"

Posted by talisman on January 03, 2004 at 05:44:22:

Good evnening everyone, and happy new year.
I am putting together a weekly program of sorts, it is called Gates to the big fade. this will include an essemble of new stories that delve in the impossible and outlandish, which is much of our fantasy here.
Hope you enjoy. the first episode is called.

"Compound infraction."

Lenny went over the turn of events over and over through his head. Not once when he joined the stop smoking club, he never dreamed it would come to this. The two men that sat near him, Bruce and John, were next on the cycle. Each man looked up at the sounds coming from outside. The growling and deep breathing sounds, so monstrous, it un-nerved them so.
Fade back, as Lenny first left the first meeting, his smoking had gone beyond his control, and with the urging of his wife, he accpted the appointment to join the butt-0ut group.
"You will be aware that we are now in complete know of your activities, we will be everywhere and anywhere, you can dream of, and if you light up, we will know, and that is when the infractions come into play." Mr. Isaac said. The man sat across Lenny, his arms crossed. Issaac was a rotound man, 6'2 300 lbs. His hair line receded back, although still dark. His steely eyes stared at Lenny with actual intent. Lenny looked back, his palms getting sweaty. "So what exactl are penalties?" Lenny asked. "We don't mess around Mr. Ashcroft. we are commited to getting you to quit, and our methods, although radical, does bring results. The first penalty is our chamber of first offense, where you are sujected to physcological and physical pain. The second offense is our second chamber of more physical demeaning pain." "And the third?" Lenny broke in. "Yes the third, well you know the saying three strikes, we take matters into our hands with you and your loved ones."
Lenny knew right there he should've called it off, but his wife's constant harranging, obliged him to continue. Lenny didn't think it would even get to penalty one, as he was almost sure this was all just talk to get him to stop. That was his train of thought till he was faced with the second phase of his penalty. As he was removed three hours later, almost unable to walk. His legs burned from the electrodes, his face and groin scathing still.
Lenny made a direct ploy now to evade this madness. He waited two weeks, and when it seemed he felt he has the butt-out group almost convinced of his new outlook, he had his wife pack up his and her clothes. He convinced her it was a short vacation.
At the airport everywhere he looked he saw the people lighting up, the pain of withdrawl was almost too much to avoid. Lenny excused himself as his wife sat on the waiting area benches. Once in the bathroom, he ensured all teh stalls were empty, and locked the bathroom door to be safe. Lenny sat in one of the stalls and lit up one of his pall malls. The aroma hit his senses like a burst, his lungs absobed every detail of his cravings. Lenny sat back enjoying another puff, when all hell broke lose.
The tiles on the ceilings burst and fell, as two men lunged into the stall and knocked Lenny unconscious.

Fade forward, Lenny was unsure of what awaited him beyond the noisy ceiing, he wasn't even sure what Patsy was or even knew of his imprisonment.
The ceiling started to pry upwards. Bruce and John huddled near the west wall. Lenny looked up when his eyes burst almost of their sockets. A gigantic and thick hand entered from the open maw of the vacant ceiling. It seemed to know exactly where Bruce and John were, and quickly plucked them into it's grip.
Lenny watched in horrow as both men kicked and squirmed and screamed, as they were hauled out like toys. Once up, the ceiling came abruptly back and secure, like it never was moved.
Lenny couldn't take anymore and had to know his fate now, not like those sorry bastards.
Through the loud groaning and growling, he crept around, and looked for any weaknesses in the structure. the doors and windows were merely show pieces. He then pryied a piece of railing from a fake fireplace, and used it to pound at the fake window.
Lenny found it started to give, and soon saw enough room for him to escape out from.
He found the outside dark, as he tumbled out of the room. The growling was now 100 times louder, the floor seeemed to be booming and alive. Lenny rose up and searched upwards, he saw a way to climb onto the very room he was just prisoner in. He climbed up and was on the roof. He then noticed it was all the more lit up. He made his way up the steeple style roof, wavering as he found his way to the tip tip.
What should of been made clear to Lenny only made him more insane in thought, as he looked upon the sight of sights.
The room was merely a tinier room within a little buidling. The building was merely a doll house of sorts compared to the gigantic room it inhabited.
In the forefront of everything, was a massive living area, where two colossosal beasts of men lounged. Both men would have been easily 90 feet tall. In their world they would still be giants of men, standing 6'6 over 600 lbs between them. Both had scuffy trimmed heads. Both with scruffy fo manchu beards. The two giants were naked, their bellys lunged out hugely, as their hairy chests heaved with their loud breathing and growling and moaning.
Lenny saw clearly as Both Bruce and John were on the the arms of the couch, both encased in rubbers, leaving their heads and shoulders to only protrude. Both men were in agony, as they laid and watched.
The giant men lavished on a mountain of food and booze on a offering table before their bulk selves.
Amidst their bodies, were two women, similiar size to bruce and John and Lenny hiimself. Both women were naked, and disheveled beyond words. The little blonde woman, was audible as a mess of screams, as the giant man, smeared and plasterd her all around his meaty cock. The giant's cock was so physically gigantic, it made the woman look insect like. The giant had his cock peeled back, thick sploches of headcheese lingered all around his noticably dank cock. Upon each smear, the woman was torn away, disheveled more and more, as grim caked off her body. The other woman was a brunette, her body looking bruised as much as disheveled. The giant using her was just getting ready to guide his hand, with her in tow, into his rising ass cheeks. Once the giant had her shoved in, he sat back, letting a gross stream of loud flatulance out of his sloppy behind. Even muffled by the cushion, it was loud enough to resemble gunfire.
"YOU KNOW WHAT THOSE BEERS DO TO ME!" He rumbled to his partner. The partner laughed as he burst out, in moans, as he gushed his climax forth. the blonde disappeard in his thick cum, as his cock frothed over, leaving a thick trail down his shaft, and onward to the cushion. As it collected on a path of fabric, a lumpy form developed, only to be smothered by the giant's meaty cock, as it deflated and tipped forward and down. "ARE YOU DONE?" the giant on the right side said. "Yeah I'm done." The partner said as he pinched his cock tip of the remenants of cum.
As the two giant rose, Bruce and John was knocked by the force, and landed hard on the floor, where they laid helpless as the two giants merely stepped down, and pulverizeing them entirely. As the giants walked on, the blonde peeled away, and tumbled off the giant's undershaft, her body fell and was smashed as she fell into the giant's path. The giant tailing behind, let out another burst from his ass, sending the brunette down crashing. He body lay limp and broken, as it barely resembled anything human anymore.
The giants returned this time the one trailing held a single figure squirming in his gigantic fist.
Lenny sat quietly, unable to scream as he recognized Patsy. The Giant in the in front, lumbered to the house, incredibly un-noticed by Lenny. "What the fuck!" The giant growled, as he snatched Lenny up from the roof.
Upon the giant's return he sat next to his partner, who was playing with the the tiny screaming woman on his huge chest. "LETS WRAP THIS ONE UP!" the giant smiled and plucked the tiny woman off his nipple. He guided her down to his already erect cock, and place her on his tip. The other giant brought his own cock forward and sandwiched the tiny woman as he pressed his cock to his partners.
Lenny now found the strength as he let out a scream, but his lungs quickly gave notice, as the giant's grip only allowed one huge burst. Lenny could only watch as his eyes swelled, and his mind began to break piece by piece.
The giant had his foreskin pulled forward, as his partner did likewise. Then the two pressed into each other, pummeling back, rubbing and groaning, as they kept their cock locked. The giant on the left came first, as his cum started to seep through the cracks, his partner came moments later, as they broke apart.
Their cocks spewed forth the remainder of their climaxes, as thick cum poured down, amidst it all, patsy's body, cocooned in cum, tumbled downwards, to settle with the rest of the cum wade on the cushion.
"HERE SAY HI TO YOUR LITTLE WIFEY." The giant holding Lenny in his fist said as he brought him down, and smeared him into the cum pool. Lenny felt for his wife, picking her up. Her body was flattened, and barely visible, the thick spoof, was sticky like glue.
Lenny looked up in anquish, as a huge shadow eclipsed him.
fade forward, as Mr. Isaac, walks into the third chamber. He runs into the two burly men, just leaving the lounge. "Is that it for today?" Grunts were in response as both men barrelled through, grabbing the $200 each Mr. Isaac held out for them. "Come back next week, I know we'll have more for you." Mr. Isaac said as he watched the two men head for the shower room. Mr. Isaac looked into the room before letting the cleaning woman in.
As the lights brightened, the stout woman carried her equipment in, slamming into walls and furniture alike.
As she turned on the vacuum, she barely looked to where she stepped, as she stepped on a smear, holding Lenny and His wife already molded into each other.

The end.