christmas time is here

Posted by sassybutch on December 25, 2002 at 11:12:31:

my mother sister and I decided to make our pies today for christmas
dinner, pumpkin pie and apple pie. But when I got the walnuts out, they
were bulk from the natural food store, these little things scurried out,
at first I thought they were bugs but then I saw it was little tiny
people. A family--the mom, dad, sister, borther, and his girlfriend. I
stomped my foot in front of them put my hands on my hips and said "what
were you doing in my walnuts!" My sister came over, saw them, and said
"ewwww, they were in our walnuts, gross, step on them!" I looked at her
smiled wryly and said "not just yet...I think we could have some fun with
them." She raised one eyebrow "what kind of fun?" I winked at her then
turned back to the little family. "We weren't doing anything! you
scooped us up at the store, its not our fault!" "Well what were you doing
in the bulk food bins then? You dirty little thieves!" I snarled. My
sister had her hands on her hips too and used her size 11s to block their
way. They were trapped on all sides. "Hey Mom, what should we do with
these little creatures?" I asked. She came over and peered over her
reading glasses she had been reading the recipe. "Oh those little guys?
just sweep them up and throw them away. Ii always find them in my nuts."
and she went back to the recipe muttering "...3 cups of flour...". I
looked at my sister and shrugged "I guess she doesn't care". "Well I
think they're gross" my sister said, "I'm going to step on them". and she
raised her foot in a chunky black shoe over the family. "Wait" I said, "I
want to fuck with them first. they can't just get away with contaminating
our food! we have to teach them a lesson!" The little sister was crying
already and the father was trying to comfort her. THe Mom yelled up to
us "let us go we didn't do anything! move your big-ass feet and leave us
alone!" Hmmm she thinks she can sass her way out of this I guess! said
I. I picked her up and dropped her inside my sock. "Now who's boss you
little bitch!? Now lick my feet in between my toes and don't stop until
you're finished!" The little boy cried "that's my mother! what are you
doing! please let her go!" "Oh aren't you an adorable little thing!" I
condescended. "trying to protect your mother against someone 500 times
bigger...well I don't know if that's cute or stupid! it looks like you
can't protecat your girlfriend either! Ha!" and I picked up his
girlfriend and we started playing catch with her. We threw her a bunch of
times until she went splat into the pumpkin pie batter. "OOps!!" we
laughed and laughed. "Look at her all buried in pumpkin!" the litle boy
asked "can she breathe? please, we're supposed to get married! she's
going to suffocate in there!" "Oh little boy, we're sorry! how can we
make it up to you? I know! You're sister can give you a blow job!" He
looked at us like we were crazy, then looked at his sister and back at us
with trepidation..."no, please not that, I really don't want...." But I
had already pushed her down on her knees with my big toe and barked "pull
down his pants! stop crying you little slut, you slutty slut slut, and
pull down his pants! this is what you've been dreaming about since you
were a little girl and its finally come true!" "Mmmm, he wants it too
he's getting hard" my sister noticed appovingly. she rubbed her big toe
along the side of his dick. Not bad for such a little guy! then I kicked
her onto his dick and yelled "grab her head with your hands and fuck her
face!" "Harder!!" my sister added, kicking him in the ass. "Harder you
little pussy!" I kept talking to the sister saying "make your dear
borther come, queen of all sluts...his dick has probably been in your
mouth already, you know all about this...make him come like a good