The Chosen ~ Part 9

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The Chosen

Doctor Szalinski

"How did you ever survive"? The confounded Clara asked the next morning at breakfast. "Don't get me wrong, but that would have turned a normal human being into a gory smear! Yet you weren't even bruised."

Arin smiled in reply, then, swallowing her mouthful of scrambled eggs, she told her, "Don't rightly know, really." she shrugged. "Maybe he doesn't squeeze as hard as it looks, or feels. Or maybe the ray does something to us so we can't get hurt. I know we all have gone through some things that should have 'reduced us to smears', but we all seem to come out fine."

"Did you, er, enjoy it?" Clara blushed, slightly embarrassed. It wasn't exactly the question she would normally ask in polite company. Someday she was going to have to get used to this new environment.

"Yes!" She replied emphatically "I was cuming all over the place, didn't you hear me?"

"No." Clara admitted. "I guess I was too afraid to hear the crunching of bones, so I shut my ears." Then. "You really came? While being ground up like that?" Clara began to wonder if she would ever learn how to "go with the flow".

Arin must have noticed this. "You can't - how can I put this?" She tried to explain "You can't think about what's happening to you. In fact, you can't think, period." She said, sweeping her arms away from each other. "If you do, if any of us did, we would never cum."

"Block out the fact that it's a twelve foot cock you're being mashed against." Tia interjected. "As far as you're concerned, Buba doesn't even exist. It's just you and this real big sex toy that you are getting off on." She grinned that wicked grin again. "And it ain't grindin' agin you, either. You'se grindin' agin it!" She said in a heavy accent.

"OK, I'll try." Clara sighed.

"No," Arin corrected her. "Don't try, do."

Clara made a different tack. "Maybe if I made myself sexier to him, he would help more?" She asked. "What does he like? What things can I do to 'turn him on'? Aside from the things he tells me to do, of course. I won't know that until we're together and he asks or tells me to do them."

"He likes to be deep throated, but you know that already, don't you." Arin corrected herself. "Were going to have to teach you how to do that and practice with something." She twisted her face, puzzling.

"Armpits." Tia stated. "He goes nuts over a smooth, deep, well defined underarm!"

Chi giggled. "that's right! Why didn't I think of that!" She turned towards Clara. "Its the one thing you don't need to practice. Whenever you are in a position that exposes your underarms, make it a point to emphasize them," she told her. "he'll love it. Even if you're in his mouth, he can still feel them with his tongue."

Well, there were certainly worse things he could like, Clara thought, putting aside the "in his mouth" part. And it was an easy thing to do, just suck in my armpits, huh? "What else?" she inquired.

Chi took the initiative this time, "He loves to rub himself against you. His cock, that is." she explained. "Any part of your body. Even your face is fair game"

"It is for you and me." Tia corrected her. "He likes to do that with us because our faces are flatter, he can jerk off on them easier. He doesn't do it hardly at all with Arin, remember? Her nose is too prominent. Clara's may be too pointed as well, so he may not think to do it with her, either." She turned back to Clara. "But you can still rub him against your face, or any other part of your body. Like Chi said, he loves to stroke himself against us."

Their conversation was interrupted, as the clicking of the door knob announced Bubala's arrival. They all rushed to the cage front, Even Clara tried to look at least somewhat eager to see him, although she really didn't. But it seemed the wiser choice.

"Well, now," He said, clapping his hands together in a wringing motion. Who want's to have some fun?"

Pandemonium broke loose as all three of the other girls started jumping up and down, reaching out of the cage, eagerly begging for him. He put his hands up to calm them. "I think it's time we give the new girl her next lesson, don't you?" He grinned. "Now, which one of you want's to help?"

Help? Clara's mask of enthusiasm dissapeared. Help?! Looking at the other girls, the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach got deeper as Tia's grin got bigger. Although they were getting along a lot better, Clara definatly did not want to go a round with that amazon woman! Not yet, anyway.

Then, to her horror, she saw that Bubala was looking at Tia as well! "Please not Tia. Oh, please not Tia! She chanted over and over in her mind.

Someone upstairs must have been listening this time, because Bubala shook his head. "Sorry, Tia, not this time." He said, apologetically, as Tia's shoulders sagged. "I think she needs a gentler touch than yours this early." Tia shot a glance at Clara that clearly said: Next time!

Clara looked back up at Bubala who was looking at her. He smiled, then said in a reassuring voice, "I think the best choice, for one as tender as you, would be one equally as tender. Turning, he asked, "Chi, you game?"

A wave of relief flooded Clara, as Chi answered "yes." Bubala reached down into their respective partitions with both hands, Clara remembered what they had been talking about. Raising her arms in a broad "V", she made sure her underarms were as deep as she could make them. She must have done it right because Bubala smiled when he saw this, and ran his index finger down the side of her arm and then across her breasts before wrapping his fingers gently around her.

Clara felt herself being lifted up and for the first time, wasn't terrified. Scared, yes, but she knew Chi was a gentle soul, and if Bubala thought her to be the best teacher, maybe this "lesson" would be better than her first!

Once they were both out of their cages, Bubala opened his hands and gently poured Chi into the same hand as Clara. before Clara knew what to do, Chi had wrapped her arms around her as Bubala closed his fist again, pressing their embraced bodies together like lovers. With his now free hand, he closed the lid and began walking towards the other room.

Clara was awash with conflicting thoughts, she trusted Chi, more so at least than anybody else she had met in the past couple of days, and considered her a dear friend already. But now she was buried in Bubala's fist, pressed close together against another woman who had her arms around her. their faces pressed close together, as were their totally naked bodies. needless to say this made Clara rather uncomfortable. The fact that she could feel Chi squirming almost solicitously against her didn't help in the least.

Chi sensed Clara's discomfort, if not the reason. "Don't worry, you'll be fine, just do what Buba says, and remember what we discussed earlier about letting go. We'll have fun, you'll see." Chi's voice was soft, sweet, almost loving. Her tiny body was smooth as silk, and smelled sweet. Clara found the contact not altogether unpleasant, and this did not help to lessen the uneasiness caused by their closeness.

To distract herself, Clara concentrated on the sounds filtering through Buba's fingers. She heard the door knob click. the hinges squeak and then the door shut. They were in the room. Clara tried to think this time it would be easier, now that she knew more of what to expect, as well as the gentleness of her "teacher".

Then Clara felt the sensation of an elevator going down. The hand opened and she and Chi rolled onto the soft clean sheets. Chi, with her arms still embracing her pressed her lips firmly against Clara's for a moment, then rolled away and brought herself to a kneeling position

Clara lay there, stunned beyond belief, Chi had kissed her?! Chi motioned for her to get up. it took a second for the bifurcated redhead to respond, but she then quickly righted herself and assumed an oriental style kneel like Chi.

Bubala was looking at them with a silly grin on his face. Clara felt the flesh of her face get warm as she realized he had seen everything, including her reaction. She decided not to look shocked again regardless of what happened from that point!

"What now?" Clara whispered to Chi, but Bubala had the device in his hand. He pointed it at Chi, and she began to grow until she was a little more than a foot shorter than he. Clara looked back at Bubala.

"Pick her up" Bubala's said. Clara looked at Chi, who was now lying beside Clara on the bed, She smiled and winked to reassure her, Clara lifted her arms above her head as Chi's delicate fingers wrapped around her and lifted her up.

Wrapped in Chi's tiny hand, Clara couldn't see a thing, and therefore had no idea what was going to happen. Then she heard Bubala again. "Play with her" he said.

She was wondering what he meant by that when Chi's hand opened and she dropped onto a giant nipple. Chi's hand then came down upon her and she was pressed into the Asian's soft, smooth flesh. Chi started massaging her tit with Clara. It wasn't bad, she thought. Chi's breast was soft. and Chi didn't crush her against it, like Bubala did with his hand on his cock.

Go with the flow the words rang in Clara's ears. So she tried to imagine that Chi's nipple, now hard, was her own personal toy. As Chi caressed it with her, she used it to caress herself. The combination of smooth, sweet smelling flesh, both soft and firm massaged Clara's body, she found it excited her. Her heart beat faster, as she got more into what was happening to her. Spreading her legs, Clara twisted around, as much as she could, so that the tip slid between them, over her pussy.

Immediately her excitement grew to the point that she was no longer being used to get someone else off, she was getting herself off! Chi was enjoying this too, Clara noticed through her own excitement, her motions and grown were reaching a fever pitch.

Then they stopped. Clara stopped moving. She stopped? No! Clara thought, Not now! I was just starting to get into this!

Then everything began to rock back and forth. Chi lifted her hand and Clara rolled down the side of her gently sloping breast, ending up flat on her back in the China girl's narrow cleavage. Looking up, she saw Bubala's massive bulk looming over her. Then Chi's breasts came together, and Clara was sandwiched between them, She watched helplessly as Bubala's body descended down on top of her.

As his mass settled on top of Chi's chest, her breasts Were pressed together, totally engulfing Clara. Then Bubala's cock squeezed in between them and pressed her against Chi's breastbone, and he began sliding his organ up and down in Chi's cleavage. It felt to Clara as if she was bearing his entire weight on her diminutive body. With each "upstroke" he pushed harder against Chi's chest, releasing the pressure as he moved back down. Clara adopted the breathing method she had developed on her first day, but if it got much worse, she didn't know how she was going to stand it!

"Don't think of him using you" Clara tried to use the advice she hoped she had learned. But how could she use this to her advantage?

Then she remembered Arin, assuming a spread eagle position just before Bubala wrapped his around himself. But she had assumed this position before he had started. Bubala was already vigorously titty-humping Chi!

Clara tried to wrap her arms and lega aroung Bubala's thrusting cock as it pounded on top of her. At first, she was just squashed back flat, then she managed to time her motions to his thrusts. Finally she got it right, and when he next bore his cock down on top of her and began thrusting it up her body, Clara was ready, as it slid neatly between her arms and legs, Clara wrapped them around it.

Pivoting her hips upwards against the pounding mass, she found she was able to obtain joy from his massive heaves! Soon, she was lost in pleasure again as his thrusts jerked her off!

Clara's excitement again reached a fever pitch, and her body seemed to be tensing for something when Bubala stopped again! Clara regained enough of her common sense to gulp some air and hold it as she was engulfed in jism.

When it ended, Bubala lifted himself off of the panting Chi. Her breasts parted and Clara wiped the goo off her face and took deep breaths of relativly fresh air. Looking up at Chi, she couldn't help but yell out as soon as she had caught her breath. "I think I'm getting it! She yelled in her tiny voice, not even trying to hide her excitement.

Chi smiled and winked. Clara smiled back as she rode the gentle motion of the larger girl's breathing.

"OK, Clean her up." Bubala's voice rang out. "You know how."

Now what did that mean? Clara wondered, looking at Chi for some kind of clue.

"It'll be all right, trust me." She whispered "You won't end up like Margaret, I promise"

Clara almost choked End up like..?!?! But before she could do anything, Chi had gently but firmly grasped Clara's ankles in her fingers, and was lifting her struggling form. Clara stopped struggling only when she saw how "high" she had gotten. She watched helplessly as Chi's delicate form passed beneath her.

Despite everything, there was no way Clara could have kept from screaming as she was lowered into Chi's open mouth.