The Chosen ~ part7

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The Chosen

Doctor Szalinski

"Has anyone ever considered trying to escape?" Clara asked "Maybe steal his device and shrink him down?"

Tia's response took her completely by surprise. Her eyes widened with horror. "Are you NUTS?!" She cried, her voice was actually filled with fear. No, it was abject terror! "Do you have any idea what he'd..." she stopped abruptly, visibly shaking.

Tia? Shaking?


"It was just a suggestion." Clara said "If you could shrink him down somehow, you could escape. All of you." All of us "Maybe even take him with you, prove to the world what he can do, get justice for what he's done!"

"Shit, girl! Are you suicidal, insane or just plain stupid?!" Tia lashed out at her, visciously. "Haven't you learned anything since you came here? Hasn't what you've experienced given you the slightest idea of what he's capable of?" She was actually trembling now, her eyes swelling with tears. Tears?

Tia was actually crying! Tia??

Clara was aghast. How could such a simple question have produced such a violent result? Especially from someone who has been so tough, so steadfast as Tia? Someone who actually seemed to enjoy her plight?

She had collapsed onto her pillow/bed. Her muffled sobbing could be faintly heard.

"I don't understand." Clara stammered. "What did I say?" What could she have said to have shaken the steadfast black woman up so?

"You don't plot against Bubala." Arin said sternly, not condemning Clara, but warning her. "Tia found that out...The hard way."

She looked at the negress, who, just a few moments ago had seemed so indestructible. Who now was curled up in a ball on her pillow, shaking in tears.

Clara said nothing, alternating her gaze first to Arin, then the trembling figure on the pillow, then back to Arin.

As if she had actually been asked, the Native American began to tell the story.

"I told you that Tia had been Chosen after me." She said "but what I didn't tell you, what I'm telling you now, is that she wasn't brought here alone. Another woman had been Chosen with her as well." Arin looked again at Tia, but the she gave no indication that she heard, or even cared, that her story was being told. So Arin continued. "The other woman was named Margaret. She was significantly older than Tia. She only 14 at the time, Margaret was at least 30."

Fourteen. Clara thought. Just like Chi. What a hell of an age to be exposed to something like this!

"It took a few 'lessons' for Bubala to finally initiate them, but eventually, they began to concede themselves to the fact that he was their boss, their master. Or so it seemed." She continued "But still, they would often stay up late after the lights went out, talking. Although I never heard what they were saying, I had a strange feeling they were plotting something. I should have said something, warned them, but they were not very sociable with me. I didn't want to increase the friction." Arin sighed, regretfully. "How many times I have damned myself for that decision..."

"You're damned straight you should've spoken up." Tia startled them both with her icy statement. "If you had, maybe she would still be..." Stopping in mid sentence, she turned to Clara. "Well, I'm not going to make that mistake!" And continued the story for her.

"Yes. We had been plotting. Discussing the 'sessions' of the day, looking for weaknesses. Something, anything that we could use against Bubala." She confessed.

"If only we had known."

She went on, "Then, one day, Margaret told me she had seen Bubala use the ray on Arin. Seen how he operated it. She told me which buttons he had pushed, how she had shrunk, how small she became." Her eyes stared intently on Clara's "It was I who figgered out what had happened, how he done it. The buttons are like those on a telephone. There is a set of numbers, with a few buttons below them. First, he punches in the size he wants the person to be, then, pointing it at the person, presses the button that activates the device. The reason it took us some time to figger it out was because the size was measured in centimeters. I had been studying centimeter in school before we had been 'Chosen'. She never had studied it, ever."

Now that we knew how to work it, we planned how we were going to use it to escape. We decided that, if the chance ever arose, whoever could grab the device would do so while the other distracted Bubala long enough so they could use it on him." She shook her head. "We decided not to let Arin in on our scheme. She had obviously been 'broken' by Bubala, and could betray us. so we kept it to ourselves."

"If only we had known!"

She looked down at her feet, then back up at Clara. "Well, the opportunity came just a few weeks later. Bubala had gathered both of us for a menage a' trois. At one point he enlarged me (he had been massaging his dick betwixt me and Margaret's tits), but instead of shrinkin' Margaret, he reached back and placed the shrink ray on the bedside table! In plain sight! I glanced at her quickly, to see if she had noticed, and she winked. I began distractin' Bubala with a really passionate French kiss, while Margaret scrambled for the device. Tia closed her eyes for a moment, "She never had a chance!" she continued painfully. "Bubala backhanded her with such force that she was thrown onto the floor.

Quickly I went to her side, fearing that the blow had broken her neck or somethin'. She was looking at Bubala, horror in her eyes. There was no use in denying it, of course. It would have been obvious to a blind man we had planned it." Tia's voice took on a shudder of defeat. I looked back at Margaret. "'It wasn't there!' She sobbed to me. 'I saw him put it down, saw the exact spot! But it wasn't there!' She whispered to me, pained at her failure." Tia's own eyes began to water again. "We both looked at Bubala. He was holding the shrink ray! Pointing it at the two of us. Where had he got it from? Where could he have put it that we couldn't find it, even though we had seen exactly where it had been placed?"

"'Get up.' he told us, the fire in his eyes seemed to burn holes in ours. We stood up. There was no use fighting, we were lost and we knew it. He pushed the button and Margaret was reduced to about three inches. Bubala told me to pick her up, then extended his hand to me. Reluctantly, I gave Margaret to him."

Chi was crying now, tears silently rolled down her cheeks as Tia told her tale, but said nothing. Arin was looking away, Clara couldn't see if she was crying or not. Tia continued.

"I expected him to do something terrible, like crush her in his fist, but instead he told me to get on the bed and kneel, doggy style, at the edge. I did. He ordered me to spread my ass cheeks. I reached back and did what he said." A pained expression crossed her face. "When my anus opened up, I felt him stick Margaret into my ass hole. I tried to close it, but he was too fast! All I succeeded in doing was to trap her inside!"

She paused a few seconds, then continued. "He grabbed me and shoved himself into my ass. Hard. I pleaded to him: Please, stop! But he didn't stop, instead, he started pounding himself into me harder, faster! I feared for Margaret's life! I couldn't stand for her to die like this, stuck in my shit hole while Bubala was getting himself off on it."

"Finally, he did stop. but only for a moment, then he began again. he did this a couple of times and I realised he was doing it to prolong himself. Prolong Margaret's and my punishment for betraying him."

Clara stood there, speechless. Disgusted at Tia's account of the experience. Is this why she gave in to him? She wondered how she would have reacted in the same situation.

"Finally Bubala came." Tia continued "He came like never before. Ramming his cock into my sore ass as hard as he could. I could feel the cum gushing out of him, into me, onto Margaret. I thought it would never stop! I was sure she was dead! Either asphyxiated, mashed to a pulp or drowned.

"Bubala pulled himself out 'OK, fish her out.' he ordered me. I stuck my finger inside, but I couldn't feel her.

"'She's in too far!' I pleaded."

"'Then shit her out, stupid!' he ordered. I pushed, gently, I didn't want to damage her any more than I was sure she already was. She had endured enough already."

"Then I farted, and felt her sticking out of my anus. Gently, I pulled her out the rest of the way and held her in the palm of my hand. Please be alive! I begged. Please, God, don't let her die like this!" Tia said with a hint of anger in her voice "It was the last time I ever prayed to your God. And you know what? He answered it!"

Clara was glad to hear this. Glad that Tia's friend had survived, that her prayers had been answered! Glory be to God. But her joy was short lived, as Tia continued.

"Yeah, he answered it all right. I just wish I hadn't asked!" Tia continued. Bitterness and anger filled her voice. "Yes, she was still alive. She coughed and my heart was filled with joy. Had I only known that she would have been better off dead!"

"Bubala laughed when he saw. 'Well, what do you know! Takes a licken' and keeps on ticken!' I looked at him. I apologized, swearing that we would never betray him again. 'Damn right, you wont!' He said, then told me to put her in my mouth."

Clara almost lost her breakfast! Put her in my mouth? She had just taken the woman out of her rectum! Her stomach lurched, but Clara was able to control her heavings. For once, Tia didn't laugh at her discomfort. Probably because she was even more uncomfortable at the memories she was reliving herself! If only we had known!

After she was sure Clara had regained control, Tia continued. "When I didn't, He threatened me. 'Put her in, or you'll be taking her place!' he yelled. I looked at Margaret. She was begging me to do what he said 'I'm sorry,' I whispered to her, crying. 'I'm so sorry.' Then I did what he told me to."

"Bubala grabbed my hair and shoved my face towards his crotch 'Now me!' he ordered. When I didn't open my mouth, he squeezed his hand, twisting it, pulling my hair. I opened my mouth, screaming in pain and he stuck his cock inside."

"He grabbed the sides of my head and pressed his thumbs against my cheeks, pushing them between my jaws and began thrusting himself in and out of my mouth. I couldnt move her into my cheeks where it would be safe, Bubala's thumbs were pressing them between mt teeth! So I desperately tried to keep Margaret at the front of my mouth, But his thrusts kept pushing her further back, towards my throat. Finally, he succeeded, Margaret was forced into the back of my mouth."

Tia trembled again "When Bubala felt this, he ordered me to deep throat him. I refused. I knew already how far down my throat his cock reached. With Margaret being pushed ahead of it there was no way I'd be able to cough her back out!"

"He didn't ask again. Instead, he rammed himself into me. I gagged, and he forced himself down. I couldn't stop him! He kept pushing and ramming and shoving until my face was pressed hard against his body, buried in his muff. I could feel Margaret deep inside my throat, then he began fucking my face, banging it against his body with each thrust until he came again. I could feel Margaret struggling against the eruption, but there was nothing I could do! Nothing! I was completely helpless!"

Tia was crying again, but couldn't stop. the power of her story compelled her to continue, to finish it out.

"Bubala pulled his member out of my throat. I coughed furiously, but it was no use! She was too far down."

Clara's mind went back to her own initiation. she had inhaled deeply as soon as he had pulled out, there was no need to cough because he had left his semen way beyond her windpipe.

Tia continued. "I tried to gag myself, but he grabbed my wrist. 'No you don't! Swallow it!' he ordered."

Swallow it? Swallow...?! Clara's heart lurched. But, Margaret was still in her throat!

"I couldn't." Tia cried "'Please, let her out first!' I screamed, pleaded to him! I could feel her inside my neck, slipping further down..."

Tia choked, then continued. "Bubala grabbed my neck and squeezed hard, then immediately released. I couldn't help myself!" She pleaded, as if asking her audience to forgive her. "I couldn't..."

"I swallowed. His jism, Margaret, everything. I could feel her as she was forced down. My stomach gurgled and she was gone. Gone! Bubala laughed, as it it was the funniest thing he had ever heard."

Tia Fell to her knees, but her story wasn't over. "I tried again to gag, to throw her back up. 'Don't you dare' Bubala commanded 'Or it'll be you struggling in my belly!' I stopped, begging him to please please let me save her! '...I'll even let you swallow me, if you want!' I pleaded, but he wouldn't listen."

Tia's trembling hands were in her lap, she opened them and closed them repeatedly in anguish, as her story compelled her onwards. "He took a stethoscope out of his drawer, and put it on my ears. Placing the other end in my hand he held it against my belly. My ears were filled with gut-noise, and screaming. A terrible, horrible, tortured Screaming...!"

She paused, sobbing miserably, then: "Margaret was still alive. She had survived the passage into my gut, and was still alive! Slowly being dissolved by the my stomach acids. Digested. Alive!"

Clara was frozen in horror. All her dislike for Tia vanished. Finally, she thought she understood the brash black woman. And suddenly, she realized she was ashamed for all the adversity she had felt for her. to have gone through something like this...! Tia's words echoed in her mind. She was being digested! Alive!


Tia was pounding her fists on her knees now, forcing the words out. "Bubala forced me to listen! He wouldn't let me save her! Instead, he forced me to listen! to listen while..." She choked on the words, but they still made their way out. Barely. "forced me... Forced..."

"To Listen...


While I..."
Everybody stood, frozen, as Tia struggled against an evil too terrible to endure. Hoping the words would succeed and yet, at the same time, fail.

Tia's hands were clenched into fists as she banged them against her knees. Blood was seeping from the cuts her fingernails had made in her palms as she gripped them tightly.

The battle ended abruptly, as the words finally forced their way out from between tightly clenched teeth.

"She was my Mother! He made me listen while I digested my own Mother!!