The Chosen ~ part 6

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The Chosen

Doctor Szalinski

As Clara awoke, cradled in the cottony softness of the pillow-bed, she tried to grab the remnants of her dream before they vanished. Something about her family going fishing.... Then it was gone. But the fact that she had had a dream seemed to convince her that this was not a dream. You can't dream in a dream, can you?

Habit forced her to stretch, as she always did when she first woke up, and she immediately realized her mistake. A slight whimper escaped her as the motion sent spikes of pain through her strained and bruised muscles.

"We was wonderin' when you were fixin' to giddup." Tia's voice mocked her.

"What time is it?" Clara asked, then grimaced. There was no way they could know that!

"Almost breakfast" Chi gently informed her, before Tia could deliver another tort comment.

As if on cue, the click of the door heralded Bubala's arrival. Although Clara expected to see his relatively massive bulk towering over them, the sight was, none the less, shocking.

"Morning, ladies." He addressed them politely. Placing the plate on the table.

Clara got up to see what he had brought them for breakfast. It smelled like French toast. It WAS French toast! One slice, which he proceeded to cut into smaller portions.

Why doesn't he just shrink it? Clara wondered. She decided to ask the other women later, after Bubala was gone.

Bubala placed each portion into the women's cages. It looked a lot larger than Clara thought! About 6 inches to a side. Why, this is an entire loaf! she thought.

Bemused, she looked into the other cells to see how they handled it. Chi thanked Bubala, then got down on her knees and, grabbing a corner, ripped it off. Dipping the piece into the bowl of honey, then placing it into her mouth.

Clara tried the same, immediately discovering how she was going to eat it all. Since the bread was still "full sized", it was mostly air! She scooped the piece into the honey and bit into it. Like the chili, it too, was delicious. She tore of another piece, savoring the lightness of the egg coated bread.

"I will admit this," she announced to no one in particular, "He can cook."

Chi smiled and nodded, while Arin gave a thumbs up sign. Then, they both went back to devouring their "loaves".

When she was finished, Clara found that she was full, but not stuffed. He even knew how much to give them.

Walking over to the "toilet", she grabbed some paper to wipe off the sticky honey from her face and fingers.

"Why doesn't he just shrink the food, like he does us?" She asked, again to nobody in particular, "Or other things, like combs or other things we could use?"

Because he can't" Replied Arin. "The gizmo only works on living things, not inanimate objects. That's why all this stuff is either from doll houses or 'MacGyvered' from other things."

But isn't food from a living thing?" Clara countered.

"Yes" Arin twisted her mouth in contemplation, "I suppose it is. Or was. May be that's why it won't work, it's not still alive."

Well, that answered that question. Not that Clara really needed to know, but it did "break the ice", get the conversation started. Using the "shrink ray" as a lead in, Clara started in on Bubala himself...

"Why does he do it?" She asked, as non-judgmental as she could "Why does he shrink us down and do all these strange things with us? Why not just use it as a threat to rape us 'normal' like?"

"Because he can." Tia chimed in, matter-of-factly "Isn't it obvious? it's a power play. Why just rape someone when you can really humiliate them? Reduce them to the status of a toy, as you so elegantly put it yesterday. A thing for your amusement." Then she smiled, half wickedly "Who wouldn't like to 'play God' if they could?"

"He's a 'microphile' Chi stated.

"A what?"

"Microphilia." she explained "It means being turned on by tiny people, basically. Being able to use them as sex objects or toys is even more exciting. Tia's reasoning may be part of it, it may be part of a 'power play'."

"Hey," Tia winked "don't knock it till you try it!" Then giggled again.

"Have you ever...?" Clara started to ask.

"Hell yeah!" Tia replied, then a Really wicked gleam came into her eyes "To tell you the truth, dear, I've been fantasizing about sliding your pretty little bod up inside me ever since I first saw you." She then winked at Clara.

Clara stared at her, horrified. ...sliding your pretty little bod up inside me...

Up inside me?

...inside me?!

Tia, seeing the horror on Clara's face, broke into a gleeful laugh. Clara turned to Chi, not sure whether Tia was serious, or just trying to scare her!

"Is she serious...?"

"Yes." Chi replied trying not to magnify Clara's fear "But don't be afraid, it's not dangerous, not really. It doesn't even hurt, not really." she gave a feeble grin, again, trying to reassure Clara.

"Have you ever...?" Clara asked. "Not that it's really any of my business." she added politely.

"Oh, yes" Chi replied "I've 'been inside' a few times." She seemed glad to give herself as a personal example, as if that would reassure Clara. Then she added "I've even been inside while Bubala was doing...' She stopped when she saw Clara gasp.

"You mean, he would have sex with her while you were inside?"

Chi hurridly reassured Clara "It's not that bad, really! It doesn't hurt like when you're in his hand, you don't get squeezed as hard!" Chi reached through the bars, but her hand on Clara's shoulders, felt them trembling. "Really, it's not that bad." Shy put as much reassurance as she could into her gentle voice. "Really."

Clara's trembling steadied, a little "But..." she stammered "H-how do you breath? wouldn't you asphyxiate or..." she swallowed "...or drown?"

"No." Chi smiled, glad to se Clara more relaxed "there's a little air inside, and you can hold your breath. Like I said, you're not getting squeezed as hard."

"And they ain't nuthin like the feel of a tiny girl squirmin' round inside ya!" Tia interjected, still laughing slightly.

Clara shot a stern look at her. Again, she realized, this woman could be dangerous. She was almost glad that she (like all of them, unfortunatly) was under Bubala's control.

However gratifying that was, she wasn't sure.

"What other things should I know about?" Clara asked "Concerning this micro... micro-whatever of his." What other horrors awaited her?

As if ftaking turns, they recalled other ways that Bubala had played with them. Eventually, Clara ceaced to be shockd, or even surprized by what excited Bubala.

"I guess with that ray gun of his, he could do just about anything, no matter how weird, perverted or grotesque." Clara sighed.

"So you may as well start learning to go with the flow and enjoy it, dear" Tia added "Because it's all your going to be doing from now on."

Was there a trace of bitterness in Tia's voice? Clara wasn't sure, but it sure sure sounded like it. She decided to dig a little deeper.