The Chosen - Part 4

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The Chosen

Doctor Szalinski


Clara lay on her side upon the sawdust, unmoving, where Bubala had left her. He had said something to the other girls, but she didn't hear. Or didn't care.

She stunk. She reeked of sweat, both her's and his, and vomit. And she ached. Everywhere. Both inside and out.

But she didn't care. She just lay there, sobbing at first, then not even that. Is this how it's going to be? From now on?

She felt used. No. She wasn't his whore, she wasn't even his slave. It was worse. Much worse. She was nothing more than a toy. A thing. His personal "Barbie doll". An object with no other purpose but to fulfill his bizarre and sadistic sexual pleasures.

So she just lay there, in a cloud of her stink and self degradation.


A soft, gentle voice called her name, but she didn't bother responding. Why should she? What would it change?

"Clara? Please say something." Chi's sweet, tiny voice pleaded with her. Begged her to answer.

Slowly, painfully, Clara got up. Sitting, she aimlessly began picking at the shavings that had clung to her sticky skin. They were shavings, she noticed as she turned one around in her fingers. They looked like they had been sliced off by a dull knife, not ground into chunks. They weren't wood chips, as she had originally thought. They were shavings. Now that she had a proper sense of scale, she could see this horribly obvious fact.

She was just his toy doll. Nothing more.

An object. A Sex toy.

"Clara?" the voice asked again, "It's Chi. Please talk to me." Her voice had an odd timbre now, as if she were crying.

Clara slowly looked up. Saw the tears in Chi's dark, golden brown eyes. They made her look even more childlike. Such a sweet, pretty girl. She couldn't be much older than Clara was. If even that. How was it such a tender soul could endure this, when she couldn't?

"I'm OK." Clara said, weakly. "At least I'm not injured, I don't think so, anyways." Chi's smile started to return. Clara found she was really starting to love this adorable little Asian woman.

"Tell me." She said, tenderly. "What did he do?"

Clara paused. The terrors of the morning wanted to be exposed, as if doing so would somehow expunge them. but she was afraid to bespeak them, as if doing so would also force her to live through it again. She remained silent for a long time. Picking sawdust off herself, looking at it thoughtfully before flicking each grain away absently.

Finally, she did speak. Slowly at first. Chi listened patiently. Never interrupting, not urging her in any way. Just listening.

Clara told her of how she was held in his hand. Of being squeezed against his hardness, ground against it, her entire body in pain, but especially her breasts, as they were crushed and minced between his hard shaft and her own hard ribs.

She spoke of how he had been hung by her wrists, how he violently forced himself down her throat, gagging her until it was all she could do just to keep from asphyxiating herself on her own vomit, because he wouldn't remove himself. Wouldn't even give pause to let her breathe!

How he brutally rammed himself into her, pounding her face into his crotch, totally oblivious to what it was doing to her, that she was suffocating. That she was in pain!

And why? Why was he doing this? She was trying to cooperate!

"I wasn't fighting him, I just didn't know how to do the things he wanted." Clara voice cracked as she begged for a logical reason behind this needlessly sadistic behaviour. "Why was he punishing me, when he should have been teaching me!" How could the others possibly find enjoyment in this?

"It's a dominance thing." Arin's voice added, softly. "He needs to make sure you know who's boss, 'that he's in charge and you better know it!'" She explained. "All his girls have to go through it. Now that he's 'proven his mastery', Her should be more gentle."

"Proven his mastery"? As if she ever had any doubt in it! What chance did a sixteen year old girl from the hills of Tennessee have against a madman with a shrink ray?

"Can you teach me how?" Clara asked, surprising herself. To even think of cooperating with the sinful desires of this demon.

Yet, to fight would be suicide, and no doubt a very gruesome one at that. With that device of his, there was no limit to the things he could do to her. And despite her devout Christian upbringing, the basic urge of all life to remain alive, preferably uninjured, was stronger.

"Actually," Arin answered, "Bubala asked us to do just that, said you were 'greener than he had thought'. I guess he got more innocence than he bargained for."

"Poor Buba." Tia sarcastically remarked, feinting a mock pout. "Shit, He's long had fantasies 'bout raping some innocent school girl. I'll betcha you were brought up in a church school too, wern'cha girl?"

"Yes, I was." Clara said, somewhat defensively. "And you? I guess you weren't"

"Hell, no." Tia answered, ignoring the veiled insult, or refusing to rise to it. "My family worked on a remote plantation in Alabama. The only schoolin' we had came from the field boss." Tia's smile took on that wicked look again as she added, "The prettier girls soon learned how to get the better grades. Did'n take me long to figger out how, either. If you know what I mean." She winked.

A couple of days ago, Clara wouldn't have, but not now. She got her message as plainly as if she had written it in the heavens above, and it sickened her.

"Heck, My grades started gettin' real good round bout the time I was twelve."

Clara wasn't surprised, though. It nicely explained the overall crudeness if Tia's demeanor. Although she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for her. Having to stoop to what amounted to prostitution just to get a good grade. And at such a young age. For a child to have to give in to...

"I'm sorry, it must have been hard." She said, sympathetically. "but didn't your parents..."

"Hard?" Tia's eyebrows rose. "Shit, girl, I loved it! It felt great, he was a great teacher and a wonderful lover with a cock that wouldn't quit! And I was gittin' great grades too! I was even able to teach Bubala a few things!" She added, laughing. "Why d'ya think I'm his favorite?"

"I loved it!" This was getting a little too uncomfortable. Clara turned to Arin, hoping for more polite conversation.

"How about you?" She asked. "Where did you live, before, you know."

"North Carolina, on the Cherokee Reservation. My parents worked at the visitor's center. I was barely 18 when I found myself here." She lowered her head. "I wonder how they're doing, sometimes. They loved me so much. In a way, I'm glad they probably have no idea what became of me."

"How long have you been here?" Clara asked.

"Don't rightly know." she responded honestly. "There's no calendar. I tried counting the 'days', but with no way of telling time, there's no knowin' if they are even the same as the outside world. The light's go out, then they turn back on. That's our day and night." She shrugged her shoulders.

"After a while, it didn't matter anymore. This is where I'm going to be for the rest of my life, so why count the days? To what end? I do know I've been here the longest. Tia came after about 200 'days', Chi a good while after that." She looked at the girl in the cage next to Clara's, she looked back, smiling. "His choices have been tending towards younger women of late. I guess he needs to add an additional 'spice' to his sex."

Younger women? An additional 'spice'? What was next? Children? Clara turned towards Chi. Surely her story was better.

"I was fourteen when I came here." Chi said, taking the cue from Arin's last comment. I lived near Hong Kong. on the seafront. Last thing I remember was walking home from a friend's house."

Fourteen? Clara mind lurched


"How did you survive...?" Clara started to ask, but couldn't finish.

How had this poor soul, barely still a child, have endured Bubala's "initiation"? Especially one so tender as Chi must have been then, considering how gentle she is now?

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. Chi apologized, noticing the shocked expression in Clara's face. "I guess I shouldn't have told you that. But Bubala was much more gentle with me the first time." She said, trying to soften the blow of her revelation. "Or so the other's tell me."

Relieved that Chi didn't have to go through what she had, Clara reassured her. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised by anything he does, considering."

Chi's eyes glittered as the apology was accepted. "Like the others, I don't know how long I've been here, But I guess I must be around sixteen by now."

"I wonder how long Bubala has been getting away with kidnapping and raping young girls." Clara commented. "Then again, Maybe I'm better off not knowing."

We couldn't tell you in any case." Arin answered. "There was one other woman here when I first awoke, but she disappeared a few days after I got here. I have no idea what happened to her, and I never asked, either."

Disappeared. Clara felt a lump growing in her throat. No idea what happened to her.

Was that the fate that awaited her? All of them? To simply disappear when Bubala got tired of them? How long did his interest in a woman last? If Chi's guess of two years since she was chosen as accurate, then Arin could have been here as long as, what? Four? Five years?

And there was no telling the accuracy of Chi's assessment of her span of days here, She certainly didn't look sixteen. And time always seems longer the younger you are. Did Chinese girls "age" differently? Or was it just her sweet, innocent looks and manner that made her appear so young?

Clara turned back towards The Asian girl.

"What did he do to you?" She asked "On your 'first day', I mean."

Chi looked back at her. "It was more like 'making love' than just sex." she said. "Maybe it was because I was so receptive towards him. I knew about sex already, although I had never had it. My mother told me how important it was to please the man you were with, as well as a lot of the things I would need to know when it happened."

Then she offered another possibility. "Or maybe it was because that's what he wanted me for when he chose me. Someone to be gentle with, and who would be loving in return." Her face twisted up slightly. "But then, there are times he wants me to act the helpless and afraid too. Like the victims in those old japanese monster movies."

Probably both. Clara thought. Chi's delicate face and figure would satisfy both emotional wants. She herself was pulled by the urge to wrap her arms around Chi, To protect and nurture her. The thought of this tender soul "disappearing" was more than Clara was willing to bear.

"Anyway," She continued, "he kissed and licked me a lot. And although he wasn't really as 'brutal' as with you, he wasn't really gentle either. At least it didn't seem so at the time. He did try to push himself down my throat at first, but when it wouldn't go, he didn't force it. So he just pushed it in and out of my mouth until he came.

It did hurt when he took my virginity, though." Chi continued, wrinkling her brow as she replayed the memories. "And it was more than a little rough then, especially the way he squeezed me so hard in his arms and ground me against his body, which was already laying on top of me. And he did thrust himself into me rather forcefully. But that could have been because of his passion as well."

Clara sighed. Obviously. She, too was destined to spend the rest of her days here. Satisfying Bubala until either she died, or, more likely, he grew tired of her, or she no longer satisfied whatever need she had been chosen to fulfill. Would she too, then, "disappear". She found it hard to leave that comment behind.

"OK, teach me." She said, resignedly. If her life span depended on satisfying Bubala as long as she could, she may as well learn how. At least it may not be as horrible that way.