The Chosen ~ Part 11

Posted by Doctor Szalinski on July 31, 2004 at 05:00:09:

The Chosen

Doctor Szalinski

When Clara regained consciousness, Bubala was still laying on top of her, panting. She couldn't have been out for long, then. She lay there for a moment, basking in Bubala's musk and her own pheromones. Then she remembered Chi.

Pushing against his massive bulk, Clara managed to roll the unresisting man off of her. Quickly she reached down to her dripping crotch. Feeling Chi's tiny feet, she pulled her out and held her limp form, dangling above her.

"Oh, no..." Clara thought as she regarded the dripping, flaccid body. "Did I kill her? Maybe I was too rough?"

Then the doll face grinned, and opening her eyes, Chi winked, teasingly. "Fooled ya!"

Clara suppressed a sudden urge to throw the tiny figure against the wall for her insolence!

"You scared the Bejesus out of me!" Clara blasphemed. But she couldn't hide the joy that Chi was unhurt, especially after having enjoyed such a pleasurable experienced herself.

"Y'see?" the tiny voice dared her "Told you we'd have fun!" then she giggled and wiped some of the mess of her face.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Bubala had gotten up and was staring at the two of them. "Go 'head! Clean her up!"

Clara stared at the tiny form, a vengeful grin spreading across her face, and laying back, she opened her mouth and slowly lowered Chi into it.

She had not been shrunk as much as Clara had, so she couldn't get her all the way in. Clara had to clean Chi in stages, first the top half, then the bottom. Then Clara got an inspiration. A real mean one! Chi was used to this, so she obviously wasn't as scared as Clara had been. But there was a way she could, possibly pay Chi back...

Clara pulled the squirming girl out of her mouth then,  grabbing her by the ankles, she held her once again above her open jaws. This time, however, she made a show of opening her throat as
well, just as they had taught her! Her heart beating in excitement and anticipation, she once again lowered the now not-so-exuberant Chinese girl into her. Deep into her!

Still holding her ankles, Clara started swallowing the girl, she felt her own excitement as the sweet tasting form was dragged downwards. Clara could feel her struggling, not in
ecstasy this time, but fear! when Clara had gotten her all the way in, the gently clamped her teeth on Chi's ankles and gave a one real good, slow hard swallow. Through the bones of her head, she heard a very satisfying scream!

"That'll teach her!" Clara thought, and grabbing her ankles, pulled Chi out, gagging at the motion.

"That'll learn ya!" Clara said teasingly to the shaking girl" No, I'd never swallow you either, you know that as well as I do. But it's still scary when you're not sure, isn'it?" With that, Clara smiled, to show there were no hard feelings. 

Clara didn't mind as much as she and Chi were wrapped together in Bubba's immense hand and he carried them together back to their cage. After all, they had both experienced something intimate together, and sinful as it may have seemed to Clara, it did "break the ice" somewhat, which she hoped would prepare her better for the even stranger things she was sure would come. As she was lowered into her compartment, she couldn't
help but notice the grin on Tia's face. "Can she read me that well?" Clara thought. Then she surprised everyone, even herself by
returning an even more wicked grin.

"So?" Tia asked, her grin not fading, "How'd it go? As if I need to ask..." 

"I 'went with the flow'." Clara answered matter of factly "And it did work!" She couldn't hide her excitement any more. "I was...well...I
can't describe it!"

"No need to, sugar, I know the feeling well." Tia said knowingly, almost passionately "Good sex and orgasms are as much in your mind as they are in your body."

Clara raised her eyebrows at the sudden compassion. it was so unlike Tia. Had something changed in her? Was it because of the sudden reminder of her mother? Or something else? Something deeper? the other's were silent, too. Smiling at her achievement as if not willing to disturb her feeling of accomplishment.


Bubala left them alone again for the entire day after breakfast. So they
continued helping her practice her deep throat technique, using a toy they had fabricated out of a piece of semi hard rubber. Clara found it wasn't too difficult to keep from gagging when something was lowered slowly into her
throat, but when she tried to thrust it in and out (as she knew Bubala would do), she would wretch horribly. "Accchhhh! Dang it! There must be a trick to this!" She spat out, tears flowing from her eyes at the unnatural things she was trying to get her throat to do.

"Are you trying to 'not think of it?' Tia asked, unusually patient.

"Yes" Clara replied stressfully.

where you're going wrong, girl!" Tia said "You have to concentrate on it, control it. You don't gag when you swallow, do you? Just pretend you're swallowing something."

Clara tried again. concentrating on her reflex. And she actually got a couple of medium hard thrusts in before her excitement at her success caused her to break her concentration and she almost threw up.

"Ohhh, good for you!" Chi clapped at her initial achievement.

"Better, you're gettin' there" Tia acknowledged. "You've obviously got the idea, now all you Have to do is perfect it. Practice. It'll come."

Clara practiced until her throat was sore. And she
just about had it, too! As long as she didn't let her concentration waver. "That's enough." She said hoarsely. "I wish we had something better to sooth my throat with." Then took a good long drink from the small pitcher in her cell.

When Bubala came back that evening, Clara joined the
other's in the chorus of "Season it!". Although she was not really as eager as she hoped she sounded. "O.K. ladies," he agreed wearing a
grin that hinted of something special to come, "I'm feeling frisky tonight, how about a twosome tonight?"

"Yipee!" They
all cried together, although Clara was more than a little apprehensive. "Heck, how bad can it be? They like it, right?" Bubala opened the top of the cage, and Clara joined in with the "choose me" dance.

Bubala reached down into both her cage and Tia's.
Clara shot an apprehensive glance at the black woman just as his fingers wrapped themselves around her. A twosome with Tia? And just what was a twosome? Clara wondered. She got her answer shortly, when Bubala's hand opened, and she was pressed against Tia's naked form. "Now we's gonna have fun!" the black woman grinned, as she slipped her hands behind Clara's shoulders.

Not knowing what else to do, Clara did the same, slipping her hands behind Tia's
shoulders. Her skin, for all the ruggedness and strength iher body suggested, was surprisingly cool and soft. Just then, she felt a warm mass sliding up between her legs "A two some" Clara suddenly got it! He's going to masturbate with both of us in here!And she braced herself against the onslaught to come, trying to arrange herself so she could enjoy it, as she had yesterday.

Bubala began stroking their bodies against his hardening cock with more and more vigor. Clara could barely feel Tia's arms against hers as the thrusts, and their effect on her, grew more violent. Suddenly, it didn't matter any more! Faintly, through
the miasma of her own orgasm, Clara felt the pulsing of bubala's cum as it pulsed up his shaft. Then it was over. Bubala relaxed his grip, as Clara's own climax subsided. She heard the others cheering, and wondered if Tia had climaxed too.

Dinner was delicious, as usual, and Clara slept peacefully. Probably for the first time since her ordeal began.