The Chosen ~ Part 10

Posted by Doctor Szalinski on July 19, 2004 at 04:58:56:

The Chosen

Doctor Szalinski

"Oh my god, no!"

Clara desperately tried to keep herself from entering that gaping maw. She flung her hands frantically at Chi's lips, hoping she could push herself away from them. Anything to keep from passing between them. But she was too small, her tiny muscles not strong enough, and she dropped slowly into the damp darkness.

"NO! CHI DON'T! NOOOooooooooo!!! Clara screamed. She had never known such abject terror as when Chi's lips closed, leaving her in the warm wet darkness of her mouth.

Although she knew it was futile, Clara continued to struggle furiously as Chi's tongue swept across her body, bathing her in saliva. every so often, Chi would suck her in further, or worse. swallow! Clara felt that her heart actually stopped beating when Chi's tongue pressed her against the roof of her mouth, and she heard that horrid gurgling as Chi gulped down her saliva. Was this what it was like just before Tia's mom...

Chi did not swallow her however, but continued mouthing her, even though she had been cleaned of sperm. She was doing it for fun now, her moans reverberated through Clara's bones. Maybe she was masturbating at the same time, oblivious to the fact that the tiny body in her mouth was beyond terror, sure that any moment she would forget and take her down in an uncontrolled moment of passion. Or worse, Bubala would want her to give him head while she was in
there But Neither fear materialized. Chi's tongue was between Clara's legs, stroking her pussy.
Despite her fear, Clara began to feel herself becoming aroused! Then, suddenly she was being pulled out! Chi held her lips tight against Clara's body, sucking against the pull of her fingers squeegeeing
saliva off the shivering redhead as she removed her. "You taste good." Chi said, smiling.

Clara's look was one of both
terror and hatred. "What were you doing?! Were you going to make a lunch out of me too?!" she hurled the words at her former friend as if they were daggers.

Clara's words stung Chi, and despite her anger, she cringed at her reaction to them. "No." She
stammered "I would never - I promised..." Her eyes began to water. "Bubala told me to 'clean you up'." He only wanted me to get the cum off, not eat you. Even if he did, I don't think I...' She really was crying now. "I couldn't, I love you too much, I would let him eat me before I would do that to you."

Clara's raging heart was softened by this, and she realized that Chi had said she wouldn't let her end up like Tia's Mom.
But she was just so angry. "I'm sorry I jumped at you. Clara apologized. "I just wish you had warned me first, told me what you were going to do. Do you know how terrifying that was?"

"I'm sorry. I really am." Chi replied in a sobbing voice that sounded tinier than Clara's at the moment.

"OK," Clara forgave her. "But next time, please tell me what you're going to do, alright?" And Clara smiled, so Chi would know that she had been forgiven.

"Well," Bubala asked, a slight annoyance at the delay in his voice. "have we made up? Were all kissy-kissy now, right? Because it's your turn, Red." And with that, he gave a grin that reeked with the lust for revenge. Not his, Clara's.

Clara had forgiven Chi for the misunderstanding, however. and even if she hadn't she wasn't quite ready yet to give Bubala any more than she had to, especially at one of the other girl's expense.

Clara's thought's were interrupted by the whine of the machine (just where did he hide it? she wondered). Chi shrank until she was about half again as large as Clara. Then it was her turn, as her body was bathed in the tingle-sting of the ray. When it stopped, she was about full sized. Well, as close as she could reckon, at least, assuming the furnishings in the room were normal sized.

"Now." Bubala told her. "It's your turn to play with her."

Not wanting to anger him by hesitating, Clara lay back on the bed and with a grin, placed Chi's face to her lips and returned the kiss she had given Clara earlier. Then, she lowered Chi onto her breast as she had done with her.

"No," Bubala corrected her, "not there. There." he said, pointing at Clara's crotch.

At this, Clara did hesitate, but only for a moment. "After all," she thought, "I'm the one doing it, right? So I can control how hard! I can't hurt her!" And with the hand holding the squirming China doll, she reached down to her pussy.

Opening her hand, she rested the tiny body face down against her clean shaven mound. Placing the middle three fingers on her back, Clara began rubbing it around, slowly working her way towards her warming vulva. Clara could hear the tiny moans and giggles coming from Chi, and this reassured Clara that Chi was , in fact, enjoying it. This eased Clara's mind, and allowed her own excitement to grow as
well. She had Chi on her labia now, and the tiny girl was squirming around, frantically trying to crawl in between the large lips. Clara obliged, wiggling her back and forth, working the Asian in. She was immediately rewarded with a surge of excitement as her clitoris was expertly tickled by the doll she held at her mercy.

Bubala had his cock in his hand and was stroking it eagerly. But Clara didn't take much notice, as her excitement began to take over. Soon she was stroking herself almost as frantically as she had seen Bubala do with Arin the night before! Her tension building, her wet pussy dripping with juices.
"Put her in!" Bubala told her.

Clara didn't even stop to think, it was as if her body was no longer
her own, she belonged to it now. Sliding Chi's body down, Clara located the opening of her vagina and worked Chi in, headfirst! There was just the slightest of stings as the little body passed into her wet folds, but Clara barely noticed, her urges were way too strong now. As soon as she was all the way in, Clara began stroking herself off, using Chi as a dildo, barely even conscious that this was her friend she was masturbating on!

Then, suddenly, the world disappeared.

Bubala was gone. Chi was gone. Even Clara's own body had disappeared from existence. Nothing remained but the consciousness that was Clara, and it was enveloped in a sea of
indefinable pleasure! Clara had never felt, never imagined anything like this!

After what seemed like an eternity, but at the same time, mere instants, the universe faded back into reality. That was when she
realized that Bubala had positioned himself over her, his rock hard cock pointing arrogantly out at her dripping crotch!

Before she could do anything, he settled himself on top of her, his weight pinning her down. Clara felt the tip of his cock being thrust inside her!

This time Clara could not ignore the sharp pain that emanated from her insides! Chi's tiny body had been one thing, but Clara had never had anything this big inside her, let alone when their was already... Then the gears inside Clara's brain finally meshed, Chi was still in there!!

Clara tried to get him off of her, out of her! But he was too heavy! He was banging away furiously, ramming his massive cock into her tight pussy, which was responding beautifully, getting wetter by the second! Clara tried to comfort herself with the fact that it couldn't possibly be as tight as being gripped in his hand. Fretfully, Clara dove into herself, tried to feel Chi, see if she was alright, if she was even alive!

There! Clara could barely sense it, but she could feel Chi inside her, still squirming. Squirming, not clawing, not trying to escape! Clara somehow convinced herself that Chi was enjoying herself, and relaxed, let the sensations of Bubala's fucking take her away again.

Ultimately, she succeeded and soon began bucking her hips against him, adding to the frenzy. She let her body go, let the excitement rise. And the pain diminished, went away. As did the worry. Soon, the thought of Chi's tiny body inside her, being banged repeatedly by Bubala's massive cock became itself a source of excitement! And Clara was once again lost.

She felt Buba nearing climax, and accelerated her own thrusting, desperate to experience once again that incredible sensation of non-existence!. Suddenly he stiffened. Clara frantically ground herself against his now stationary body and as she felt the waves of cum gush into her, they set her off and Clara fainted