charlies angels

Posted by im in avrils butt on November 13, 2003 at 00:45:48:

charlies angels
by im in avrils butt

this is a story of the 3 new charlies angels.enjoy

drew lucy and cameron had been freinds for years. but after awhile of being freinds they
started becoming lovers. they would have threesomes as often as possible and were all deeply
inlove with eachother. but slowly there love was running out of steam. they needed new ideas
in the bed room to spice things up but they were fresh out of ideas. all of the ones they
thought of have already been used or were not possible. or so they thought. cameron always
wanted to have drew and lucy shrunken down to the size of 2inchs and do what ever she wanted
with them but she had no way of doing so. so she search the web for days looking for some
kind of special shrinking mix she could put into there drinks and shrink them down and make
her dream come true. drew and lucy did not want to be the small ones tough they wanted to be
big and have it there way so cameron would have to sneak the mix into there drinks. after 2 weeks
of searching she found a site that had just what she wanted. she ordered it and it 2 days it
came in the mail. her plan was almost ready. she made some drinks and put the powder into there
drink and made sure to have the one drinks with no mix in it. she had them all come over to
toast there launch of the new charlies angels. the 3 girls drank there drinks and lucy and
drew were instantly shrunk down to the size of 2inchs tall and no higher. cameron smiled and
relised how much fun this was gonna be. she walked over to lucy and picked her up and placed
her right in front of her face and said hi. lucy was a little scared but she knew that cameron
would not kill her but she was afriad of what she might do to her. for the pasted month cameron
had practice on a special skill where when she swallows things she sends what ever she swallowed
right to her digestive area and past all the acids in her body. she had tryed it once with a
pill and it worked so now she decided to try it on lucy. she stuck lucy in her mouth and swallowed
her with out chewing. she felt lucy travling around in her body and after 10 minutes or so
she droped her pants and opened her butt and pushed. lucy came sliding out. she was in perfect
conditon. but she did stink from being in camerons butt and she was a little dirty. cameron
decided to put lucy in a box for now and play around with drew for a little bit. she grabed
her 2inch play doll and spread her legs and stuck drew's head in her vigina. she let drew try
to pull her head free for awhile and then shoved her in all the way. there was a little air coming
into her vigina and she was glad cause that way drew would not sufficate inside her. now she got
lucy out of the box and stuck lucys head in her butt. then she let out a series of powerful farts.
lucy fought to get free but camerons cheeks held her tight. cameron let the most powerful fart
ever and that one cause lucy to fly right out of camerons butt. lucy stood up and saw camerons
butt coming down on her. she let out a scream that got cut off as camerons butt swallowed lucy whole.
once agian her trapped freind was safe as a little air was going into camerons butt. she felt lucy
moving around in her ass and then relised that lucy must not be able to see because she could
feel her going deeper and deeper into her ass. cameron just smiled and got into bed and went to
sleep. in the morning she went to the toilet to take a shit. she looked down into the bowl just to
see her poop but no lucy. she then knew that lucy was to deep in her butt for cameron to save.
looks like my ass is your new home cameron said and she then stuck her finger in her vigina and
felt around in there for awhile but she could not find drew. she was somewhere so deep inside
of cameron that there was no way for her to get out. this did not bother cameron. she was happy
to know that now her freinds would always be with her.

the end!