Story "Busted part 3 Lives of WOMEN & GIRLS"

Posted by Talisman on February 01, 2003 at 06:24:13:

As transulent as power is, the only remarkable emblem for which keeps this passion alive, is greed. And the only to keep ahead of the next person, is to never under estimate his or her greed. We see, we copulate, we devour. It is a steady stream of events, where from which one must make a choice. And the choice is usually related to your desire.
Such is the desire shared by Ursala's two girls, really young adults, but as they appear and dress like young women, to meet them and see them, reminds you that they have decided to regress in age instead. Christine, the eldest, was always a big bonned girl, since early childhood, she managed to keep her frame solid, but as the years passed, and the family progressed into the new family business, she managed to balloon. Her 5'11 height is profoundly exagerated by her 244 pound girth. Although she is not considered grotesque in stature, her families resources managed to arrange fittings which somehow complimented her size. Christine, didn't like fratenizing on the beaches, as she was well aware of her body. Instead she kept to herself when she sunbathed or swam, otherwise one could always see her wearing dresses, skirts, and dark taupe hosiery to dawn her thick legs. Christine has bouts with emotion, at times feeling low due to her admitions of being lazy and fat, only to take the advise of friends and aquaintance and use it against them when she suddenly grew in her own acceptance of greatness. A clear example was when her uncle Jason, not blood relative, was escorting her home from party binge, where friends of her and her sister and assorted cousins were drinking to excess. As Jason brought her home, Christine, started with her usual qualms of depression, and undesirable looks, from which Jason quipped and tried hard to discard her dim views of herself, and superimpose images of a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Lying through his teeth, he continued with his compliments, not knowing they would take him to his end. "So you think I am beautiful?" Christine childishly asked. Jason knodded his head, smiling as he walked her deeper into her hallway, finding a chair to deposit her large frame into. "Do I turn you on?" "Yes" Jason reponded. "You would turn any man on?" "Do you think my legs are sexy?" Christine acting coy. Jason nodded as he helped her sit. "Are they sexy enough to lick and kiss?" Christine continuing coy. Jason stepped back, whipping his brow. "Hmm.. Oh yes they are!" "I have been on my feet all day, but I think my feet smell quite pretty, don't you think?" Christine inquired cleverly, as he lifted one ofher thick legs up toward Jason's stomach, stretching her toes upwards. Jason didn't know how to react, and was suddenly unaware of what chain of events her started, but he figured to play along. He bent down, and lightly passed his face above her toes, pretending to sniff."Oh yes just lovely!" "Oh you have to smell them better than that, how else can you tell?" Christine was becoming demanding. Jason at this point didn't know what to do, and was allowing Christine to dictate his movements. "Get lower, go down on your knees." Christine ordered. Jason lowered down as told, until he was lower than Christine's knees. Christine shot her foot into Jason's face demanding he fully appreciate her aromatic musk. She could now hear Jason's stunted breaths as he struggled to breath through her nylon clad foot. "How is it now Uncle Jason?" Christine teased. Jason felt trapped, as he could only fall to her ploys. Christine felt into her purse for the needle, and started to bend forward. "Keep sniffing" She spoke as she moved closer, holding the needle just above the back of his neck. She then plunged the needle down hard, sending Jason down to the floor howling. Jason rolled around on his stomach and back, his body tensing up, all the while Christine stood up, and was putting her needle back into her purse, and placing the purse near the staircase. She turned back toward Jason watching his body dwindling down till he suddenly resembled a discarded action figure toy.
Christine walked up slowly, as she stepped up to him. Jason stopped twitching, and recoiling as the effect started to subside. He felt uncoordinated and dazed as he started to look up and around. Suddenly a voice arouse. A loud cloud clapping voice. It seemed to surround him every where and up. Jason looked around, but everything he saw made no sense. He then started to sit, and then he was aware of where the voice was coming from. Before him spanning up miles it seemed. Enormous feet, They were incredbily enormous, so enormous, he feared being near them. raising his eyes, the ankles stretched up higher, the calves, the knees, higher still the massive meaty gams, even higher still the hem of a large skirt circling hips that inspire thoughts of sheer planetoids. Higher yet still the heaving hanging of breats so large, ones eyes couldn't fathom the contrast. And finally high above it all, like hovering up in the clouds, was Christine's head and face, staring down menacing. Jason stood up wondering if he is dreaming or in some state of shock, but managed to take hold and scream up. "What is happening here?" High above, Christine was past her organic drunk stage, and was now high on her own drug, of power and control. "I always get what I want, and now I have you, I own you now, just like earlier when I wanted my aunt." Christine thundered down, as she reached into her pantyhose deep into her crotch. Through ruffling of garments and snapping of wastebands, she finally unearthed something lodged against her womanhood, and yanked it out. In her thickly curled fingers, Christine held her Aunt Corine, Jason's wife. the tiny woman was limp, but stirring awake like from some cocooned sleep. Once she was able to breath fresh air once again, she realized her situation and screamed. Jason fell to his knees unable to fathom any of this, as he quickly recognized, what was his wife now tangled and squriming in the gigantic hands of this enormous girl. "I want to play with my new barbie and Ken doll! but what game shall we play?" Christine played on. She then bent down, and laying Corine on the floor before her feet. Jason ran toward her, and grabbed hold of the his sobbing wife."Now I want my dolls to have sex! I want you both to have sex now!" Christine thundered. Unable to comprehend still, Jason kept holding his wife, either unable to listen or chose not to listen. "I said now!" Christine starting to stomp her huge feet. The quakes bending the tiles, and shaking the tiny couple still in a tight grip. "That's it!" Christine snapped, as she bent over, and quickly seperated the couple, breaking Jason's arms in the process. Christine rose up towing Corine's tiny body up in her fingers. "This happens to my toys who don't listen!" Christine then took a step forward, her massive foot totally obliterating any sight of Jason now below her shadow. Corine shouted her pleas, as she knew what danger Jason was in. Christine was in her zone now, nothing could alter her mind to what she wanted to achieve. Christine rather expected her toys to disobey, that abled her to play along with her domineering attributes. She planted her nylon clad foot on the squirming man, and firmly smothered him underfoot. She moved her foot about, slowly sliding the tiny man higher toward her toes. When she had Jason visible between her toes, she adjusted him a bit furthe till his head and shoulders were now fully visible upwards from her big toe. Corine continued to plead and scream, as down below, Jason was feeling the pressure increase. "Mine! you are all mine, I can do whatever I want, I can do with you anything I see fit, and you will just be." Christine said as she pressed her foot down a little harder, feeling the tiny squirms mostly slights of titilations under her flesh. He planted her foot firmer and firmer, watching as the tiny man grunted and wiggled beneath her weight. Corine watched in agony, now her pleads ended and she was sobbing uncontrollably. Christine shook the tiny woman in her hand as she kept her verbal attach on Jason. "Anything I want, and now I want you squished." With that said, Christine, raised her foot a bit, before planting it down now completely smothering the tiny man, as she plastered her foot hard, and ground the very floor beneath her. Christine chuckled in glee, her head was hot, her mind was adrift in a pot high. She looked back at Corine in her hand. "Back to work bitch!" Christine then snapped her waist band on her hose, and dug the tiny women back against her swollen clit, burying Corine back amidst her soaked pubs, and drenched panties. She pulled her hand back out, her wasit band snapping shut. She walked away, leaving a bit of a spot where Jason once struggled for his last breath.