Story " Busted Part 3"

Posted by Talisman on January 02, 2003 at 02:45:35:

Klara rose up tired of the antics of Karl as he seemed uninterested. She walked away, unknowing of caring that the tiny man was hanging from the crotch of her pantyhose. With his legs swaying and feet kicking, he watched below as the distance down to the floor looked like impending doom. He screamed to the tops of his lumgs as he watched the giant woman's feet traversed, leaving deep footfalls in her wake. Klara went to the bedroom and began to disrobe. Dropping out of her dress, she unleashed her bra dropping it onto the discarded dress on the floor. She looked to her full length mirror, impressing upon her dry shoulders, while her enormous breasts, heaved and hung toward her full belly. As she sat down on the bed, the tiny man found the will to drop to the nearing sheets, where he rolled toward the edge, as the giant woman's massive gams missed crushing him. He rolled onto his back, holding on to the material beneath him, holding his body from falling over the edge. From there he looked up at the towering figure of Klara, even in a sitting position, looking monstrously gigantic. Klara rubbed her knees, when she noticed the small man staring up at her. "My Godt" She murmered in her thick german accent. "I forgotten about you." She reached down and plucked him up in her fingers. She rose up holding the tiny man sprawled between her fingers. "Maybe Karen can make some use of you tomorrow." She whispered to herself as she took off her pantyhose, and cocooned the tiny man within it's moist fibers. She made a knot and tossed it aside near her shoes in the closet.
Karl walked in that moment. He lumbered toward the bed, half naked as he rubbed Klara's shoulders. Klara tried to hide her anger, as she turned toward him. She looked down at his crotch and in dismay noticed the tiny body of Connie, tangled and caked in his cumsoaked pubs. "At least take that little slut off before you want to make love." She demanded. Karl looked down, bemoungst to his fopa, he picked at the tiny body and flicked it to the floor, as he dug his leg into thighs. Connie flopped and rolled to rest on her side, as she opened her sticky eyelids to the scene high above, as the giant couple began to fornicate sex on their feet. Klara swung her massive foot in Connie's direction, narrowly missing crushing her completely, Connie was shook off her side, and crawled away to safety, where she sat on her hunches and watched in interest as her step parents emptied themselves on the grand bed and began a hour long session of sex.
It was the next afternoon when Karen, a direct grand daughter of Karl came over to so some house cleaning for Klara. Karen was never a typical child, and now especially in her young adult life, she had problems dealing in reality. At 22 she seemed more still at the age of 13, even younger someitmes. She was a thin girl, standing tall at 5"9. She was always wearing these longish dresses even in casual times. Her hair light brown, which she styled in a heyday of times gone by. Klara had promised her a prise better than her usual pay for doing the choirs that afternoon, and she was now following Klara into masterbedroom. Klara pulled out the knarled nylons from her dark closet. She untied it and revealed the stirring figure, enclosed within it. The tiny man was trying to get his eyes back in focus from the sheer darkness now bathed in bright light. As he finally was able to look up upon the billboard size faces of Klara and Karen, he melted deeper into Klara's palm in fright. "This is your prize, but keep it a secret, or you will lose it to your mother!" Klara warned. Karen smiled that dumbfounded smile of hers as he reached shyly for the quivering man. She fondled his naked body in her hand while she murmered her childlike voice in appreciation of the new toy. "He is real isn't he?" She questioned childlike. Klara petted her hair. "Real as you and I. Only tinnier." "How is it he is so small?" Karan inquired. "Just the way he was ment to be for now on, he is yours now." Karen neslted the tiny man in her bossom as she watched Klara close the closet and lead her out of the bedroom.
In the living room Ursala and Marta were sitting on the main couches talking to Karl. Ursala and Marta were Klara's daughters from a previous marriage. Both women were robust as Klara but much taller. Ursala was 5"11, Marta was 5"10. Karen kept the tiny man hidden within her hand against her bossom. No one taking any notice as she was usually walking in peculiar body language. As Klara spoke with Ursala and Marta, Karen excused herself to the bathroom. With the door locked, she sat on the toilet and exposed the tiny man to fawn over now in privacy. As the tiny man moved about in her expansive palm, he knew quite well who Karen was, and was nervous as to be at her whim now. Karen looked on giggling, as she manipulated the tiny man, sending his body this way and that, pounding him into her fleshy palm. "I want you to smell something!" Karen whispered as she guided her palm toward her crotch. The tiny man could only scream as he was heading toward her wet clit, fresh from a pee, where he was thrust deep, and smeared along as Karen spread his body at will all over herself. "Ohhh so nice, you feel so nice!" She seemed to talk to no one in particular.
Karl returned from the kitchen with a fresh beer, when his pantleg released Connie who had tumbled down from his underwear recently. On the floor she sat dazed as the two woman on the couch took notice. "What the hell is that?" Ursala spoke as she rose up. Marta was ahead ofher as she stood over the tiny figure. Klara noticing her moment spoke out. "Well you recognize Connie of course!" Ursala looked at her mother then back down at the tiny figure. Karl seemed less interested as usual, as he found his chair and sipped his beverage. "She met with a accident." Klara returned. Klara then went into the insident to which brought things to this moment, leaving both women in shock and surprise. Karl was now forced to let the women view his serum as he looked on to Klara with disapproval. Klara looked on triumphantly as he watched Karl make way to his den.
Ursala stood staring down at Connie, as she suddenly went into dialogue. "You know I always wanted to be at a moment of when I could do to you what you deserve. You were always a little snotty bitch, and now you are the perfect size for what I think you deserve."
Ursala rose her massive nylon clad foot up, and brought it down on the hapless Connie, who could only hold her hands up for defence. Ursala's size 11 foot, came down, completely crushing the floor beneath her.
Klara walked to Ursala and took her hand, to guide her to the den. Ursala rose her heavy foot, leaving a deep impression in the floor. Connie's body was not seen in the footfall.