Story " Busted Part 2"

Posted by Talisman on December 11, 2002 at 02:37:25:

Karl leaned back on his chair, His belly was protruding out in a lavish show of indulgance, as he watched for the t.v show, shooting back his boiler makers. With his legs stretched out, he grimaced as he played away at his crotch. With his underwear on, he was proding away at the large form within his shorts.
On a couch across the room, Klara sat working away at her knitting. She looked upon Karl with disdain, all the while she thought hard of bringing out the tiny delectable for her pleasure, but she had to dare herself. She let her slipper plop to the floor, revealing her silky nylon clad foot. She peered down from her perch on the couch to see the tiny man smudged and endented within her insole. She smiled to herself, and reached in with her toes clenched.
Joel looked up, his ribs too painful to even manuever any such move sideways, he laid as he watched the gigantic toes retrieve his body from his spot.
Like a toy, his body was entrenched and risen up form the slipper. Klara kept the hold firm, as she raised her foot to her waiting fingers, from which she plucked the tiny body out. She rolled the tiny man in her palm, playfully casting him about like a erotic marble. She looked again at Karl, who was himself involved in his own pleasure, as he shared his time between his miniature blowjob, and the t.v show. Klara then held the tiny man in his fingertips, letting torso and arms dangle in his grip. She raised him up and lowered him in some power game she seemed to enjoy indulging herself in. She then laid the tiny man between her knees, and looked on, as she took her needles within her fingers once again. She wiggled her rear in her seat, shifting her legs in her seated position, as she watched the tiny man slowly loose his grip and slid down between her legs.
Joel held on with his fingertips, but the bend was too great to defend against. He slid in head first, watched as the giant woman's gams parted, revealing her wet clit through the nylon pantyhose.
The smell was strong, as he fell against her. His body felt the sponge like feel with thick juice protruding forth, leaving deep stains in the cushions below.
Klara closed her legs slowly, feeling the full force of her debacle, as the tiny man squirmed and wiggled, against the smothering pressure of her gams.
Karl drew his head back, and let out a blow, letting his crotch go. His toes stretched and clenched with each climatic orgasm. From his underwear, his outstretched erect cock, left a high sale in the fabric. Out from the slit, Connies' tiny body could be seen squeezing out, tumbling out and laying on her buttocks beneath the towering fabric strewn erection. her body was soaked, and dripping in spent cum. Her matted hair, her body neck to feet, in a cocoon of creamed gism. As she gulped air, breathing like fresh from a marathon, she wipes her brow and eyes of the thick cum, looking up at the deflated giant man, set back in his deep chair. As she made a move to raise up, Karl inched his thick finger behind her, moving her slowly back into the slit. "Back in slut!"

Part 2