Story "Busted"

Posted by Talisman on December 08, 2002 at 22:08:25:

Joel's girlfriend was always adventurous in sexual escapades. With her Joel experienced mile high sex, carnival sex, phoneboothe sex, even elevator sex. Connie had Joel agree to sex at the beach, whether on the sand under towels, or in the surf. To having sex while driving at high speeds through highways traffic.
It came as a relief to him when Connie invited him to her house, since her step parents were out of town on holidays.
The setting was erotic and romantic, as insense burned in the distance, quiet muisc played, while the room was draped in shadows coming from soft light.
Coming off one of their explosive orgasms, Connie produced a vile as she returned from getting refills on their wine. She presented it to Joel telling him it was a shaman type type drink that induces fantastic sexual experiences and visions. Joe sat back and reminded himself on it was typical of her to change things up whenever sex was involved.
After some prodding, Joel finally accepted and drank some of the vile with Connie.
He was quickly transulent and shot out into some fantastic dream sequence, as shadows and light began to play games on his mind. The room seems to grow up right before his eyes, everything around him changed and shifting size and color, as he watched Connie straddle his belly, bouncing on his erect cock.
The sounds of the muisc began to increase in volume, the very floor beneath him seemed to shake at the rhythm and deep base. He screamed as Connie climbed down from his cock, and began to suck him off like no time ever. Joel looked around, the colors and sounds sending his spine into shivers, along with Connie's fantastic mouthwork.
He looked around noticing homes furnishings seeming alot larger now, almost as if he and Connie have melted into the carpet.
A loud crash and bang was heard, the sounds sending sounds of alarms to the couple in transed in sex. Joel felt it first, and as he lifted his head to look, He saw Connie still hard at work on his erection. The thunderous sounds seemed to bring his head out of the smokey glaze he was in from the vile. He now looked as if in hew light at the room around them. The walls traveled upwards for miles it seemed, the furniture as well spanning up to the heavens. Personal object not seen before, now were in plain view. Scattered around and near were a pair of sandals, only now they were as large as a car. Discarded fabrics that appeared to be clothes now large as tarps, were strewn around in the distance. The thick aroma of feet permeated the air as well.
Joel called out to Connie to stop and listen, but she seemed in a trance and still working his cock in her mouth. Without warning, Joel saw only too well what had happened to him and Connie now, as the towering legs stood in front of him and Connie. As he looked higher and higher he recognized the now gigantic faces of Connies' Step parents.
Karl, a usual stern man, Joel remembered on his few meetings, seemed a likeable type person.A old world German. He had been Connie's step father when her real dad met with death back in the last great war. He married her real mom, who later in years met also with death, which left her with Karl to remarry Klara. She was also a old world German woman. Joel remembered on his meeting with her, that she could be the most generous woman, and very much a selfish one as well. She married Karl a year after the mysterous death of Connnie's real mother. Aparently Karl and Klara were both servants in the last great war, and rekindled thier relationship in later years after finding each other in the new land. Karl was a scientist with the S.S and was rumored to have come up with revolutionary drugs during experimentation.
Laying there on the floor, Joel remembered Karl being a hardy man, 6"2 and solid, and Klara a rotound women, rubenesque, standing 5"9. But now, they stood some 70 feet and more before him and Connie.
Karl roared his presence, sending shivers up Joel's spine. Klara too shouted down, her higher voice still sounding like thunder.
Connie at once drew back and sat on her hunches as she stared straight up at her step parents. "Hello Daddy!" She seemed so say in a mousey fashion. Joel flinched as he clawed forth for clothes, but found none. He sat crossed leg, covering himself as he continued to stare up in disbelief.
Karl, clad in shorts, and a tank top, stepped around the tiny couple, as he commented to Klara. "She has been into my private." Klara continued her glance downward. "What should we do now?" Karl circled the tiny couple before arriving on the opposite side of Klara. "Well he can never leave now!" He answered finally. "As for you little lady! since it is cock you seem to thrive for that made you voilate this trust, then you will get a load of your punishment and new lifestyle. Karl snarled down at Connie. Connie seemed indifferent to the happenings, she appeared to be the master of the proceedings, like she planned for this to be. She stood up and walked to her step fathers sandaled foot and soothed his big toe with her arms, staring up in worship. Klara seemed to take a dislike the goings on and snarled her lips as she raised her stalking foot over to Karl's. Karl looked over to her in disapproval. Klara stopped instantly merely brushing Connie's head with her toe, knocking her down. "Slut!" She sneered. Connie rose defiant as she took her place back at her step father's toe.
Klara then took her attention to Joel who was absorbing everything in shock. Klara then took a large step standing over the tiny man. "I will take this one, if no one minds my thoughts on matters!" She spoke firmly. Karl merely closed his eyes in agreement, as he bowed his head.
Joel looked to Karl and then up to Klara as she suddenly brought her nylon clad foot over and on him.
She scrunched his tiny body between toes raising her foot to place it into her waiting slipper at the doors entrance.
Joel screamed as his tiny body was hurled twisted and squeezed beneath and between the giant woman's aromatic foot. As he came to rest on her insole, he managed to look up too see a hole worn in the slipper, revealing the outside.
Outside the towering Karl, raised his body erect as he carried his tiny step daughter in his fingertips.
He held her at his mouth's level, as he scanned he eyes across her tiny body. "I always wanted this but now you given me the reason!" He spoke as he seemed to caress her body with his large eyes. "You will now enter where you mother did!" Karl continued,lowering his hand, as he undid his pants with his other hand. He then sprinkled the tiny Connie into his expansive underpants. Joel watched in quite as he saw her body form around the massive bulge within his shorts, finally resting near the bottom tip of the bulge.
As the giant man turned to walk, Joel could see the tiny workings of the form, as Connie seemed to be working her body around the giant's tip of his erection.

end of part 1