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The girl abandoned her attempts to reason with the giant,as he clearly couldn't hear her.
"This must be how bugs feel",she mused,as the enormous hand gripped her tightly,and crashed through the ceiling of the YWCA.
She could still hear the screams of the other girls,but muted by the prison of sinew,flesh,and leather that enclosed her.The leather scent engulfed her,and she felt her panties growing wet,in spite of her terror and anger.
Suddenly the sunlight blinded her,as the giant opened his massive palm.He gazed down at his captive with an oddly erotic mix of amusement,contempt,and lust.
"Kneel",he commanded,in a voice like thunder.
She stood her ground,hands on her hips.
"You're just a man",she shouted up at the giant,"albeit a huge one...why should I kneel to you?"