the breakup girl

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His words were still vivid in his mind, as Ken remembered his last conversation with Linda. The two fought for two days, finally resorting to the harsh relm of words. "You fat cow!" He would say. "You fleese hound!" She would interate. "You fucken giant bitch!" He retort. "You cheap bastard!" She respond.
The words getting more and more gritty as they continued to fight. Finally when there was no longer any will to continue, the fought ended in complete silence, the two broke and parted ways.
This continued for a few almost a year, Ken started to miss the contact, for he shared alot of lustful fantasies with Linda. Their discussion of his and her fantasy, her dominance in it, and his lack of reluctance to give in to her whims. These things they shared vividly, and played them out in person, bemoungst to each others significant other.
They frequented motels, hotels, hostils, back of vans, cars, offices, anywhere they could find space and time to kindle thier deep routed fantasies.
Ken likened to Linda from the start. Her robust frame of 5'10, well over 200 lbs, her raven balck hair, hung on her shoulders, and her angel like face, only to be smitten when she was in role and the anger took shape, displaying the drop dead gorgous dominitrix, Ken so enjoyed seeing in her. Ken himself stood a mere 5'6, soaking wet at 160 lbs, couldn't fathom this from his own wife, who was diminishd more at 5'4 112 lbs. Linda's own husband, was a hulking 6'3, and brooding at 290 lbs, but wanted no part of her escapades, regardless of talent or desire. As he was just happy to partake in his hobbies with roadsters, and his workshop, finally making into the house to watch some t.v, oblivous to Linda's constant parading in lingerie, for which she stopped doing, after much ingoring. It was no surprise after finding Ken, she found the connection to her needs, with a equally fanatic to her desires.
With the break up now in the past, Ken started to send short notes, the first few emtpy, just to test the waters. After receving civil responses, he started to feel more comfortable in maybe recapturing thier flame.
Linda unbemoungst to Ken, had become bitter, her image of society, crumbling and disenchanted, left her desiring a different form of pleasure, deep rooted in demise and destruction, while she looked upon and belt out the form of punishment, while achieving a glow and deep orgasms never felt before.
She had no love lost for Ken, and felt equal to the task on bringing him back into the fold, in her means to create more havoc in her continous break from reality.
She nused him along, thier letters and emails and phone calls becoming more and more initimate. Ken was completely hook line and sinker, when Linda invited him over to her place. Ken would have noticed earlier to his behest, if he wasn't acting like a horny devil, that Linda never had him over at her place, lest she wanted her husband to find them together, the warning signs were invisible to Ken, who accepted on the next day to meet her after 7 pm. Ken didn't even ask if her husband would be around, or what time to expect him home.
Linda put down the phone, as she smiled wryly. She was sitting in her black bra, and stockings. As she moved her large frame around on her chair, her leg dangled a figure from just above the nylon hemline.
Her husband who was once a hulk of a man, now was a mere size of a action figure, even smaller. He hung by a thread tied to his ankles, as he swayed back and forth, his body banging into her silky thighs. Linda moved her dark black tinted finger nails down brushing the tiny man, forcing him to sway faster. He shrieked, pleading for his life, as Linda chuckled from above. "Oh! freedom! is what you desire?" Linda said, as she cut the thread with her sharp nails, sending her tiny husband tumbling far down to the carpeted floor. With a thud he landed, rolling to a stop onto his back. There he laid sore, his eyes buzzing and unfocused on his giant wife who was now standing high above him. His nostrils were aflamed with the thick odor the smells in the carpet, with years upon years of her large frame pounding the very floor he laid in with her footfalls, from arues days at work, her sweaty nylon clad feet escaping from thier shoes, where she stood or sat, permiated the air around him. This was indeed a coming of events for him, as he now seen her in a different light. Not the quiet shy girl he first married. Not the demure lady he grew with through thier lack luster marriage. Instead, standing high above him, in her skyscrapper size body, stood his folley. A renounded bitch with a cause. And she revilved in it.
He looked up for the last time, as he spat his words. "I should've known you were a bitch!" Linda could hardly hear him, and if she could, wouldn't of cared what he had to say, as she smiled as she laid her massive foot over him tiny form. His figure disappearing from beneath her shadow. As she stepped down, without much thought or care, she crushed him completely, leaving him a smear on the carpet.
Linda stepped back to her chair, stroking her nylon clad legs. "Oh Ken, I wonder how you will enjoy your surprise." She picked up the phone and dialed Ken's home. Ken's wife Darlene answered.
It was the next evening, and Ken couldn't drive fast enough to reach Linda's home. Once he found her address, he coasted into her property. He noticed a huge truck in the driveway, as well as Linda's Honda.
He got out and went to knock on the door. Linda opened it wearing her purple lingerie teddy, her legs adorned in her silkiest nude hosiery, her feet adorned in her thick chunky platformed sandals.
Ken gulped as he entered by her urging. Ken looked about her place, finding it predictable as to her notes of how her husband and her lived, as he saw engines parts strewn on counter tops, and other mechanical and electrical parts strewn about the home. Linda's things were also stewn, her shoes, discarded nylons, robes, and other feminane trinkets.
Linda led Ken to her bedroom, and as she closed the door behind them, followed suit into her dominance role. Ken undressed in record breaking speed, as he dropped to his knees to look up his goddess once again. Linda took great pleasure in playing it perfect, as she also wanted to enjoy her passion as well as her vendetta. She enjoyed Ken lavishing her in his attention to her legs, and feet, while she stood over him, sending him flat, while she stepped on him, smothering him underfoot, before lifting him up to smother him into her wet crotch. She rubbed him roughly, feeling his mouth go to work, soothing and stroking her at her urging. Linda then threw him backwards to the bed, laying him out on his back, as she climbed ontop. She crawled over his body, til she had him beneath her thighs. She covered him up entirely, shoving his face features deep within her womanhood. She rode his face, tirelessly smothering him with out mercy. Ken would try like in the past to panic and break free of her hold, but Linda was too large and heavy for him to fend off, so he usually had to endear the passion and pain. Linda rose up, and then smothereed Ken beneath her ample ass, her cheeks spread wide, Ken's face easily fit inside. Linda scooted, and rode him for all he was worth, till she tired. Sending him into a blinding crash, Ken found himself on the floor. He felt his sides ache, as he got up slowly. "Wow! you really picked up some new moves!" Linda sat on the edge, kicking Ken down with her heavy nylon clad feet. "Oh, I got more tricks than that." Ken laid flat, looking up at Linda sneering down at him. "What do you think little wifey would think of you being here?" Linda asked casually. Ken merely smiled. "Not to well I guess." "Aha, I see, what do you think she would say?" Linda inquired. Ken looked up confused. "I don't know the usual stuff, probably pretty mad stuff." Linda held Ken firm under her feet. "Harsh mad stuff, hmm, like cow, or bitch! names like that?" Ken started to feel uncomfortable, as he tried now to get up. Linda held her feet firm. "Did I say you could get up?" Ken looked at her now in fear. "Look, I gotta go, let me up!" Linda smiled as she chuckled. "No not likely, you see your wife is here with us now, I think she'd like a small word with you." Linda said as she opened up the top of her lingerie, revealing her heaving breast. Ken looked on, as his mouth opened agape. Stuck and strewn over her vast nipple, a tiny figure was fixed, as it stirred on it's own. Linda drew her large finger toward her nipples and detached the tiny figure and brought it forth for his view. Ken's mouth further opened as he now saw Darlene in a severe diminitive state, occupied Linda's finger like a Newt. Her tiny body shivered as she screamed her tiny squeals toward him. Ken sniffled as he couldn't believe his eyes. Ken backed up, as Linda releasd her hold over him. He backed up toward a wall, and laid there on his hunches while eyes and mouth wide open in total shock.
Linda rose off the bed, moving ever so slowly, even or a large woman she was. She brought her finger back to her large breast, and smeared the tiny woman over and over her nipple, before gathering her up on her finger and stroking her down her vast ample belly. Linda then rode the tiny woman over her nylons, around her hips, before releasing her entirely. Darlene tumbled far down, bouncing off the floor below, nestling close to Linda's nylon clad toes.
Ken tried to rise up as he didn't know what to make of it or do next. Linda stood silently, the nylons on her legs rustling as she shuffled her legs apart. "This is what I think of your slut wife!" Linda finally spoke as she moved her foot nearest to the tiny fallen woman, effortlessly stepping aside, capturing her entirely beneath it, before standing firmly and flatly with both her feet together. Linda then started to walk toward Ken, who was breathing heavily, now mouthing the words. "Nooooooooooooooo!" She sprayed mist at him. Ken started to cough, as he heard her still speak. "And I think even less of you, you fucken piece of shit!"
Ken shrieked as Linda's foot suddenly became utterly gigantic. His lungs burst till all blackness encompassed him, followed by immense pressure.

Sounds of wails and heavy breathing came to a halt, as both man and woman rested. As the bed squeeked, the man's voice could be heard moaning silently.
"Wow, I never felt any condom with that kind of feeling in it, where did you get them?" The bed squeeked, as the man moved about, then a filled condom falls from above, splashing to a thud.
Linda leg comes into view, as she starts to disembark the bed. "Oh just something I have been working on."
The condon oozes out, in it's midst, two figures wash out in the ooze. Clearly the bodies of Ken and Darlene, are viewd laying by the wayside near the opening of the rim. The man's large tanned foot descends, squashing the condom, and the tiny couple within it's midst, as he steps off the bed.