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Story"Breaking the girl"
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    Breaking the Girl

    By Talisman

    Arlene drew her out of the crowd, both couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. The table was the usual full of drinks from other hopefuls, but tonight Trish was off with Arlene. Arlene didn’t have to try to hard, with her 5”9 slender frame, long legs, and immaculate breasts heaving with every breath. Even Trish with her less but still perfect 5”6 frame, plump buttocks, and strong but smooth legs, could have anyone tonight or any night. But both women looked good together tonight. Arlene escorted Trish to her car waiting in the alley. The drive brought Trish to her knees as she pledged her head between Arlene’s legs. Arlene had to try hard not to swerve over the suicide line, with each orgasm delights.
    Trish watched as the house drew close. A hacienda style with the kinky roof and all. Both women walked over to the front door, The moon drifting a light glow on the beauties as they seemed to glide into the house.
    Inside Arlene fixed a couple of drinks and quickly sought out the bedroom for the two to indulge further in. The bed was extremely huge, past any king size Trish has ever seen.
    Arlene was a dynamo and treated Trish to a delightful tease on her most tender areas, the two frolicked and tumbled back and forth into each others arms. Taking turns going down on each other. Arlene tended to use her rock hard nipples to penetrate Trish’s wet clit, and got raves for her efforts. Trish could practically scream glass to shatter as she agonized over the pleasure brought forth by Arlene’s mouth and hands. The scene was tanned curved bodies entangled with each other, rolling and wrestling about with who’s who on top now. Arlene sat perfectly erect on top of Trish’s face and tinkled her orgasm down on her waiting lips.

    It would not dawn on Trish as the bed managed to enlarge and place her and Arlene enclosed within it’s middle section. Looking like two women fucking on a football field.

    Paul stood erect and patient along the side lines of the bed, his gaze unaffected by anything. His lips were wet and drooling over the turn of events. He knew soon she would see and then the electric show would begin. Paul grabbed hold of his shaft and began to slowly stoke himself to rock hard proportions.

    Trish fell back on the bed and drew a breath before slightly groaning her appreciation. “You sure know how to treat a lady girl.” “We’re both little girls now sweat pea.” Arlene smiled as she took a snippet of breast in her lips. Trish smiled and leaned forward opening her eyes. “What……Hey………Holy shit what’s going on…….my god………ohhhhhhhhh.” Trish eyes widened as she now noticed the sudden change in the environment. She began to tremble as he witness the giant man looming above the both of them. She looked over in shock at Arlene as she raised herself up on her feet and seemed involved in the escapade. “Sorry little pea, my husband demands it and I bring it.” Arlene turned and gazed up at Paul looming some 100 feet up. “Happy with this one master?” Paul looked down and smiled as he nodded his head. “You’ve done well again, this one will curdle under my girth.” Paul said as he began to descend his huge hand toward the screaming tiny Trish.
    Arlene stood and watched as the tiny woman was plucked without much effort, and slowly raised up over her head.
    Paul held the screaming woman to his lips and took a whiff of her. “You smell delightful, in mere moments you will take on a different odor, I do hope you enjoy your stay.” The giant whispered.
    Paul then dropped his gaze upon Arlene. “Little slut, you will serve me as well tonight.” Arlene face glowed as she heard the words. She stood still and flung her arms upwards to him. “I am ready for your wishes master use me.” She was quickly snatched up in his empty hand.

    Paul sat down and dragged himself towards the headboard and adjusted himself for a moment while still holding the tiny women in each hand, like Popsicle’s. He then drew the screaming Trish toward his thick bush and began brushing her against it. She was so tiny she became entangled within his hairs. He resorted to pulling her off each time, and each time Trish tiny voice emitted a tiny squeak. Paul decided to move her up to his shaft and put her against his palm and began to slide and roll her on his erection. Arlene was catering to Paul’s huge feet. As he enjoyed a good thorough massage. Arlene always ensured she squeezed into every knook of his gigantic feet. She would always end up stuck within his toe, as she squeezed through the toe jam. Paul always got a kick out of it and liked to watch her struggle in her release. He would sometime add a little pressure on her. Eventually allowing her to escape. Arlene would move on to her next position of tending to his anus. She would wipe her face of the foot odor and prepare for her dive into his deep cave. Paul could feel her penetrate his shit hole, the feeling resembled a grass blade stuck inside, he writhed and moaned in pleasure as Arlene delved deeper.
    Paul then put his attention back to the frantic woman. Her screams never ceased, and this pleased Paul, giving him every advantage to punish the tiny woman more. “Little slut, suck my knob, and give me some decent head with that tiny shit body of yours.” Paul would wail onto her as he drew her to his exploded view of a mushroom head. Trish’s body seemed to blend in with the massive organ, as her tiny body outlined along the contours of his gleaming cock. Trish forced herself to come to grips with the situation, and began a half hearted effort in sucking off the flesh. The giants tip was hot and salty to the touch of her tongue. She drew her gaze up at his incredible mass high above and tried to make eye contact, but her tiny presence became nothing more than a feeling as the giant enjoyed her tingling sensations on his body. His head to massive to make out fully, let out thunderous moans and growls. She shook at each earth shaking groan, and kept up her effort.
    Arlene came up to her neck and was slowly coasting within the giants anus, using her feet deep below to keep her from falling in again. Her body was transverse and she could barely see Trish somewhere high above the towering cock. Arlene drew a breath as she saw the giant’s huge finger approaching toward her. “Here I go” She said as she drew another breath before being shoved in deep down with the huge finger tip. Arlene sunk in the hot and smelly hole and used her fingers to scratch and claw the walls around her giving the giant the sensations he craved.
    Paul smiled as he felt Arlene’s efforts. “Such a good slut, willing to eat shit for me.” He then spread his cheeks and drew from inside himself.
    Arlene knew the feeling being felt from beneath her, she braced herself as the rumbling began to gain momentum until it drew it’s horrific explosion upwards.
    Paul’s flatulence sent the tiny Arlene out of his anus slightly as she was hanging slumped over.
    Leaving Arlene there to rest, Paul brought his attention to the tiny Trish. He was pleased to see her slightly hard at work at licking his cock clean. Wanting to rush things along a bit, he reached down on the floor for a pair of underwear. Her slung his feet up and placed his legs into the shorts. Raising them up he engulfed both Trish still attached to his cock head, and Arlene still oozing out of his anus. Paul sat up tall and began to jack off through his shorts. He could feel the outline of Trish along his head, and put pressure on that spot on each return rub. He could feel Arlene still tugging from within his anus, and Trish struggling against his will. Quickening the pace he rubbed harder and harder until he could feel the urgency from within.
    His cock exploded like a eruption, flowing cum gushed out and taking Trish on it’s ooze down to his surrounding fabric. Paul pumped his cock until he felt the emptiness return. His shorts became heavy with the load and he compensated by pulling it off before letting it settle back down to his body. Paul sat content and lit a cigarette, As he took swigs from a near glass, he felt the urge for another gaseous infraction, and followed up on his whim. He took his hand and covered the outline of Arlene’s body still slumped out of his anus. He put pressure and let out his pressure release. The sound was muffled, but he felt Arlene’s tiny body pump out from the initial explosion. She ended up settling along his ribbon.

    Paul finished his cigarette and decided to get showered. He stood up and let his shorts fall.
    As he stepped over them, he searched for Arlene body. She lay entrenched in his skid marks. Paul stuck a toe to her and nudged her awake. “Have a good sleep?” Paul droned down to her.
    Arlene looked up and wiped her face with her hand. “yes she managed to squeak up.”
    Paul reached down and peeled her off his ribbon. As he drew her up, he looked upon the stained and oozing shorts for the tiny Trish. Upon not detecting her he scanned his own genitalia, finally spotting her mangled up body flattened against his balls. He took her off and considered her limp body on his palm. Arlene rose up in his other palm and looked on. “Did this one make it?”
    Paul disgustingly discarded the body down to the floor. “broke another one, damn.” Paul stomped the body further underneath his massive foot as he walked off to the shower.

    Arlene was up the next morning early to prepare for their trip. The bags were assembled at the doorway. Paul made some calls and then met Arlene at the door to take the bags out to the car.
    The plane ride was uneventful and upon landing in Phoenix, both Paul and Arlene scrambled to their waiting rental and sped away to their hotel.
    The night life was in grand display, and both enjoyed a night of dancing and drinking. Eventually ending up at the seedy area of the city.
    Arlene took the seat in the car this time and let Paul go into the bar to pick up the next woman.
    Paul drew his charisma and plucked out a little ditty of a girl from the dance floor. Her name was Candy, a 5”4 petite beauty. Her tiny breasts turned Paul on as well as her tiny other features.
    After some drinks and a few dances, Paul enticed Candy to leave with him.
    Paul hailed a cab and both got in. At the hotel Paul led Candy up to the room. Candy was easily impressed as she like the room immensely. Paul concocted the usual drink and converged on a little heavy petting.
    The moment of total shrinkage arrived mere moments later, as Cindy partook in the drinks with a little more vigor than the others. Cindy found herself in the lap of the giant Paul.
    Paul stood up and placed the squirming girl on the mantle as he steadily undressed himself.
    As he stood naked he retrieved the tiny girl and vacated to the bedroom.
    Paul entered to find Arlene already small and waiting with a oversized condom next to her.
    Paul slid onto the bed and snatched up the condom. He held the condom in his right hand, and gazed at the tiny girl in his left. “I think I will treat my mouth to a little candy before putting you in here. What do you think?” Paul chidded. The tiny girl kept her struggles and began to plead for her release. Arlene began laughing as she took her position between her giant husband’s legs.
    Paul flicked the tiny girl into his open maw and began to slurp and suck the tiny morsel within his mouth. Arlene drew a gasp and a groan as she witnessed it. She then strode her fingers into her bush and stoked herself as she watched her husband making his sucking and slurping sounds.
    She then dove into the giant cock nest and frolicked within. To her the amusement park size body of her husband made for a pleasure trove, she gloried in her mingling into his flesh and bush. She willingly meshed within his sweat, oils and aroma, eventually always coming away smelling foul and slimy feeling. But to her this was her calling, and Paul had selected her for this reason. Back then when he sought her from a pimp from overseas. She was won in a dispute and upon using his choice of prospective women to own, he sought her for her disposition and cunning come hinder look. Once taken over, he found her relentless in her attempt to please him, he could not do enough to persuade her loyalty to him. She gladly swam in his waste if ordered to. How rare to find such a dedicated slave he thought many times. Eventually he tired of the masquerade and came up with a plan to find others until he found that next slave to match Arlene’s tenacity.
    It has to date been unfruitful as he had gone through many. His overtly active persistence to fully enjoy himself always ends the tiny captives in a similar manner. Mangled or crushed to death against his gigantism.
    For Arlene she came to love Paul at first sight, he appeared to be a man who could handle her the way she wanted. A daring woman who sought the shrink from a early age, she was a prize possession to her last owner. Her achievements were unmatched by any others in her place. She did anything anywhere. Her price was quite high, which Paul duly noted as he sought to use his leverage in dept owed to achieve her. His first night with her was his first walk in the world of gigantism he wanted to preside. She invoked pleasure never felt before for him, from then on she was given herself totally to him, and he eagerly took her.

    Arlene began to suckle the erect penis of her giant husband. Paul meanwhile was finishing off Candy and just spit her out into his hand. The tiny girl lay flat in his massive palm and held her body up with her arms slightly raised. She looked to her side at him with contentment. Paul neither saw her face, nor cared to notice, as he quickly dispatched her to his buttocks.
    Candy saw the spectacle approach and fought hard to stay in his hand. Paul leered down at her futile attempts. “Get inside slut, and clean me out.” She was suddenly submerged deep into his deep anus without effort, her puny body practically melting in.
    Paul couldn’t feel the tiny girl inside and tried to squeeze and move his bowels in a effort to dislodge her from where ever she was stuck. Each time he adjusted himself, he couldn’t feel her. Eventually he trained his attention on Arlene as she was licking his entire cock and shaft clean.
    He figured he would worry about the girl later. Paul took Arlene close to his flesh and began to let her work madly at jacking him off to orgasm. Arlene was successful as always, taking the pains of the wash as she was sent in the delirium of the flowing lave. Paul lost Arlene in the pool at his lap, and put his attention back to the tiny girl. Paul raised his buttock and slid his finger deep inside as far as he could go. He couldn’t even feel for her. He became increasingly incensed as he thought he lost one so early. Paul decided to sleep it off with the tiny Arlene at his cock for a night of stoking, while he fell asleep.
    Morning broke and Paul raised himself up. He swung the covers up and searched for his tiny Arlene. She was quickly found pasted to his shaft after a long night of being in the charge of serving him. Paul rose up to his feet and walked to the powder room with Arlene still stuck to his shaft. Paul peeled her off and tossed her onto the counter top. He then washed himself and took position at the toilet. As he reached down for a towel on the floor, he suddenly felt something sticking at his inner cheeks. Paul stood up and reached back with his left arm. As he probed his ass, he came upon a tiny figure just at his crack. He dug it out and brought his finger out to inspect. To his amazement he found the tiny girl, now a pasted limp shadow of herself. From her color and shape, he figured she was trapped deep inside his anus and somehow was forced out through the night with increased flatulence, until she oozed out and was crushed by his butt cheeks for good measure. “So much for candy.” Paul commented as he took piece of tissue and place her limp body within it. He then reached into his ass and wiped it thoroughly before tossing it into the toilet. Paul then mercilessly sat down on the seat and relieved himself further.
    Arlene sat back stroking herself watching the happening come to play. Almost dreaming it was she.
    Paul looked over to her stroking herself on the counter and whisked her over to the seat before him. “You want some don’t you?” He urged. Arlene squealed, “Yes.” Paul pulled out his cock and placed it before her. Arlene went into a frenzy of licking the piss remnants from his cock. Paul sat and enjoyed the sensation further, until he followed through with a massive release. cum flowed on top of her and through her down to her feet on the seat. Arlene lost her footing and fought to stay balanced. She ended up tumbling down backward to the carpeted floor below. Paul stood up and continued to submerge her with his flowing cock high above her. Arlene laid flat and let herself submerge within the increasing pool.
    Paul raised his foot and flattened it down on the Arlene within the sticky pool. A little pressure and some time, he finally lifted it with the tiny woman practically tattooed to his sole. Paul admired his handy work and reveled in the sight of her wiggling from her suction hold. “I gotta try this on one.” Paul said as he flung his foot down and lightly walked into the shower stall.
    Water flowed and eventually Arlene became unattached and swam freely on the bottom tiles, beneath the gigantic moving feet of Paul. Arlene found a safe spot to linger and wash herself in his falling suds.

    End of Part I