Boys And Their Toys Ch. 7

Posted by DollShrnkr on April 23, 2002 at 11:55:03:

Seth reached his house and saw no lights were on. He held up Kiko and gave her a lick on her tits. She cringed at the attention and turned her head away. He walked through the door and dropped her on the table.

Kiko landed on her feet and immediately fell on her ass. She rubbed her ankles as they began to swell. It was obvious she’d sprained them. Seth went and got some scotch tape from a drawer. He held her down with a finger and spread the tiny Japanese girl’s legs apart. He tore a strip of tape from the dispenser and applied it to her pussy. He smoothed it out and then tore it off her, removing all her pubic hair with it. He bent down and licked the blood off her pussy and slit. He pinched her breast and twisted them over and over to make her squirm.

He turned her over and kneaded her ass and flicked her in the ass. He began to pinch her buttocks unmercifully. She jumped with each pinch.

He stood up and undressed and brought his cock within eye level with Kiko. Just as she was getting up, he dropped his balls on top of her. He lifted them up and dropped them down on her again. He lifted them up again and backed up half a step. He then began to piss on her, sending her across the table. While she was dazed, he pinched her arm and lifted her up, dislocating her shoulder. Her screams of pain were music to Seth and he flicked her in her face. A large bruise began to form around her eye and on her cheek.
Seth reached for a small knife and brought it across her ass. He put her ass in his mouth and started sucking on the wound. After taking her ass out of his mouth, he brought the knife across her breasts. She gasped as he put them in his mouth and began to suck them the same way he had done to her ass. He pulled the crying woman out of his mouth and slid the knife up her slit, cutting her deeply. She screamed as he began to lower her to his backside and spread his asscheeks. She was horrified as he inserted her head into his anus. He let go of her and let her hang from his ass as he began pleasuring himself. He tightened his ass slowly to feel her struggle and twitch. He was squeezing and massaging his cock as the tiny girl’s body sent new sensations though him. He tensed up and clenched his ass completely and felt Kiko’s little body go limp as he came. He pulled her out and saw that he’d succeeded in crushing her tiny head. He carried the tiny corpse to the kitchen and dropped it into the garbage disposal unit. He flipped the switch and enjoyed the sound of her body being ground up. He got dressed and turned on the television to watch cartoons.

The next day, the boys gathered at Steve’s house and shared the stories of what they’d done. Steve and his gang laughed at each other’s torturous tales. Thet walked towards the car. They got in and Steve started the engine.
“OK, guys,” said Steve, “time to go and get another batch for today.”

The End