Boys And Their Toys Ch 4, 5 & 6

Posted by DollShrnkr on April 23, 2002 at 11:51:30:

Chapter 4

Randy walked through the door of his house and carried Bonnie to the kitchen. He tossed her on the table and took some poultry thread out of a drawer. He cut it into ten-inch strips and bound Bonnie’s legs and arms. He rolled her onto her back and started pulling her pubic hair off her pussy with his fingernails. She winced as he pulled out patches each time. He started to poke her tits hard and pinched them together. He pulled at her nipples and tore them off. Bonnie screamed as he popped them in his mouth and chewed them up. He swallowed and made a sour face.
“You taste like shit, whore-slut,” said Randy.
Randy picked her up and squeezed her tightly. She gasped as her ribs started to crack. Then she felt a hard smack on her ass. She turned her head back to see Randy’s hand coming down again. Randy continued spanking her, all the while calling her a nasty bitch. He flicked her on her ass and pinched her all over. He wanted to kill her so bad he almost did it right then. He stopped himself from killing her right away by lighting a cigarette to calm him down. He then got an idea. He spread her legs as far as he could with her being tied up and pressed the lit cigarette hard against her slit. She jumped and squealed in pain, the smell of burnt flesh reaching her nose. The smell was too much for her and she threw up all she’d eaten that day. Randy was angered and bent her down and rubbed her face in it. He carried her to the bathroom and ran cold water over her. He turned the water off and took her back to the kitchen. He put her back on the table and reveled in her discomfort. He undid his pants and lowered them to the ground. He then grabbed his dick and began to masturbate. He pumped until he covered her in come. She squirmed in disgust.

Randy took out a plastic jar and dropped her in. he carried her to the sink and started to fill it with cold water, leaving half an inch of air in it for her. He then put the lid back on the jar and stuck her in the freezer. Bonnie shivered as the temperature of the water dropped. She could still breathe but soon the water was icing up. Soon she was encased in ice and she was unable to move anymore which meant she wasn’t going to be able to keep warming herself up. Her heart slowed and her blood stopped flowing because soon her blood had become ice. Bonnie died, encased in a large ice cube.

Randy went to the freezer and took her out two hours later and smiled at the first sight of Bonnie’s blue frozen body. He tossed the ice cube in the blender, pureed her to pulp and poured her down the sink.

Chapter 5

After his friends left, Steve turned his attention to Lisa. She backed away as he reached for her. He grabbed her by the ankle with his thumb and finger and lifted her up. She struggled to pull herself up as he watched her dangle. He swung her back and forth and stopped when he heard her ankle snap. He dropped her into his other hand and closed it on her. His giant thumb and finger took hold of her head and he opened his hand. He lifted her up by her head and admired her dangling body wiggling about as he held her up. She wailed from the pain. Steve’s other hand reached up and separated her legs. His pinky finger stretched her pussy lips open and he inserted it into her. Her eyes got wider as he pushed his pinky up into her. It was extremely painful. He pushed it up and down until she started bleeding.

Steve pulled out his pinky and reached for a sewing needle with some black thread threaded though it and pushed it into the side of her left tit and out of the side of her right one. He held both ends of the thread and let go of her head. She fell as far as the tread let her and hung in midair by her tits. When she stopped falling, she wet herself from the jerking motion. Steve lowered her slowly to the floor. She watched as Steve tied the ends together and pulled them tight. He then started walking away, pulling the thread and forcing her to follow. She realized he’d put her on a tit-leash. He led her around his house by her tits, on occasion, dragging her along. Tiring of leading her around, he lifted her up and took hold of her. He cut the thread and pulled it completely through Lisa’s mutilated bosom.

He was feeling hungry and so he carried the tiny girl to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator door and saw no food. Then he looked at his struggling little woman.

“My parents haven’t done any grocery shopping,” he told her, “I’m in the mood for a little Italian.”

His other hand came up and he pinched her left boob and flattened it between his fingers. He twisted it and tore it off her. He rolled it between his fingers before popping it in his mouth.

“Mmmm,” he mused, “nice and chewy.”

Lisa was weeping as he took hold of her other breast and proceeded to tear it of her. He put it in his mouth and ate it unceremoniously. He then tore off each of her legs and swallowed them whole. He tore off each arm and devoured them like candy. He lifted what remained of the tiny girl and stuck her lower region in his mouth and sucked on her vagina before biting down and severing it. Lisa was almost catatonic when Steve put her head in his mouth and beheaded her, finally claiming her life. He put what was left of her in his mouth and swallowed. He looked down and saw that he’d come in his pants. He patted his stomach happily.

“Ah,” he said, “that hit the spot.”

Chapter 6

Tom got home and was anxious to start. He went directly to his room and tossed Monica onto his bed. He undressed as quickly as possible and reached for her. Since Monica had very large tit. He pinched each tit between two fingers and lifted her up by them, pinching them harder as he lifted her up. She screamed as she found her weight was forced to be supported by her boobs. He lowered her onto his erect cock and dropped her on it. She grabbed a hold of it to keep from falling off. He wrapped his hand around her and stroked himself with her. He rubbed her tits all over his shaft and balls and shoved her face into the head of his cock. He ignored her protests as he continued to assault her. He lifted her up his body and rubbed her tits against his chest as he continued stroking his cock with his other hand. He stuck her tits in his mouth and sucked them hard, nibbling them some.

Finally, Tom came in his hands and wiped it on her.
Tom took her to the bathroom and took out some cotton swabs. He pulled her legs apart and shoved one up her pussy all the way to her cervix. She cried out and then gave a yelp when Tom forced another one up her ass. She was in terrible pain and didn’t notice when Tom put her on the counter. She pulled to try to take them out but could not. She nearly panicked when she saw his huge finger coming towards her stomach. He pushed down on her stomach and laughed as both swabs shot out of her holes. She grunted from the pain as he pressed down again, forcing her piss out of her bladder and forcing her shit out of her tiny anus. She lay there exhausted and he picked her up by her waist.
He took her left arm and snapped it at the elbow. Monica cried out at her broken arm as Tom took her other arm and broke it as well. By now, Monica was hysterical. Tom stroked her legs up and down then broke them both one at a time. He laughed when he saw tears streaming down her cheeks. He sat down on the toilet and flicked her tits while he took a shit. He proceeded to lower her between his legs and pressed her firmly against his asshole and wiped his ass with her a couple times. He got up and dropped her into the toilet. She looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Please NO!” she begged.

He reached for the handle and said, “Goodbye, you little piece of shit.”

Then he flushed the toilet and watched her go down.