Boys And Their Toys Ch. 2 & 3

Posted by DollShrnkr on April 23, 2002 at 11:33:03:

Andy got home with his tiny prize in hand. Amanda was terrified after seeing what they had done to Millie. Andy threw his keys on the table and went directly to his room. His room was decorated with horror movie posters and hardcore music pictures. He tossed her on his bed and stripped down.

“OK, time for some fun, you God damn cunt!” He smirked.

Amanda screamed as Andy reached down and grabbed her. She struggled furiously as he carried her to his table. He secured her to a small wooden board with some super glue and grabbed some tweezers that were nearby. She cried out as Andy began to pluck out her pubic hair one by one. It wasn’t so bad until he finished and poured pure alcohol on her newly bald pussy, which caused it to burn like hell. She screamed and cried in pain. Pleased at the response he got from her, he took the tweezers and pinched her tiny breasts as hard as he could. She got so scared, she shit herself. Andy released her tits and watched as they grew dark red and began to bruise. He stood up so she could see his massive hard-on. Her eyes grew wide with terror.

“That’s right,” he said, “this is all for you, you little shit stain!”

He sat back down and inserted the tweezers into her pussy and seized her clit. He twisted it and watched as she writhed in pain.

“Stop! Please!” she shouted.

He ignored her as he continued to twist her clit back and forth. As one hand tortured her pussy, his other hand fondled and pinched her still sore and now completely bruised set of miniature tits roughly. His finger wandered to her stomach and poked her hard. Finally, he twisted her clit one last time and tore it out of her. Amanda let out another blood-curdling scream.

Andy laughed as he reached over her and picked up a scalpel. He showed it to her and couldn’t help laughing at the way she was shaking her head back and forth so vigorously.

“Oh God, NO!!!” she screamed.

“Oh God, YES!!!” he replied, “Time to see what you’re made of!”

He moved the scalpel between her little breasts and began to cut until it reached her slit. She convulsed as he used his fingers to separate her flesh. He peeked in at her innards and smiled. He stood up again and began stroking his manhood while playing with her mutilated body. He smeared her blood over her while she cried out in pain and played with her tits some more.

“I always said it’s what’s inside that counts,” he joked as she whimpered.

She was weak from lost of blood and watched as he started pumping his cock furiously. Andy felt his climax coming and played with himself and his little plaything even more forcefully. He aimed his cock at her just before he began to come. The last thing she saw was a flood on male come washing over her before she died from her wounds.

Andy took the board and hung it up on his wall. He then took out a handful of darts and started to throw them at her lifeless body. One his third throw, he got a bulls-eye by sending a dart through her midsection. Andy started to hum a made-up song.

Chapter 3

Ken walked though his door to find no one was home. He found a note on the table telling him his parents were going to be out all night. He held Jenna to his face and smiled wickedly. Jenna was unable to talk because she was in shock. Ken carried her to the bathroom and filled the sink with cold water to bring her to. Once it was filled, he held her underwater. She began to thrash about wildly. He took her out of the water and smiled.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” said Ken.

He flicked her tits to watch them wiggle. She looked at him with hate in her eyes.

“That hurt, you fucking bastard!” she creamed at him, “Who the fuck do you think you are, huh?”

“Easy,” replied Ken, “I’m your master and God, you little bitch!”

“I don’t think so, you fucking asshole!” she yelled.

In response, he tightened his grip on her. She gasped as the air was pushed out of her lungs. He loosened his grip a little to let her breathe, then tightened it again.

“You are in no position to argue,” he informed her.

He ran his fingers down her waist and tugged at her slender legs. He heard an audible pop and knew he’d pulled them out of their sockets. Jenna winced as he flicked her dislocated legs back and forth. He then reached up and pinched her right tit, twisting it and pulling it off her. She cried out in agony. Ken made her watch as he fondled her separated boob. He then shoved it into her face and rubbed it all over her head. He stuck the tiny nipple over her mouth. When she didn’t open her mouth, he squeezed her and inserted it as she opened her mouth to cry out.

“Suck,” he commanded.

Reluctantly, she began to suck her own nipple. He mashed her boob into her face while she sucked. She cried as she felt the humiliation set in. Suddenly, she felt something touching her ass. Her eyes opened wide as Ken started to slowly insert a sewing needle into her anus. She squirmed as it entered her. Ken then undressed with one hand while holding her in his other one. He lowered her to his erect cock and began to rub her up and down. He positioned her head over his peehole and shot his load all over her face. She coughed and sputtered, trying to spit out as much as his come as possible.

He carried her to the table where some particleboard was sitting. He placed her on it and spread her arms and legs. He pushed a thumbtack into each wrist and ankle. She let out a yelp each time he pushed one through. He stepped back and admired his work. He returned to a seated position and pushed another sewing needle through her hips. He pinched her nipple and lifted it as high as it would go and pushed a needle through what was left of her once ample breasts. She screamed and watched as Ken grabbed another thumbtack and pushed it through the front of her pussy.

He picked up the board and carried it to the bathroom. He set it on the floor and aimed his cock at her. He then proceeded to piss on her. Some urine got in her mouth and went down her throat.

“OK, let’s play a game,” he said, “I want to see if you can eat fast enough to survive.”

Jenna didn’t understand.

“It feels so good taking a shit after sex,” Ken said as he squatted above her.

Jenna watched in horror as a gigantic piece of shit exited Ken’s giant ass and fell on top of her, covering her completely. She then understood what she was supposed to do; eat her way though or suffocate. She began to eat as fast as she could. She gagged from the rancid taste the first couple of bites but continued. She couldn’t breathe which added to the difficulty, but nonetheless was starting to make headway. Unfortunately for her, the pins and needles had weakened her and she passed out and suffocated. As soon as her arms and legs stopped struggling, Ken knew she’d died. He took out the tacks holding her to the board and tossed her in the wastebasket. Boy, he felt good!