New Story - Boys And Their Toys Ch.1 (repost)

Posted by DollShrnkr on April 23, 2002 at 11:23:11:

Ok, I got her permission. I'm reposting ch.1 and will post the rest now. Mycrose, you can archive it now.

Boys And Their Toys
A Story by Jim “DollShrnkr” Mayfield

A Story written especially for Tina

Steve Fernandez and his boys were on the hunt. It was roughly four o’ clock and they had just gotten out of detention. They had followed a teacher into the woman’s restroom and had beaten her pretty badly. They had not been happy about their grades on their most recent test. They had done everything possible to her, almost killing her, but because their fathers were influential members in the town, they practically had gotten away with it. Now they were out of the detention hall and were ready to have some fun.

Seth Quinlin, a blond boy with green eyes, had spotted a blue minivan filled with girls and they were trailing them on his request. They followed the girls down a semi-deserted road leading to a secluded picnic spot. The girls parked the minivan and set up their eating area. Ken Jonson, a very handsome young black man with an athletic build, motioned for Steve to slow the car. Tom Gillian, a small but tough white kid, sat patiently waiting word from Steve on when to move. Steve was their leader and the boys knew not to do anything until Steve said to. Randy Pierson, a medium sized boy with grey eyes and red hair, looked over at Steve who held up his hand, motioning it wasn’t time to act yet. The last member of the teenage gang, Andy Byrom, a black kid with a quick temper, sighed as he shuffled in his seat. Steve lowered his hand and gave a nod, signaling it was time to do it. They were going to have their fun.

Kiko Fugishige, a petite Japanese girl with long black hair was the first to see the boys approaching them. She brought them to the attention of the other six girls. Monica Gomez, a buxom young Latina, smiled at the guys and thought it’d be fun to have some male companionship. Hell, they had plenty of food. She waved at them and stood to welcome them. Lisa Cantabella, a flirtatious Italian girl winked at Seth. The other girls, Bonnie McIntyre, a foreign exchange student from Scotland, Jenna Weise, a short red haired girl, Amanda Sloan, a pretty black girl with slender legs and Millie Trassle, a shy introverted girl with straight brown hair and blue eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses, joined Monica and waited for the boys to join them. Jenna looked over at Millie and smiled, maybe they’d be able to get her a date. Millie was not as attractive as most other girls so guys usually didn’t ask her out. It wasn’t that she was ugly, she was just homely. Jenna hoped one of these guys would ask Millie out.

The boys reached the picnic area with smiles on their faces. Then, without warning, they jumped the girls and began to hit them. Before long, the seven schoolgirls were laying unconscious on the ground. Steve gave the word and they unbuttoned the girls’ blouses and put their hands on them. They began to chant and a silver aura washed over their hands. Once their chant was completed, the girls began to become smaller and smaller. Seth was always intrigued by the shrinking process and the way the women they targeted shrunk in size. Soon, the girls were no more than six inches tall. Perfectly proportioned and compact, they were the ideal toys for a group of teenage boys who felt women were only good for satisfying their every need. They couldn’t wait to get the tiny girls back home and begin their real fun.

Tom opened his backpack and began putting the little ones in it. The boys hurried back to their car with the pack in hand and began the drive back to Steve’s house. They would each take turns looking into the backpack and peeking at the tiny women within. The excitement grew as they reached Steve’s house. It was small and in disrepair, but it served it’s purpose. Steve’s parents weren’t home as both worked late so the boys knew things were safe. Tom felt movement in the pack and knew the girls were coming to.

The seven girls awoke in total darkness. They tried to stand up but the ground wasn’t steady and they kept falling back down. The ground began moving and a bright light above flooded in. The girls found themselves tumbling over each other and landed on top of each other onto a great wooden surface. They got up and looked around to see the giant faces of the six guys who’d attacked them. It was then that the girls realized they were completely nude. Steve smiled evilly at them. The tiny girls screamed.

“OK, it’s time to choose our toys,” said Steve.

Ken reached down and plucked Jenna up.

“I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to own a white cunt,” he laughed.

Seth grabbed Kiko and held her up to his face in his grip.

“I’ve always had a thing for you tiny Asian bitches,” he mused.

Randy chose Bonnie and picked her up by her head. She screamed and wiggled as he held her up.

“You’re mine, you fucking foreign piece of pig-shit!” he growled.

Monica found herself snatched up by Steve. He held her tightly and smirked.

“Myself, I prefer a hot little Latin number like you,” he stated.

Tom picked up Amanda by her legs and held her upside down.

“Look, I caught me a black bitch!” he howled with laughter. The other boys laughed at his joke as well.

Andy looked down at the two remaining girls and lifted Lisa up by her left arm. She screamed in pain.

“I guess that leaves just you and me, my tiny doll-whore,” Andy sneered.

Steve looked down at little Millie who was looking up at them.

Tom asked, “What about her?”

“We’ll have to get rid of her. She makes one too many.” Steve replied.

Steve picked her up and placed her under his giant shoe. Amanda cried out.

“No! Don’t kill her!” she screamed, “She’s our friend and we love her dearly!”

Steve smiled and replied, “Well, that changes things a bit.”

Steve slowly began stepping down. Millie could feel her body collapsing in on itself as Steve was slowly crushing her under foot. The other girls screamed as they were forced to watch her body being squashed. Millie squirmed and struggled to get free but to no avail. The girls were horrified as they watched Millie’s body pop like a soft insect and her blood splatter out like a stepped on ketchup packet.

Steve used a paper towel and wiped up Millie’s broken body and threw her in the trash. The tiny women began crying as each of the boys separated and went to their own homes.