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Wednesday, 12-Jul-2000 05:15:12 writes:

    "Body Slaves"

    He discovered the machine while out walking in the woods early one evening. Next to his property was a military base, and a high fence ran across the boarder, armed guards everywhere.
    Then, that night, he saw the silent explosion over the trees, and ran to investigate.
    The base was a smoking ruin, only a small patch of land was spared the burning. On that msall bit of tile floor stood a table. and on that table was a small orb with a single black lense. There were two buttons on it, one said "ENLARGE", the other "REDUCE."
    There was also an "overload" word blinking on and off...and he relised that thios device had somehow caused the explosion.
    He grabbed it and ran. he just made it back to his house when he saw the fleet of helicopters fly past. hours later he got an official visit from some "MIB" givernment types, and they seemed satisfied that he knew nothing.

    Time past, until he finally felt safe in using, and experimenting, with the device. His first subject was a lobe hitch hiker. He stopped the car, and as she got in, he pressed the "REDUCE" button." The results were amazing: the girls eyes rolled up in her head and she fell over, and started to actualy shrink! Her body, clothes, even the small handkerchif that fell from her pocket sharnk, everything within a certain radius of the beam!
    When he turned it off, she was the size of a small Barbie doll, and woke up right away.
    She screamed, and he reached out for her! He GRABBED her and held her up to his face, and laughed! The poor thing was in shock, screaming long and loud, kicking and hitting at his ginat fingers...blows that he hard;y felt.
    "SSShhhh, missy, I have plans for you..."

    That was the first. He aquired five others since then. He kept his small collected Harem in rabbit cages, welded shut, escapr proof. In turn the five cages were kept in a secret room built into his basement.

    And the sixth was still empty...

    To be continued? This is my first sw story, let me know if the ending os of interest.

    Bert S