Bob 's World Part 3

Posted by Talisman on April 30, 2003 at 07:05:25:

Bob pressed his foot down near Connie. "Get underneath and start sniffing slut!" Connie was still beside herself as she trembled as the giant's foot rose up over her. She let out a scream as she was convinced she was going to be crushed. Bob curled his toes as he brought his foot down. He could feel Connie's tender little body squirm beneath his massive sole. Her puny vain efforts to defend her body against the heavy onslaught. Bob pressed down, feeling her fragile body mold under his flesh.
The front door opened and slammed shut suddenly. Bob looked at his clock. "Shit already!" Bob pulled his underwear up, and covered Connie completely with his foot.
Brenda walked through the hallway. Since the her husband's demise, she had moved in with her son Bob.
She was a large women, cleary Bob taking his genes from her side. At 5'11, her full body labours to walk along on her thick legs, her breasts flop and heave with each step.
Bob turned as she entered the room. "Hi dear!" Brenda said as she passed kissing him on the cheek. Bob answered back half hearted. "You want your massage jell?" Bob said in passing. Brenda found a empty chair and flopped herself down, the floor beneath her bulk shaking. Bob pulled himself up. As he walked off, he shook Connie's body off his sole, leaving her on the debris strewn floor.
On Bob's return, he carried a bottle filled with bluish fluid, which jiggle on vibration. As he opened the purferated lid, tiny voices could be heard emiting from the jell. Bob placed the jell down next to his mother, while he pulled a platter bucket form beneath the chair. Brenda sat back and lift her feet out of her boots. The gust of sweat and leather spewed out as each boot tumbled of her darkly pantyhosed legs and feet. Brenda leaned over as she set her feet into the deep plater. Bob stood back while his mother peeled the sweaty thigh highs off her legs one by one, before she dropped her feet into the platter. Bob started then to pour the warm water into the platter after. Brenda shot her head back as she started to feel the soothing essense. With the water done, Bob then picked up the jell, and poured it into the platter. The tiny bulky figures oozed out into the warm water, and became adrift instantly. The figures turn out to be that of men and women, some 3 inches tall each. These were portions of Bob's earlier retrievals. He has done this regulary for his mother for some time now. The jell, was petroluem jelly, with a mix of blue oxy heat ointment and salt peter. Brenda wisked her feet about, splashing water around, as she leaned over ordeing the tiny folk to get to work on her peds. With the splashing ensuing, the tiny people worked frantically to attach themselves to her massive feet, and apply themselves to massage. Brenda had always proved to be a hard Customer to please, as she was relentless in her barking, and pounding into the panic stricken water pool. Bob walked back to sit, he pulled out a smoke while listening to his mother rant of her day at the rec centre.
An hour later, Brenda would stand up and step out of the platter. As her feet stomped the floor, some of the unfortunate tiny soles were solidly attached and were now being utterly crushed under each heavy step. Others flicked away from her clenched toes, only to be left on the floor, where they stirred, unable to get up. Bob enjoyed these ones especially later on, when he cleaned up after his mother. As he stepped on them like ants.
As Brenda passed by the couch, she quickly made notice of something on the floor. She leaned over to spot Connie still laying, damaged and broken. She looked over her shoulder for Bob, noticing he was busy cleaning up. She inturn leaned and plucked Connie up with her fingers, depositing her into her bra cup as she made her way to her room. "Did you let my toy out for air today?" Brenda asked as she made her way. Still hard at work with the platter Bob answered back. "Yes!"
Brenda lay up in her room, in her hand, she playfully juggled a tiny older man. Guy was a aquaintance she met a few months ago. Taken to him, she wanted Bob to turn him also for her property. Since his capture, and shrink, Brenda has taken to treating him from a curiosity to a now full fledged toy and pleasure utensil. Brenda remembered the little woman from downstairs, and plucked the tiny body from her bossom. She lay Connie before Guy. Guy was almost out of his mind from reality, that the presence of this like sized beauty lifted his spirits suddenly. Brenda smiled and glidly remarked. "I brought you a surprise, you can have her for a few minutes!" Brenda then pushed Connie closer to Guy, who in turn lifted the injured woman to her knees, where he shoved his cock into her mouth. Guy embraced Connie's head, his head jetting back and forth, he was not long for a climax now. With his body girating, he popped his cumload, causing Connie to choke and spit as he fought to be released.
Brenda yawned, then tore Connie away, tossing her off and away. "Now my turn!" Brenda said as she spread her legs and thrust the limp man into her flabby clit. After some moments of quivering and gentle moaning, Brenda released, and eased on her tense legs. Her thighs slide down, her clit gorged and sloppy, as it leaked her cum. Guy was no where in sight still.
The door opened, as Bob entered in a huff. "You took her didn't you?" Brenda sat covered in her bed, and rode off Bob's acusations. Bob stormed about the room looking into each nook and crany, till he came upon his mothers discarded dainties. Below, Bob could see Connie's tiny figure, laying in a dirty pair of undies. Connie's body now pasted to the fresh filth, narily a movement possible. "Now she's no use to me, thanks alot!" Bob cried out, as he lifted his foot and stomped the undies flat into his sole.
Bob wiped the undies off his foot on a mat near the bed before storming out and slamming the door behind him. "Well just go out and get another, isn't that what you always do?" Brenda called out after Bob.
Brenda ducked her finger down to her clit, and plucked at the dislodged body of Guy just coming out with a wave of juice. She pulled him up, and after moving and probing him about in her fingers a discerning look apeard on her face. "Oh dear!" She crumpled the tiny broken Guy in her hand before discarding him to the floor next to her slippers, as she rolled over to nap.