Bob's world part 2

Posted by Talisman on April 29, 2003 at 22:44:50:

Bob’s world Part 2

The floor seemed endless as it stretched out in all directions. Joe felt so weak, and insignificant. High above, Bob was holding court, while Connie was relegated to her knees now. As Bob stood his ground, he worked Connie’s head between his legs, as he wrapped them around her, while she worked her mouth around his meat.
Bob peered downwards at Joe, smiling as he gleamed his new found power over the dumbfounded little man. “How it must look for down there, can your puny mind comprehend what is happening to your little life now?” Bob looked back at Connie’s effort before he suddenly shook her off. “Hold on!” Bob pulled away and rummaged through a desk drawer. Connie swayed back and forth on her hunches while darting a look down at Joe, her smile concealing contempt. Joe could only stare up still in shock, he tried in vain to make contact with his giant wife, but his frail voice could hardly carry the extreme heights she stood, even hunched over. On his return, Bob bumped Connie as he stood in the same spot. He bent over toward Joe. Joe watched now in fear, frozen he couldn’t move back and away as the giant’s hand reached down toward him. Joe screamed as he was quickly encased within the folds of Bob’s palm. Rising up, Bob looked upon his hand as he opened it, as if revealing a hidden treasure. As his hand opened, Joe’s body could be seen against the expansive stretch of flesh. Joe laid back on his back holding up his arms in defense. Bob chuckled as the hilarity of it all. “You could be as easily crushed like a fly with or with out those puny arms.” Bob then revealed a small portion of freshly torn package tape. He then applied Joe’s body against his left thigh, and then attached the tape against Joe in order to stick him tightly to his flesh. Bob pressed the sides flat; the strain could be seen on Joe’s face as the pressure pressed his torso back against the giant’s thigh.
As Bob retracted back straight, he looked back at Connie. “Get back to it!” Now Joe was in complete view of Connie’s actions as her billboard sized head leaned forward to accept Bob’s giant meat. Joe could only hang and watch the actions in close vicinity.
Connie’s sucking sounds surrounded Joe; his ears were pummeled by her lips and tongue endlessly sucking and kissing flesh upon flesh. At times she even spread her wet tongue across Joe’s hung body, leaving him in a coating of saliva and transferred precum.
Bob grew restless, and pried Connie off his thighs. He guided her brutally to the bed, and mounted his bulk over onto her body.
With Bob’s fleshy thigh pressing down now, Joe could feel the pressure intensify, as he watched in fear, as he was pressed repeatedly down onto Connie’s belly. Joe screamed to no avail, as he watched the giant’s cock break and enter Connie whole. From above, Joe endured Bob’s relentless critique of Connie’s actions and moans, critique of her in general. Calling to his ownership of her mind and body. Calling for her to admit to this and more. In what seemed eternity, Bob finally succumbed to his ejaculation. The giant gorged in his pleasure with monstrous groans. His belly and rear joined in with the vestiges of triumph. The giant’s groans took to extremes and blanked out Connie’s own cries and yelps. Joe’s ears throbbed from the duration of the sexual intercourse, and became almost deaf to the latter death throes of orgasm.
Bob weighed down now, his entire girth pressing and flattening Connie’s much smaller frame beneath his bulk. Bob knew well he was too heavy, but showed little care or worry to the effect. Joe was spared the sheer tonnage, as he was situated on the giant’s thigh, clear of any impending doom, so far. Joe merely counted his blessings, as he hung there to endure the dripping sweat, and caking castoffs of cum and waste from Bob’s and Connie’s genitals.
Bob snoozed for mere moments, before deciding to stir and slowly dismount. Bob rolled his massive body off Connie, leaving her in an indented shape in the mattress. Connie’s face was a deep red and she was slow to rise.
With Joe in tow, Bob lumbered over to the bathroom. Once inside, he flopped down onto the toilet seat, before his cock began to deposit a waterfall of urine. Bob settled in his seat, while his rear roared with flatulence. He looked at Joe almost as if seeing him for the first time. Bob ripped the tape off, Joe’s body hung from the tape as the giant brought it up to belly height. Bob playfully manipulated the tape with Joe attached in his palm, before deciding to rip him from it. The pain was shattering to Joe’s mind, as he screamed out. This subsided, but left a burning feel on his back. Bob started to guide Joe beneath him. Joe came to realize his destination and could only stir meekly as the giant began to smear and rub him along his soaked peephole, moving further up the thick long shaft, where the giant seemed to delight in using Joe as a utensil to scratch and soothe. Bob then moved Joe onto his fingers, where he guided it with Joe further toward his ass. Joe’s voice went sour as he screamed himself hoarse as he was jammed and strewn along the cavernous crack of the giant. Bob made a few runs through his crack, finally standing up, to flush.
With his fingers with Joe in tow, smudged. Bob reveled in Joe’s condition, his tiny body disheveled in Bob’s waste. Bob rubbed his fingers together, forcing the tiny man off. Joe caked off and landed on the mat below, his body bouncing a few painful times, before coming to rest. He lay there still, to weak to move, only able to peer his eyes upwards as a thick shadow began to fade over him.
Bob didn’t remark or make notice as he stepped down, squashing the tiny form beneath his heavy brown foot.
Connie didn’t remember when she passed out, as she opened her eyes. Her screams were hollow as she now too looked up at the same fearsome sight as Joe had encountered before, as Bob now stood before her on the same expansive floor. She rose up to plead to Bob’s sky high head. Bob found his seat, and settled in the chair, raising his feet onto their heels. Connie stopped screaming as she witnessed the sight of Joe’s indistinguishable shape, forever lost in filth, debris onto Bob’s massive brown sole. “Welcome to Bob’s world!” Bob chuckled, as he playfully wiggled his toes, the movements eerily shaking Joe’s wretched image on his sole.