story "Bob's World"

Posted by Talisman on April 26, 2003 at 18:44:31:

Joe groaned into Connie's ear as they made love, he parlayed his requests into her ears as he normally did. Reciting fantasies and roleplays scenarios as they fucked. Connie moaning back in reaction.
"I want to see you fucked by a large guy, I want you to be his slave." Joe moaned into her ear, his hips girating into Connie's thighs. She reinterated on how much she'd love to do it. Joe was feeling like he was reaching a new focal point and decided to pursue the matter further. He expanded his fortay and got into the fantasy into more rich textures, describing his friend's house to the "T". Describing his friend Bob also in full detail, as the 6'6 Broad thick bodied. long thick muscular legs, size 16 feet, bald head, all which seemed to get Connie all the more a quiver. She delighted in the scheme, and started to vocal back her comments in delight, urging Joe to continue describing Bob and what he would do to her.
Joe took great delight in describing a orgy of sexual assualt on the senses as well as the body. She would merely be fodder for Bob's desires and needs, while Joe merely watched. Connie enjoyed that aspect especially. Joe continued in describing how Bob would treat Connie like his own property, abuse the situation so Joe himself would understand Bob was fully in charge. Bob would order Connie to make what ever concessions he wanted. To order her about, using her like his persoanl slut. Keeping her as his cock and ass slave. Connie's excitment, brought on convulsions of orgasms galore. Joe felt it too, and just hammered the pretence home on her place at Bob's house. Connie was elated, her groans sent out throughout the house.
They both fell back exhausted and sweating. Joe scratched at his crotch, still feeling the throbbing presence of his orgasm. Connie swung over on her side. "Ok! I'll do it, but it has to be at his place!" Joe coughed out of shock, never believing this day would arrive he smiled. "Ok I'll set it up.

Bob was utterly please hearing the news. After seeing pics of Connie, he had a hard on for her since.
Joe stood his ground as Bob seemed pleased with his success in bringing Connie around. Looking up at Bob who towered over him, making him feel like a dwarf.
Bob swung a towel over his shoulder, and chuckled as he offered Joe a drink.
The two talked of the pending saturday coming. Joe planned to bring her over, where the three could relax and have Connie knew Bob better. Bob moved in his chair, his massive thighs spreading to spread his weight around the straining kitchen chair. "You both will be in for an experience you will never believe." Bob said as he inhaled his drink, slamming it down, and chuckling to himself.

The night came, Joe was ushering Connie to the living room of Bob's house. Connie wore a tight leather mini skirt, with a zippered vinyl top. She made up her hair, to hang long and fizzylike. Her face in full makeup, with crimson red lipsstick. Bob, from his approach, greeted the couple in his shorts and sandals. He seemed qute confident in himself, and portrayed a source power. Connie noticed it right away, and seemed inthralled with his nature as she looked into his face as he approached to offer her a drink. His large hands enveloping hers as he placed the glass in her grip. Bob smiled back at her, his mind racing with the thoughts of the night ahead, how dainty and svelt she looked below him. He saw quickly in her eyes she was transfixed by his powerful demeanor. "Cheers!" Bob announced as he found his seat. Joe and Connie raised their glasses in unison back at him.
As the evening progressed, Bob made good contact with Connie's walls, breaking them down piece by piece, till she was now accepting in him seating next to her.
Topics of discussion ranged from daily events and inched back to sex, till Bob felt he had enough greasing to take full control.
"I wont mince words now Connie, I know why we are here!" Bob rose up his full girth, towering over Connie's awestruck face. " I want you now on your knees, I want you to serve you new master!"
Bob worked his way out of his shorts, letting them drop at his huge feet. Connie's mouth watered as Bob's massive cock protruded out.
Joe felt the humidity in the room change in an instant. He even got a faint scent of sexual sweat emitting from Connie's thighs.
Connie drew herself forward, and slowly kneeled down before Bob. Bob sat back down, aligned his body for Connie to be centered between his thighs. Bob then drew his thick long legs over her shoulders, meeting his massive feet on both ends of her head, where he proceeded to tug her into his fray closely. From there, he encased her fully into his fleshy legs.
Joe lost sight of her head, as Bob relished to have her deep underneath his rotound gut. Even sitting he totally dwarfed his already petite wife, only her ass and legs apparent to her existence.
Bob seemed impressed with himself, as he barked out orders for Connie to comply with. Ordering her to suck him off better, intimidating her down to a subslut, making reference to her size and his in comparision. "Even my mother is bigger than you!" Bob tore Connie away, forcing her to the floor on her back. He then pinned her hair down with his large feet, staring down at her from his fully erect girth. Connie looked even more petite as she lay stiring on the floor. Bob reveled in the stance, using it to administer his power even more. "You're my bitch now!, say solong to your Joe, over there, cause I own you now slut!" Connie moaned, as she repeated his words back. Joe felt his cock gush in pleasure, Bob's words were sending shivers down his spine. Bob squat down on Connie's face, positioning his body so he could hide her face in his cheeks fully. Once Bob was flat down, he bagan to ride her, rubbing his anus back and forth on her face. With his powerful legs on either side of her head, he was an ominous force for Connie to contend with. One look by a bystander, would clearly show how easily Bob could crush her even now.
After a while, of constant pressure, Bob rose up. The effect of the pressure was so extreme, Connie's head was concealed deep as he rose, and after towing her up some mere inches, she flopped off and back down on her back. Bob lumbered forward, stepping flat on Connie's face on his way to the kitchen.
On Bob's return he brought a bottle of ice wine, he claimed he purchased some time ago. Bob presented it to Joe, and watched as he slapped it back. Joe didn't recal the events to which happened later as he blacked out.
Joe awoke to loud monstrous groans, the very floor seemed to shake in the cause of them. He fumbled is his way around, there seemed to be alot of things unknown to him. Fabric like, the room being so dark, he couldn't identity anything.
He made his way to a wall of sorts, and pryed his way around it, till he was able to get his eyes used to the darkness. There was a gleam of light from under the wall, Joe saw he could slide underneath it easily.
Once underneath, he was greated with much more light. To his shock the room was enormous, and as he rubbed his eyes to the sudden glare, he was now able to make out to the great extent of the magnitude of what was around him now.
The room was gigantic in size, there was a bed, bureaus, armours, mirrors, coat racks, which seemed normal, but only they were of gigantic size. Joe looked at hiimself, as he now notice he was naked. He looked around more as his heart raced, and now looked at giant discarded clothes. He moved in closer, and felt the leather fabric of what appeared to be a skirt, further on, a stretched pair of pantyhose, and pumps so large, it would have dwarfed his own car.
Joe came to the realization these were of his wife's
The loud noises were coming from another room, from which water was also running. The door opened abruptly, and Joe fell back in shock as he laid his eyes on the shocker of the whole scene.
Before him now stood Bob and his wife, only now they were at least 60 feet tall, or at least appeared to be, but in unison with the furniture and clothes in the room, it now appeared that Joe was the one whose size was out of porportion, as he must of been some 3 inches tall.
Bob walked forth, Connie straddling his legs with her arms as she giggled. Bob then noticed Joe far in the wordwork of the floor. "Our little friend Joe is here!" Bob thundered. Connie, who seemed drunk, fell off his legs, and onto her tush. She then rose up and stood next to Bob's more massive body as she peered down at Joe. "Hiyeee!" Connie could only sound out.
"Told you, an experience you will never believe! now the fun begins!" Bob said as he took Connie's shoulders on demand.

End of Part 1