The Black Bag -- PART 9

Posted by lbh on May 18, 2004 at 08:35:03:

********* Kajira worked another control causing one of ports in the side toward Maggie and Lois opened wider with a strange sounds of stretching leather and mechanical whirs. Lois saw the point of another needle appear in the port and tried despirately to come up with a plan, that was when she saw Rea's cigarette still burning in the ash tray.********************************************************************************************************* Kajira muttered a few commands into what looked to be a tiny microphone among the featureless controls, "Let's alter our little contest shall we...." Kajira began when Lois yanked her toward the door, at the same time flicking the lit cigarette at the tiny dominatrix. ************************************************************************************************************** There was a small explosion of orange sparks as as it struck Kajira, causing her to tumble down the set of bars. The cigarette, still lit, lodged between one of the bars and the arm of the 5 inch woman, who screamed into her gag-mask. **************************************************************************************************************Maggie did not wait for Lois as she burst through the door, little realizing that a tiny oval shaped metal dart was stuck in her side. Lois tried to get to Rea but the strange disc cramped to the floor and pulled her out of reach. Suddenly from within the bag a small enraged voice yelled out, "Disc, defense mode!!" Two metal lines with tiny razor-like blades whipped out of the sides of the disc and slashed cuts into Lois' palms and wrists. As Lois backed away from this attack she saw another port in the bag begin to widen, and dove threw the door just as the next dart fired.******************************************************************************************************** Kajira, sporting a second degree burn on her neck and shoulder climbed from the bag back up on to the bars and saw that the dart had stuck into the door. She climbed up a little ways to see where Rea was when she came upon one of the smoldering black lines that had bound her prisoner, she looked up to see that her captive had used the cigarette to burn herself out of her bindings and escaped, she began to shriek her rage. ************************************************************************************************************** Maggie watched as Lois got to her feet and looked back at the door, "I didn't get her! I didn't get her!!" Lois said in tears, "What do you mean you didn't...ohhh!?!" Maggie's tiny voice began to chirp when she felt a strange sensation in her side. She looked down to see the oval dart in her side as it made a clicking winding sound, Lois stared at her thinking she had actually seen her grow smaller. "You did see it girl!" a small voice said from behind them.********************************************************************************************************* Both looked down at the base of the swinging door they had just come through to see Rea pushing it open, her arms, legs and torso bound with tubes and metal wires, that were strung through her oversized piecings. The disc was now on her back like a back-pack and upon this Kajira rode, working tiny controls,with which she caused Rea to screm out in pain. ************************************************************************************************************** Kajira continued, "Every time that slut speaks the mechanism will inject her with a small amount the shrinking agent causing her to shrink 10% percent of her height with each fowl utterence. If she tries to remove it all of it's contents will be injected and she will immediately dwindle to one inch tall....which would be unfortunate as the mechanism in her throat will not have the proper time to evacuate and she will die....badly." ************************************************************************************************************** Maggie covered her mouth in horror, trying not to scream, "What the fuck do you want from us!?!" Lois gasped in horse terror, Kajira sneared up, gratified that she had their full attention, "Because of your interference my charge has escaped! You and these sows will help me find her and return us to our Mistress and maybe.....maybe I'll ask her for mercy!" ************************************************************************************************************** As they stared down stunned upon Rea and her tiny tormentor Cookie called out from the kitchen, "So...is somebody hurt or what!?!" To this Kajira added a warning, "Tell that one or involve anyone else in this affair and there will be penalties....for all concerned!" Lois answered Cookie in a shaken voice, "Nnno everythings....everythings fine." TO BE CONTINUED