Re:The Black Bag -- PART 8

Posted by Kajira on May 18, 2004 at 05:19:55:

Maggie watched in horror as the strange device wrapped around Rea's tiny form.Forgetting her fear,she lunged at Kajira again.
"You BITCH! Change her back!!!"
Lois held Maggie back,but Kajira wasn't about to risk any further interference from Maggie.
"You yell too much,Maggie," she said,"maybe this will quiet you down." She flung a tiny projectile into Maggie's mouth.
"ULP! What was that...."Maggie cried,then cleared her thoat,"Hey,what's happening to my voice?"
Maggie's voice was getting smaller and higher the more she spoke.
"Don't talk,Magiie,or your voice will vanish,is that right Kajira?" Lois asked.
"Actually,it will stop,at a very high pitch,suitable for a one-inch person,but if Maggie can cease talking for one hour i will restore her voice."
Maggie glared at Kajira,"I don't believe you...hey...make it stop..." she squeaked as her voice diminished to a tiny chirp.
"That's how your voice will remain,Maggie,until you learn humilty."Kajira lectured.
"Your're crazy!!!",Maggie chirped,"change it back NOW! I want a voice that matches my body."
Kajira looked up at Maggie."Did she just say what i thought she said?" She asked Lois,who nodded fearfully,"well then Maggie,as you wish..."