Re:The Black Bag -- PART 7

Posted by Kajira on May 16, 2004 at 16:28:38:

"Please,Kajira,tell us what you are doing!!!",Lois pleaded.Her soft kind tone seemed to impress the little woman.
"You are not like these two,are you?You think of more than just yourself,and your own transient needs.Mistress would like you very much."Kajira replied,without explaining the weird process which was binding Rea.
Maggie lunged towards Kajira,nearly knocking her over."You little SADIST!",she screeched,"make her big again or...."she stopped when she saw one of those blades in Kajira's hand.Maggie had no desire to be shrunk like Rea.
"Or what? Ohhhh,i think Mistress will just love making you whimper.Or perhaps she will give you to her new associate,Master Theophilous.He has very....hmmm....INTERESTING pastimes my dear".