The Black Bag -- PART 6

Posted by lbh on May 16, 2004 at 07:56:42:

*******"OH STHIT!!! OH STHIT!! FMY TOUTHNGUE MY TONGTHUE!!!" Rea began to yell in garbled terror, blood spraying from her lips. Lois and Maggie stared in horror as they saw spots of blood growing upon the crumpled waitress uniform that now hung from her small form. There was a loud tap sound as Rea pushed the now oversized barbell through her bloody tongue out of her mouth, hitting it hard on her upper teeth. ************************************************************************************************************** "OH Jesus! Maggie help me!!" Lois said as she knelt and pulled open the uniform top and pulled free the loose bra. Maggie could only stand there and stare down in terror at the scene. Finally as the top was pulled away Lois gasped in horror, Maggie covered her mouth with both hands with hers but it was Rea as she stared down at herself that broke the silence with her gurgling shriek. ************************************************************************************************************** The piercings in Rea's ears had stretched the tiny lobes out into gruesome flaps, the barbell now pressed against her lips and stretched her tongue out past her teeth, threatening to tear free, one of her nipple rings had torn free the other liberaly dripped blood as did the belly piercing but it was the one through her clit that gushed blood and caused Rea to finally pass out. ************************************************************************************************************** Maggie and Lois could only stare down in shock until they heard a tiny titter of laughter, "Oh this one could be great fun still. We shouldn't let her get to small should we?" Kajira said as she climbed to the top of the small rack that the larger girl was tied to and began to work a tiny set of controls on one of the bars. On the side of the black bag toward Rea one of the small ports opened and a needle with a small rubber tube coiled out and stuck into Rea's abdomen before Lois could stop it. She tried to reach for it but Kajira called to her, "If you wish her dwindling to cease you'll leave that." Lois did so and watched as a blueish substance jetted into Rea, stopping her shrinking at 18 inches. ************************************************************************************************************** "OK now.....make her big again!!!" Maggie yelled in a shaking terrified voice, Kajira grinned up at her and touched two more controls. The tube and needle retracted quickly into the bag and a small silver disc about 3 inches around and a half inch thick slid out of the base of the bag and landed between Rea's spread legs. With the touch of another control the disc began to click a whir and tiny tubes and wires sprang out of the many ports in the disc and reached for Rea, some connecting to her piercings some wrapping around her arms and legs. "WH WHAT'S THAT THING DOING TO HER!!??!!" Maggie yelled, Kajira just continued to grin up at her. TO BE CONTINUED