Re:The Black Bag -- PART 5

Posted by Kajira on May 16, 2004 at 05:48:16:

Lois looked down at Rea in shock.
"You've SHRUNK?! How did this happen????"
Rea just pointed at the bag.
Maggie was standing next to the bag with a confused expression.She said,"That girl in there stabbed Rea."
"What girl?" Lois asked.She looked in the bag and gasped,seeing the bound woman and the even tinier guard.
"She mocked our Mistress,and threatened to hurt me.No-one can hurt us but our Mistress and those with whom she shares us",the guard explained.
Lois gazed down at the blue-corseted guard with a quizzical expression.
"You seem familiar to me somehow.What's your name,little one?"
"My name is Kajira."
"OH!The wrestler! You disappeared a few years ago.My brother had such a crush on you!What happened?How did you get so tiny?"
Maggie started to yell,"In case you forgot,Rea here is still SHRINKING while your're chatting up the little freak about the WWF."
Indeed,Rea was now about two feet tall and her dwindling showed no signs of stopping.......