Re:The Black Bag -- PART 4

Lois was,as usual,doing the dirty work when she heard Rea's strange cry.As she was going to medical school part-time,the full-breasted,petite Negress knew Rea was hurt in some fashion and needed help.She grabbed the cheap,poorly-stocked First Aid Kit from the wall as Cookie glanced over and asked ,"Why you helpin' those two lazy bitches?You work twice as hard as both of them."Cookie just sighed.
Lois replied,"Because Doctors have to help EVERYONE,even assholes!".
Lois didn't even see the odd bag at first as she kneeled over Rea and cleansed and bandaged the brunette's wound.Rea was acting as if she were drugged,shaking her head and looking around strangely.
"Are you dizzy? Can you stand up?" Lois asked.
Rea stood up wobbily,and Lois felt faint herself.The five foot seven Rea was only shoulder-height to the five foot tall med student!!!