Re:The Black Bag -- PART 2

Posted by talon on May 05, 2004 at 10:20:15:
Part 2


"Yeah?" she replied in total astonishment.

"You see this... Right?" Maggie asked, here tone exactly the same.

"If you mean, two freaky-lookin' little women hanging from those rods... Yeah. If not... Steve-O must'a gave me some real fucked up shit last night, 'cause I'm seeing things."

"No... I see them too... A little woman all strung up, and a smaller one--"

"SILENCE!" the tiny creature in the blue corset ordered, and Maggie obeyed with a jump. "I want direct answers! Now WHERE is my Mistress?!"

"Your who?" Rea asked, squinting at the little thing.

"I'M asking the questions here! Now answer me! Where is the Mistress?! My Lady Charlotte?!"

"We... We don't know anybody with that name," answered Maggie. "We found this bag you were in inside the diner. She must have forgotten you."

"What?!" she snapped an even sharper glare at the blonde.

"She forgot you. I'm sure she's com--"

At this, the little woman lost it... well... lost it more. "You DARE insult my MISTRESS?!!"

"What? No, I'm just saying--"

"The Lady Charlotte NEVER forgets! EVER! If she left us here it was for a reason, a reason that is CLEARLY far beyond the comprehension of your tiny little minds!"

Rea wrinkled her nose. "This little bitch just dis'd us," she chuckled in fascinated disbelief. "What are you guys anyway? Some new kinda toy or somethin'? Robots?" She reached out to touch the one tied up.

At this, her blue captor lept from the framework onto Rea's approaching finger, as she landed, she pulled a small cutting tool from a pocket made into her costume and stabbed the giantess with the sharp implement. "DON'T TOUCH HER!"

"OWW!!!" Rea reeled, and as she snatched her hand back in pain, the 2-inch woman vaulted off and somersaulted backwards, landing back on the framework with no effort at all.

"What?!" Maggie shouted, tearing her view from the bag to her friend clutching her finger.

Rea vigorously rubbed the small cut that was bleeding. "The tiny cunt just stabbed me! Oh HELL no!" she lunged toward the bag, but Maggie stopped her. Instead of retreat, the little one in blue balanced herself on the rod she occupied and pulled a second blade, then crouched, ready to attack again.

"Okay... Everyone CALM DOWN!" Maggie instructed.

"That bitch cut me!"

"Only those she own and allow, shall touch that which is hers!" the 2-inch woman spouted. "Those that fail to obey shall face the most horrible of punishments! You have been warned!"

Looking closely, Rea and Maggie could see that though she was extremely small, the woman's body was trim and extremely fit as well. Her teeny busom, which if she were full-sized, would have been far more than a handful, pushed hard at the cleft of the corset as she took heavy breathes in anticipation of further battle.

Still, Rea wasn't impressed. "Come on, Mag... Lemme step on the little BUG!"

"I stand ready and willing for you to try, giant SOW!" the little one spat back.

"Giant s--?! Oh, you fucking--!" Again she tried to get at her, and it took awhile before Maggie could pull her away and talk some sense into her.

"Rea! REA! Stop it!"

"I'm gonna squash you're punk ass, you little FREAK!" Rea yelled as she tried to hop past her friend.

Maggie grabbed her shoulders, "Look, I don't know what the hell this is and neither do you! But I DO KNOW trouble when I see it! I think the best thing to do is just put them back in that fucking bag and wait for whoever owns it to give it to them. No question asked."

She looked over her shoulder, back at the two bizzare beings.

"I gotta bad feeling that this is some weird shit we want no part of..." she muttered.