The Black Bag -- PART 12

Posted by lbh on May 24, 2004 at 08:46:14:

The Black Bag: Part 12

She had come to hate that first glare of the light the most, the way it seemed to hurt her
eyes even when she closed them, the gas made it seem too intense, especially after long periods
of being held dormant, which as far as she knew wasn’t that long this time. She bore the pain of
course, not much choice in that, and she’d borne far worse after all, it was that this sensation was
nothing more than a mere by product of storage with no real passion in it that made it an
irritation. In any case the gas was far better than that damned green jell.

She felt the larger hands take tightly a hold of her shoulders and pull her up out of her
container, her legs straitened with a tiny clicking sounds, she was still a bit dazed to properly
activate their micro servos, this daze ended with Kajira’s first slap, with that the metal legs began
to lift her up. Rea looked down in awe at the latest atrocity to come from this bag, the woman’s
upper body was a half inch in height, that of a very beautiful woman, like Kajira she had a que of
white hair from an otherwise shaved head. Set in the flesh of her back from the center of her
shoulder blades down was a silver spinal column that replaced her original one, this ran to the top
of the oval mechanism that now acted as her waist, then extended beyond another inch to become
a curling bizarre tail.

Rea gasped as she watched her step out of her container on inch and a half tall silver
legs, their joints bent backward like those of an ostriches and ended in 3 digit metal and rubber
hands. She strode up to Kajira completely unafraid and reached for her burn, “Hello my sweet!
Was Mistress smoking during play again ?” she said sweetly in a Russian accent, then her
attention was drawn to a tapping sound and turned to see it was blood dripping from Rea, her
face lit up at the sight of her, “Ohhh What have we here? Did you put those in her? It is rather
sloppy work .........Where is Mistress?!?” she said as concern grew upon her tiny face.

“There is a serious problem Katrinka, we have become separated from our Mistress
and......a new acquisition has escaped my charge!” Kajira said as her eyes shifted to the bottom of
the bag with her shame. Katrinka tittered with laughter. “Oh I do hope Mistress gives you to me
after she punishes you, I made such lovely devices for the most tiny of her toys.” Kajira reached
out and grabbed Katrinka’s smaller head in her hands and pulled her close to her face, “You
assuming you will live long enough to make that request!!”

Katrinka smiled wickedly as she stroked Kajira’s face, “ At times like this I always find
myself wondering......” “What?!” Kajira sneered, “....whether you hate loving me...or love
hating me.” Kajira smiled slyly as she released her, “You will tend my wounds then get to work
on this one. Keep her from bleeding to death and prepare her for our Mistress when she returns.”
As Kajira walked over and opened one of the trays Katrinka eyed Rea, enjoying the look of terror
in her eyes, “Might I.....get creative with her?” Kajira handed her a small squeeze tube and a half
a Q-tip to apply to her burns. “As long as she doesn’t die or escape I don’t care. But be mindful
that we are in enemy territory as it were.”

The substance she applied healed Kajira’s burns in minutes, during that time she dipped
her tiny blades into the most potent of the shrinking agent, once dry she carefully slid them back
into the sealed sheaths in her corset. “I’m going to check the systems in the bag and activate the
homing transponder.” Kajira said as she slid open a panel at the bottom of the bag, Katrinka gave
her a half wave as she gathered the items she needed to work on Rea.

Rea tried to say something as the bizarre tiny woman used her metal legs to climb up the
rack she was held in but her tongue had begun to swell and her words were becoming
unintelligible, she let out a screech of pain as a needle connected to a tube was thrust into her
swollen clit next to the now oversized piercing, then she applied the healing substance to it as
well her other wounds. Finally she came up to her tongue and as Rea looked into her tiny
beautiful face in terror she took her swelling tongue and it’s silver barbell in her tiny hands and
grinned with glee, “Now my pretty one.......let us see what wonderful art I can make of these