The Black Bag: Part 11

The Black Bag -- PART 11

by talon

Lois and Maggie had left the back room as Kajira ordered and both sat in a booth
at the far corner of the diner scared out of their wits.
“What do you think she’s doing?” Lois asked.
Maggie shrugged, not wanting to speak. She hated the sound of her voice and was
also afraid she’d say the wrong thing and shrink some more.
“Well… We HAVE to do something! We just can’t sit here and let her do
god-knows-what to poor Rea back there!
Maggie looked around the room in frustration and then gave Lois a ‘well no SHIT’
“HEY! You two gonna do any work?!” Cookie yelled from the kitchen, startling
them both. “Why y’so freakin’ jumpy?”
“Uh-Uh… Nothing Cookie! W-We were just getting up.”
He walked out of the kitchen and met them at the counter. “And where’s Rea?
She’s been on that smoke break long enough! Maggie, go get her.”
Maggie’s eyes went wide with fear and she shook her head ‘NO’.
“Waddaya mean ‘no’?! GO get her ass… NOW!”
“I-I got it Cookie!” stuttered Lois, “M-Maggie was going to, uh… MOP the floor!
Right! Mop the floor… Weren’t you, Maggie?”
Maggie looked at her for a sec with a ‘I’m gonna do WHAT?!’ expression, but
Lois’s glare made her nod slowly, and then her eyes squinted as she pretended to
smile sweetly at Cookie.
“Since when do you volunteer to mop?” the cook asked suspiciously.
Maggie went white, and then looked back at Lois with a ‘Yeah, since when?’ sort
of worried expression.
“Since… Since she decided to be… a more diligent… worker?!?” Lois offered
Maggie thought about it for a moment, and then nodded, looking back to Cookie
with the same phony smile.
“Oh yeah…? Well it’s about time. Grab a swab and start in the back room.” Again
the waitress shook her head franticly, teeing off Cookie. “Now what?! Say
somethin’, dammit!”
“Uh… No Cookie,” began Lois, “Sh-She wants to start out here.”
“W-W-Well, just look at the place… Gunk all over the floors and on the walls,
dirty windows… th-the sidewalk’s a mess and needs sweeping…” She shrugged, “The
place REALLY looks like a dump.”
“HEY!” the big man grumbled, taking offense.
“B-But that’s what we meant… See, Maggie here has noticed all of this… A-And
said she was going to make it her duty to take care of ALL that stuff!”
Again that look of ‘SAY WHAT?!!’ crossed Maggie’s face.
“Me or REA can take care of the BACK ROOM,” Lois grunted through clenched teeth;
causing a look of realization to appear on the silent girl’s face.
Both ladies then smiled sweetly at Cookie.
“Okay, okay…whatever. Just… DO somethin’, alright?!” he said throwing his flabby
arms up as he headed back to the kitchen. Their smiles slowly turned to scowls,
but reappeared quickly when he suddenly turned. “And why ain’t she talkin’? This
is the longest her big trap’s ever been closed.”
Maggie’s eyes flared in anger, and she was about to curse the fat fucker out, as
she usually did, but closed her mouth immediately. Regaining her smile, she
grunted and coughed, as she held her hand to her throat.
“Uh… laryngitis,” Maggie offered. “She’s got it pretty bad.”
“Yeah? Well, she better find some kinda voice if a customer comes in here.
Whisper it if ya have ta,” he instructed.
They both nodded. “You got it Cookie,” said Lois.
He walked back through the swinging door of the kitchen, shaking his head.
Followed closely by a naked 5-inch doll.
Lois looked back to Maggie. “Well… Let’s get to work.”
“Couldn’t you've come up with a better fuckin’ story,” peeped Maggie, forgetting
her predicament for a moment.
It cost her dearly.
Her eyes almost bugged out as she felt herself recede into her already loosening
uniform about another 7 inches. “Oh sh--” she clasped her hand over her mouth
before she finished her utterance. The once 5 foot 10 woman stopped just below
eye level with Lois, and now stood about 4 foot 6.
A high-pitched squeal let her friend know she was really freaked out now, as was
Lois grasped her shoulders, “Maggie! You have to be more careful! J-Just don’t
say anything, alright?”
Wild-eyed, Maggie nodded vigorously, her hand still to her mouth.
“I’m going to go back there and see if that little terror will let me help… I’ll
talk to her, and try to convince her to change you guys back. You just… stay up
here,” she instructed as she backed away. “And DON’T say ANYTHING, okay?”
Again the waitress nodded.
Lois sighed and went into the back room.
Maggie shoulders slumped as she turned. Whimpering a little bit, she walked over
to get the mop, but then stopped in her traks, as the little bell over the door
jingled. She gulped and turned with wide fearful eyes, knowing exactly what to
Two young men and women came in carrying on lewd and loud.
“Hey, sweet thang… How ‘bout some service over here, huh?” one of the men called
as they took a booth laughing. The guy’s date wasn’t laughing though, and eyed
Maggie sharply.
Her look clearly warning her, she better watch her step around her man.