The Black Bag- -PART 10

Posted by lbh on May 23, 2004 at 09:12:33:

The Black Bag: Part 10

“Climb girl! If you don’t want to bleed to death!” Kajira commanded as she held onto the
tiny handles of the disc and worked the controls of the tubes and wires that were strung around
Rea’s body. Kajira had only begun her search for her wayward charge when she realized that
Rea’s bleeding hadn’t stopped and forced her to climb up onto the table to the black bag. Rea
was still in shock, both from her pain and her new perspective on the world, and climbed the leg
of the table slowly in a daze, too slowly for Kajira it seemed as she worked some of the disc
featureless controls causing two wires with hooked ends to spring from it and hook on to the
table top. Rea howled with pain as she was jerked upward, her shoulder bouncing hard against
the edge as she was pulled on to it’s surface.

Kajira jumped off of the disc on her back then turned and grabbed a fistful Rea’s short
black hair, forcing her to look up at her, “Now slut I shall adjust the rack.....the bars standing in
the bag, and you will step into them when I instruct, no foolishness do you....!” “SSFUCK
YOTHU!!!” Rea slurred past her oversized tongue piercing as she suddenly reached forward
with her right hand, meaning to crush her diminutive tormentor. At the last second Kajira
sidestepped this attack and took a hold of the larger thumb in a painful joint lock with both arms.

As Rea cried out with this new assault Kajira smirked back at her, “Even without my Mistress’
dark wonders I am more than capable of causing you agony, remember this girl! Now will you do
as I say ?” She said this last bit calmly as she bent the larger appendage backward to which Rea
nodded quickly for release, Kajira held her a second longer, relishing the defeated look in her
eyes, reminded her of the days of being a champion female wrestler, a feeling she could never
truly let go of, even when she got to injured for the ring, even when she took her skills to the
dark rooms of fetishists, or even when she became a mere toy for her Mistress.

She climbed up the small scaffolding at one end of the black bag and worked several of
the controls causing the structure to both rise and widen. Once it was of a sufficient size she
caused it to open and directed Rea to step inside, where upon it closed around her tightly, the disc
reattached itself around her through the rack. Once secured Kajira climbed down into the bag,
she knew that time was wasting and she would have to begin looking for her charge. As she
looked about the bottom of the bag she knew she would have to release some of the others, and
she didn’t like it.

As Rea looked down into the bag she was astonished at how much was held within it,
small trays of silver instruments and strange mechanism’s. Against one side of the bag she saw
several metal cylinders about 8 inches long that had tubes running from their undersides into the
bottom of the bag, on the other side were three rows of glass and metal containers arranged in
order of size, the largest about 6 inches the smallest about an inch. In the glass containers Rea
thought she could see small human figures and thought she saw some of them moving. Kajira
went to these and opened one of the 2 inch metal containers.

She both twisted open it’s top and activated a tiny switch with her foot, which caused the
gasses inside to be vacuumed down though the bottom, she removed the top and stepped away,
allowing those inside to climb out. A man and a woman, both about 2 inches tall, both were thin
yet muscular, they had no hair and strange rubber gags in their mouths that were secured by
spikes that pierced out threw their cheeks. They had collars 5 quarter inch spikes around them,
they were naked except for spiked metal codpieces on their genitals.

For a few seconds they milled about shaking of the daze of the gas they’d been held in,
then the man began to fondle the breasts of the woman, who reached down and pulled at his
codpiece in an almost animalistic manor. “Enough of that! Come!!” Kajira said as she picked up
the catheter her charge had pulled from herself when she escaped, the two slunk over fearful of
her, “Sniff!” she ordered and they did so, “We are not on home ground! You will find the owner
of that scent, immobilize her then come back and lead me to her.” Kajira slid out one of the small
trays and handed them two silver needle like spears, both ends had tiny blade like points and
there seemed to be glass sides that showed a green substance one end and a red substance in the
other, “You’ll have one dose of the shrink agent one of the stun agent. There are normals out
there, DO NOT use the shrink unless you absolutely have to, use your blades instead, save the
stun agent for your quarry. Now go!”

With that said the two began to climb up the rack , this caused Rea to begin hyper-
ventilating, especially as both took a second to cop a feel, scratching her with their spikes. “One
more thing!” Kajira called up, both stopped their climbs and looked down, “There is this Negress
in a waitress outfit, after you’ve found my charge, if you get a chance see if you can get both
doses of the shrink agent in her and bring her back to me!” Both gave her a quick nod then
climbed out of the bag.

As Rea looked down to Kajira smiled up, “What can I say, young lovers.” she pressed her
fingers to the burn on her neck then licked their tips, “Now let’s see if I can get someone who
will tend our injuries shall I. Let’s hope she’s not in one of her moods.” And with that she began
to open an inch tall metal container. TO BE CONTINUED