The Black Bag (an Interactive story)

Posted by lbh on May 03, 2004 at 11:04:52:

Part 1....Maggie, Lois and Rea worked the all night shift at Diner in the middle of the city. Despite the late hours the diner could could often become busy as it was situated near the theater district and the late night clubs. The girls hardly ever saw "Cookie" who stayed in the kitchen cooking most of the night, so they would take the orders, bus their own tables and work the cash register. In between rushes one waitress would stay up front while the others did restocked supplies and brought dishes out to be cleaned by Cookie, though in truth Lois did much of this work as Maggie and Rea tended to hang out in the small break room when not out front. And so things went, until the night Maggie found the Black Bag.
It was after the first rush at 11:45, theater crowd mainly, she was cleaning one of the booths when she found it, a black bag that looked like and old fashon Doctors bag only slightly larger, it had no words or letters on it but had strage tiny metal ports around it's sides. Maggie, a very pretty blond girl, knew full well that anything found in the booths was to go behind the counter, though when either she or Rea were out front, things of value rarely did so. She took the bag, which was surprizingly heavy for it's size, and placed it in one of the empty plastic dish bins on her cart of dirty dishes. As Lois, a shy pretty dark haired girl came out for her turn up front Maggie merely whealed it past her saying nothing about it.
"So whatcha got there?" Rea, a dark haired girl who had several pearcings, including a tiny stainless steel barbell in her tongue, asked as she took a drag on her cigarette, "Don't know but it feels expensive. I can't get the lock open. If you can pick it I'll give you half of the take." Rea smiled to this and drew one of the 2 inch needle-like pearcings from her right ear and went to work.
It took longer than expected as it turned out to be no normal lock, Maggie kept a look out for Lois and or Cookie and asked in frustraition, "Can you get it or not!?!" "One...more...second!" Rea relied, suddenly there was a clicking wirring sound as the lock released and a hiss as if pressure were being released from within. As Maggie walked quickly over Rea opened the bag.
At first all they saw was a collection of bottles of different sizes and the glint of silvery metal, then the strange tiny framework of tiny silver rods rose up a foot from one side of the bag. To their amazed horror they saw that a naked 5 inch woman was painfully strung between the rods by tiny black threads on her arms and legs, her tiny face was covered by a strange mask that had a tiny builtin ballgag with a tiny tube running from the mouth section to the bottom of the bag, her head had been shaved, tubes ran from her anus and vagina as well.
And even as they began to come to terms with this bizarre sight another came to greet their senses, a 2 inch woman clad in a blue corset tightly bound around her tiny full figure climbed up the silver rods, stopping only to make sure that one of the larger woman's legs was still tightly tied, her tiny head was shaved save for a single que of white hair at the back of her head that reached down to the center of her back. As she got to the top of the small scafolding she looked around the room and upon seeing only the two stunned waitresses she demanded in a small but stern voice, "Where is my Mistress!?!"
........TO BE CONTINUED.....hopefully?