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story "Terror Beyond the Wall" Part I
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    "Terror Beyond the Wall" PART I

    (Note, this is a rewrite of a story written for the Giantess board. It is from the feminine, Shrunken perspective of tiny women as the victims, and while this introductery part has relatively little violence, it will get much better as the brave little girls advance).
    Dedicated to some real Shrunken Women I know - the Okinawa Gang (Davina, Anna, Julie Ann, and Katrina) and incomparable Brittany who I so fantasize about roasting alive ("I'm NOT Latino, goddamnit! French and Russian, FRENCH and RUSSIAN!").

    No one knows where they got their name; we only know as do our mothers that the twenty-five men have been called "Carnivores" since The Big Change. Some naïve girls fear the others, the Treetops most often or even the Megans - but most of these girls are not to use to the field. I am; I'm a scout and I live behind the Wall. No protection for me - I'm out among the Giants constantly and I know danger.
    First hand.
    And NOTHING'S more terrible than a pack of hungry Carnivores. Stronger than a dozen women, faster than a deerhound and always hungry for the flesh of normal girls.
    I lost my sister Brittany to a pack of Carnivores - and still hear her screaming in my dreams, while the naked, glistening hunks laughed as they peeled back her skin and licked the blood from it, before laying her alive in a skillet which crackled over their campfire. It was horrible; her shrieks rang out for hours.
    All I could do was shiver in concealment and hope they'd not scent me. The killer's keen nostrils could smell the sweat of our vulvae from a hundred yards. Some old women say it's the estrogen in our blood; other's say they smell the sweet perspiration on our breasts.
    I think they smell our cunts, and it drives them wild.

    * * * * *

    Brittany and I had been assigned the old northern ridge along the protected zone. We had no actual fear of Giants in the area but needed to patrol in order to determine that they'd not figured out how to breach the Wall. Since we don't understand what the Wall is, or who made it, we can't take it's impervious protection for granted. We enjoy safety behind it, and can live as we please, flaunting ourselves naked in the summer even - but without it, the Giants would be swarming over the ridge in pursuit of our bare bodies.
    Anyway, I remember how Brittany was high spirited. She'd found an ancient bee colony with easily a ton of pure honey, and all the children would eat well for the next few days. She's a loving person and naturally altruistic but I know she was also counting on the praise she'd get from presenting the treasure to the Town Mothers. Brittany needed to win approval from Tommy T'Non's mother. My sister had loved Tommy since we were children; he admired her but had not publicly declared love, so his mother's blessing was necessary before they could declare a marriage vow, or even have a private courting relationship.
    One night we drank a little too much wine and Brittany whispered how Tommy loved to kiss and cuddle with her, and how easily she'd trained him to lick her pussy until she squirmed and moaned in ecstasy! Tommy is real cute; I was happy for them both. Yet his mother could have Brittany horsewhipped if she found out about the secret caresses. We do respect our delicate, gentle men and we always protect their virtue in my village!

    * * * *

    I was been pleased to accompany Brittany when she announced an opening in the patrol. Scouts go out in threes, two to split and separate while the third woman opens fire. All scouts know patrolling standards. There are several formations requiring more women although none allowing less; all patrolling was done with three women, fair weather or foul. Davina B' Wan had been injured in a fall from her horse, and Brittany put my name in immediately. Our comrade Katrina T' Ee was a good scout and I liked her - this would be an enjoyable duty.
    The morning sun was rising when the gate was opened and we passed beyond the Wall. The ride through the protected zone was leisurely as we checked weapons and food. Standard crossbolts, long bows, spear and blades; enough to get out of jams and even bring down the minor class Giants, if pressed.
    I've already told you of Brittany's triumph on her food scouting patrol. As we rode, she entertained us with the story for hours, bragging of her woodcraft and stalking ability. She threw her pretty head high in pride as she boasted of her courage in facing the countless tiny darts of our tiny sisters. The bee folk are naturally gentle but become savage in defense of their precious honey. This is important to them and we never take it all when we find a colony, for they would then die.
    Scouts like Brittany are honored with great praise when they find a colony, as honey comprises over half of our daily food. Brittany's high spirits were infectious and we laughed and played as we rode, our hearts as high and light as the blazing sun.
    Of course the conversation turned to men, and we gave poor Katrina hard nipples talking of the way men look naked and feel and the sounds they make when we suck their penises or take them in our bodies; when they lick us between the legs we're frequently reduced to tears. Katrina was younger than us and had almost no experience with men - she blushed prettily when our teasing dew forth an admission that she'd once made her classmate strip off so she could see his "thing". When she saw we approved, she began joking that she'd like to stop and "love" one right now - how we laughed 'cause it was clear she had no idea of what loving really was!
    All sweet times must pass, however, and suddenly the world changed to a cold place.
    Far ahead, a flock of birds took flight, screaming. With a finger to her lips, Brittany led us into cover. For minutes nothing happened and then we heard a woman's harried scream.
    A wagon burst from the treeline ahead of us, the driver whipping on her horses madly. I saw her partner checking behind them, and the cause of her concern burst out a minute later. A Treetop knocked the small trees aside and strode out into the sun. He was beautiful! Naked balls like barrels heaved and shook with each stride and I saw that he was unusually buff, at least as far as I was concerned! I drew my breath in as his magnificent cock flopped into view, longer than my entire body! This delicious cock made our nipples stiffen, and his bubble ass, opening and closing, increased the heat. I could smell that hot cock and the hard ass preceding it. And I knew even before Brittany spoke that we couldn't help the poor girls in the wagon.
    Even without accident, the Treetop would have caught the fleeing humans, but the driver hit a rut and the wagon was thrown. The horses screamed and pulled but the Giant seized the top and tore it off with a mighty wrench. I gasped in sorrow when I saw that a boy was lying in the bed of the wagon, shrieking and covering his eyes as he saw death bending near!
    The Giant scooped up the crying boy and held him to his face, pulling the linen from the pretty blond boy until he was naked. Suddenly a frown creased the titan's face as he evidently realized he had grabbed a boy; and he thrust the boy's head and shoulders into his mouth and bit down hard, spitting the bloody remains to the ground. One of the fleeing women did nothing but the younger one had been watching, and now screamed and stopped dead in her tracks. The Treetop grinned as he cleared the wagon with a bound and seized the petrified woman.
    He thrust her abdomen into his face and smiled as he detected the estrogen. Saliva dripped from his lush lower lip as he carefully peeled away her clothing. The young woman kicked and screamed but the 50' monster settled back on his haunches, enjoying his catch. He licked her frontally, running his massive tongue up her body until even from the distance we could see her body respond and thrust itself forward as she writhed in sexual pleasure. A vast purr rumbled from his throat as the ministrations of his tongue made her body boil with sexual hormones.
    Suddenly something alerted him of the other woman's fleeing, possibly the sun glinting off her metal accouterments, and he idly rose in pursuit, standing over her in seconds and effortlessly scooping her up in his free hand. She froze as he stood contemplatively, then lifted her to his mouth.
    As we watched, he played with her and then gently grasped a leg between his teeth, biting with just enough force to snap the bone. She screamed and writhed as he laid her down carefully.
    The first woman began weeping as she sensed her doom, and we saw the delight in his eyes as he licked away her tears and, incredibly, pursed his lips and closed them on her pendulous breasts. I almost fainted as I realized he was milking her with her lips, sucking her breasts in order to taste warm milk before tasting her flesh!
    As if sensing my thoughts, Katrina whispered that she'd seen them do that before. "I guess they crave the strong concentration, even though they get the same hormones in our flesh when they eat us. My grandmother knows a woman who swears she was once held live by a milk-hungry Carnivore who sucked her breasts for a week. He had killed her less developed comrades first, and fed her and rubbed her belly each night after sucking her mammaries. She swears she was finally rescued when a band of scouts ambushed him one night."
    The naked woman gasped and stiffened, and we saw the Giant lick his lips carefully, catching every precious drop of milk. He smiled at the sun, then looked quizzically at his captive, and tucked her in a leather bag we'd not noticed until now. He then squatted over the older woman.
    Grinning, he stripped her and lifted her to his mouth again, carefully pulling one arm out until he could close his teeth on it. She screamed in terror and begged, uselessly, as with a snap he severed her living limb and as the doomed woman screamed he chewed it thoroughly and swallowed, following with her other arm. She would die now anyway, but we watched as he cruelly severed each leg before finally starting in on her swaying breasts, which he gnawed like a praying mantis… her face showed the agony she was experiencing as he destroyed her sensitive female flesh. As the bloody stumps of her breasts flopped against his face, he opened his mouth yet wider and took in half her lower body. When he bit down, she was dead.
    The girl struggling in his bag was beyond salvation, although we'd have loved trying to save her. It's pretty damned hard watching the Giants devour human beings - I hate the fucking monsters!
    We stayed hidden as the monster strode off. It was time for coffee anyway, and we sat down and discussed the horrors. I ought to tell you something of what we know, particularly since we're still very ignorant.

    * * * *

    Once, things were different. Our grandmothers make us learn the stories until we can recite them, and the schools are teaching these days too. Once, human beings were the lords of this world. We walked openly wherever we chose, fearing nothing. We know this is true both because of the old stories and because of archaeological discoveries showing technologies we can't even comprehend. Human-sized hands built the Wall itself; it's almost certain our ancestors are the creators. This leads to the one question we've absolutely no answer for - the cause of our fall. Our knowledge of the past points to a different future than the one we're living. The deepest mystery is that some evidence indicates that we ourselves were incredibly large way, way back before even the Wall was constructed.
    The next most vital question is that of the Giants themselves. They were not here as long as us. We don't have a clue about their origins, although we do know a good deal about the monsters and how to kill them. Grandmother's grandmother lived in a world where killing a Babyboy was an almost mythical deed, but I don't! With our crossbolts getting better and lighter we're starting to think of the Carnivores with the same bloodlust that the bastards have for us… and the day will come when we'll take down Treetops!
    There are several species of Giant. The most human are the Babyboys, only half again as tall as a girl although twice as massive at least. The Babyboys must have come from a cold place; they've a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, and epicanthic folds similar to those of the Inuit up beyond the Wall's northern limitation. Their scrotums are massive, but sag heavily and they look incredibly like human men who could lose ten pounds and be the better for it. Not obese, not even fat - shapely rather, and very sexy and attractive. The Babyboys are one hell of a lot prettier than human boys, too! That's a trait they share with all Giants: unlike humans, they're universally handsome and virile. Every single individual is exquisite, making human girls hot to spread their legs even while fearing their destructive power.
    Our grandmothers believed that they were all supernaturally gorgeous because they were fallen angels; today we know that the creatures exude potent pheromones that literally blind us to any physical shortcomings they may actually have. We kill more of the evil bastards today than in the past, and have noted that they gradually appear more humanly "drab" as their corpses cool and the pheromones wear off… still, no one can deny that they're beautiful. fucking beautiful. Small wonder that you can call a boy "Giant", and, depending on the context, get either kisses or anger as a reward.
    In the swamp lands there's a rare variety that stand twelve to fifteen feet, called Mud Men. Fortunately these bastards were never numerous, and since my mother was a girl there have been only a handful of documented attacks. Mud Men are almost skeletal, appealing to certain tastes; narrow waisted and having no ass to speak of although they have gorgeous legs and shoulders. Their hunting call is an eerie wail that curdles the blood of their victims. Since humans have moved out of the swamps we've seen less and less of them. Mud Men never appear individually, splashing through shallow water in packs like lean, savage, howling wolves. They are the only Giants known to use spears, which they would use to gaff terrified girls trying to swim away when their boats were overturned. They're so rare that many children have never seen even a picture of one.
    Everyone has seen a Carnivore, however, or listened to stories of the horrors they commit.
    The Carnivores range from eighteen to twenty three feet in height. They're cute rather than exotically beautiful like the Babyboys or Treetops, with bodies that seem awkward until they go into attack mode. Carnivores are generally fair-haired and gangly, with pale lips and wide set eyes; their adorable penises are always stiff, and they're the only variety with entirely hairless crotches. Grandmother says this is because the Carnivores originate in the pestilent jungles far to the south, where parasites would be more difficult to remove if they had the thick pubic patches of normal Giants.
    Tastes vary: I love their bare genitals but my grandmother say's they're obscene.
    I don't love the bastards themselves though - pound for pound, Carnivores are probably the deadliest woman-eaters of all Giant varieties. They have superhuman scenting and tracking abilities, and can leap and spring like animals, changing direction in mid-leap like massive cats. Incredibly strong, I've seen a Carnivore snap a ten-inch birch like a twig. Do the math - you couldn't begin to snap a two, two and a half-inch birch sapling easily - probably couldn't even kick one in half without heavy boots, if at all. The Carnivore didn't even breath heavily - he jerked the tree from the soil, spun it around and snapped it like you'd snap a dry, rotted branch.
    My sister once saw a Treetop surrender its prey to a hunting pair of lithe, snarling Carnivores.
    Carnivores are monstrously dangerous but I'll tell you my fantasy: one day I'm going to stun one, bind him, and ride his monster cock until my sore, stretched pussy chafes. Don't ask me how - if I knew I'd already have done it - but I will.
    Carnivores are the most savage Giant but definitely not the biggest or strongest overall. They're runts compared to the Treetops.
    Treetops are nightmarish creatures, looking like athletic but huge genitaled Celtic men, except Celts never stood fifty or sixty feet tall. The hunks can run far faster than any means of human transportation will take you; they'll outfight a platoon of warrior maidens; factually, if a Treetop sees you, you're going to die unless you're fortunate enough to be surrounded by a company sized formation of steel-hearted girls, armed and determined. Even then, it's a toss of a coin whether the monster will attack or retreat, snarling… and no one's ever killed one, although we've hurt them so badly they had to break and run. You've heard of the Lost Girls, the most decorated platoon? We put our daughters to sleep with the story of their courage. A single platoon - thirteen girls armed with spears, swords, and the sorry crossbolts of thirty years ago, and they fought a fucking Treetop 'til he bolted with nothing but spilled blood and an empty belly! They don't make scouts like the Lost Girls anymore - Goddess, those were kick-ass women - but like I said, we'll get there again.
    Far to the North our Inuit sisters have reported another form of Giant the size of Treetops but having skin as black as ink and exceptionally thick penises that sag like delicious watermelons vice standing up like wooden poles; they say these gorgeous creatures have hair like a sea bird's nest. No man of my people has ever seen one of these but our sisters do not lie. They call these monsters Black Bird Men, and say these creatures hunt in packs, like the lesser Giants! They say the Black Bird Men ambush female whales at blowholes in the ice, pulling them up onto the ice and fucking their long slits until the whales scream and bleed! Female polar bears are beaten, bruised, and fucked up the ass before being eaten alive. If our Treetops hunted together we'd be hard pressed to pass the Wall. Fortunately, they don't. In fact they'll fight each other on site, as will all of the greater Giant tribes.
    The last form of Giant needs no introduction - the Megans are known everywhere, and while only a few people have actually seen one, almost everyone has awakened in the stillness of night to the awful, ponderous thunder of their massive footsteps. Even in the center of our sanctuary you can feel the tremendous impact when a Megan throws himself against the Wall. One winter a starving monster threw himself against it all night long, and by midnight the women all gathered to silently watch him through the crystal clear material. Most of the gentle men were far too frightened to watch the spectacle, but a few brave souls came out and stood in trembling wonder as they watched the incredible monster hurling itself in a frenzy of hunger. By the morning she had sullenly withdrew, leaving thick blood to mark her presence.
    We only calculate the size of these titans: they have to stand at least four hundred feet tall, and their weight is the subject of heated debate. Most trees grow well below their knees and the very tallest don't reach three quarters of the way to their treetrunk-sized penises. The sight of a Megan will haunt you for the rest of your life: they never run, and although moving proportionately for their immense size, an illusion of slow motion is experienced. They aren't as crazy as their lesser brothers, and although we hate them, our feelings run more to awe than horror and terror.
    Megans are the only Giants that aren't an individual traveler's danger - they only appear when a human settlement has grown too large, and they destroy without torture, licking us up by the dozens and swallowing us, or stomping us into jelly and licking themselves clean. Many a traveler in fact owes her life to a Megan, because the mere initial footsteps of one will send a lesser Giant falling over his feet in a panic to escape. This is because a Treetop is large enough to attract a Megan's individual attention, standing well past his ankle, sometimes halfway to his knee. Even a big, naked Carnivore can catch their eye, and the Megan eats anything he can get. We've determined that milk or estrogen or whatever it is that makes women so irresistible to all lesser Giants has no effect on the Megans, who eat us all equally. Myself, I've seen a Megan four times, and while it sounds weird, I actually treasure my memories. There's something majestic about these supreme Giants, the biggest living things on the planet by far, dwarfing even the gigantic red trees growing along the Wall's northern boundary. They're fuckin' beautiful.
    But all the Giants are handsome, and that's part of our problem.
    Brittany yawned and rose to her feet, signaling the end of our midmorning break. Filled with strong coffee, we mounted our horses and ambled down the trail.


    the Darkman