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Story"Betty Becomes Barbie"
Wednesday, 19-Jan-2000 23:48:18 writes:



    She laid there after experiencing an odd feeling from a dream she can't remember. Betty opened her eyes and focused on her bedroom window, the light was brighter this morning. Thinking of her day ahead she rolled over to rest a moment before rising. Betty suddenly found herself rolling sideways until hitting a soft object hard. She gained her exposure and felt around. It was soft and moist to the touch, it was also increasingly getting warmer to the feel. It was dark now and she couldn't tell if she was still dreaming or going insane. Betty prodded around on her feet, she was finding it hard to walk straight since the floor seemed so uneven. Everything started rumbling and all hell was breaking loose as the earth seemed to shake. All darkness melted away to extreme bright light. A gradual growl sounded from above. Betty slowly started her climb with her eyes, as she started scanning her surroundings, she started trembling as she recognized the light brown and pinkish features of body flesh, thousands of feet of it in all directions. As she continued to raise her eyes she started making out a huge billboard size head looming high above. " Hello doll, like me now." It was Druan her date from last night, and by the looks of him he looked hundreds of feet high. Druan was leaning on his arms caressing his backside with his other arm. He had completely encircled betty around his abdomen. His inflated blimp for a cock stuck out towards her, it had been the object of her earlier discovery. " You know I never get used to the sight of a pretty tiny woman, I hope you're still a screamer, it'll seem more appropriate now." Druan said as he started to stroke Betty's tiny head. Betty bolted back and started to scream. Druan simply moaned as he directed his hand now to his cock, and stroked his crown formed head. Betty started to run the opposite direction toward the edge of the bed looming in the distance. She was quickly cupped up into Druan's extremely large hand. Druan held her in his fist and mocked her while she continued to scream and wiggle in his grasp. He continued to laugh and poke her with his pinky. This form of torture was turning him on. " Shut up now!" Giant said as he shook her. " First I want you to give my cock a good licking over, then I expect a little anal sex, you of course being the object of my ass's affection. And finally if you survive I want a foot message. You abide by all my demands and I wont crush you like the rest. Got it?" She didn't nod or acknowledge, she just shook in fear and quivered. " Did you hear me!" He said punctuating every word with a jostle of the fist. This time she nodded quickly and squeezed out a pitiful yes.
    The giant rolled over on his back and sat up on the headboard, he then placed Berry on his bush, and let her go. He pointed a finger toward his shaft and snapped his fingers. Betty obeyed and started to climb his shaft, he pulled her legs down and said " Lick my balls first, their sweaty." She cried out in anguish then proceeded to his boulder size balls. She held onto his skin and licked half heatidly at his left testicle. She gained ground as she slowly licked her way to the next testicle in the sack. She stood up and looked up at his hovering head over his massive torso. " You may climb my cock now." Druan said with bravado. Betty took on the difficult task of climbing his cock. Once she got to the shaft she slinked her body slowly up to his waiting peach crown. Betty grabbed onto he foreskin and pulled herself up. Once ontop she balanced her foot hold on the most ground and then went down to her knee, as she knelt forward, she started licking all around his piss-hole, she stop and look over to him at times, which the giant would simply nod his massive face in approval. Betty licked the entire area four times and was making the fifth round when Druan's hand came upon her and cupped her against his swelling head. He jacked off his shaft with the other hand while rubbing Betty's whole body against his head. The surface started getting warmer and slimier as she was completely under the control of Druan's hand. As the feeling approached, Druan shifted Betty's head against his pee-hole, and continued stroking until he exploded. He filled his cupped hand with the drenched Betty with the excess cum flowing forth. Betty could only hold her breath at times while taking breaths when possible, taking in wads of Druan's cum into her mouth. She would swallow the slime and continue breathing until the nest wave of cum rushed her face.
    Druan sat still holding his deflated behemoth in his hands, he had since wiped the cum filled hand onto the sheets, spreading it and Betty in the midst.
    Betty awoke. She was hopeful that she dreamed again and the nightmare would be over, as he looked around, she got the knot feeling in her stomach as she saw her body now stuck to the sheets below, she was caked in Druan' dried cum. She laid her head down and sobbed lightly before gaining the nerve to get up and face reality. Druan reappeared hovering over the bed, he was wearing his underwear and drinking coffee out of one one her cups. Betty rose up and ripped herself from the dry gummy scum. " Here let me help you." Druan said as he picked her body up and pulled her free. You passed out before you could enjoy my ass, but don't worry I went on with the fun with you anyway." Which explained the smell emitted from her body along with the sweat and sour sent. " I tell you , you went so deep, I thought for sure you were a goner, but I came with a plan to get you out." She didn't even want to think of what he did with her. The smell was enough. " Now the rest of our bargain, my feet." Druan said as he dropped her into his sandal and smothered her completely. He then got dressed and left the house, leaving no trace of his presence. Druan walked carefully with his left foot, so not to crush Betty. He got into his car and spun away.
    Betty couldn't move so much as breath as she adjused herself around from under the massive foot. She managed to slowly creep her way up to the toes, once there she squeezed her head between the middle toes and finally gulp in the air. Her vision was a vast leg rising up to the giant body of Druan , as he sat driving his car.
    Druan reached his families house and entered in. among the greetings and idle talk, he made his way to his sister's bedroom. " got another one for you sis." Druan said as he removed his sandal and produced Betty's miniature body. " Oh cool, this one's got red hair, I'll add it to my collection." The young teen said as she reached down to pick up unsuspecting Betty.
    Betty was dropped into a doll house through the sunroof in the ceiling . She tumbled down into a makeshift room. To amazement she was surrounded by others, just like her. " Where are we? What are we doing here?" she asked with scare. One of the women simply walked up to her and said. " You don't get it, you're a toy now." And screams were heard as the rest of the women chuckled from the tiny doll house.

    The end.